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Chapter 1463: Class 9 Radiant Saint Master (Three)

"What's this? Has something gone wrong with Jian Chen's cultivation?" Quan Youcai backed off hurriedly as he loudly asked a question. His voice was filled with worry.

"That light is Radiant Saint Force origin energy, but it's normally always gentle. Why has it become brutal all of a sudden? H- has Jian Chen successfully become a Class 9 Radiant Saint Master?" The president asked with a deep voice. His face was filling with shock.

"A Class 9 Radiant Saint Master. A Class 9 Radiant Saint Master. They've never appeared in all of history. Am I going to witness the birth of a legend today? Is the difference between Class 8 and 9 this brutal origin energy?" The grand elder murmured. He was excited and his voice was trembling.

At this moment, the four of them dared not to open their eyes. They all used their hands to cover their eyes to block the sharp light.

Even though two of them were Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters, equivalent to Saint Kings on the Tian Yuan Continent, they still did not look at the light with their naked eyes. Not only was this light brighter than the sun and could cause drastic injuries to the eyes, but the light could attack their souls as well. It could injure their souls by seeping through their eyes.

Even though they had covered their eyes, they still felt like their hands, faces, and even bodies were being stabbed at by something small and sharp, as if the light had turned into countless needles.

Although it was not enough to injure the four of them, the unexpected change still shocked them. After all, they were Radiant Saint Masters and had cultivated for many years. They understood Radiant Saint Force extremely well. They would never have thought that Radiant Saint Force could contain such a surprising might.

The pressure from Jian Chen grew stronger and stronger. The soulcore in his soul had grown by a lot, passing the initial phase of completion.

However, his soulcore was still not perfect, but at this moment, his soulcore let out a great brilliance. The light passed through his body and appeared like a miniature sun, illuminating the entire artifact space.

Although the light was Radiant Saint Force origin energy, it was no longer gentle. It was brutal.

Meanwhile, the soulcore gradually fused with his soul. This fusion was a true fusion where the two combined into one.

As they fused, Jian Chen's soul rapidly grew. It made a leap in power as the pressure he gave off, which affected the souls of people, rapidly increased.

The president, grand elder, Quan Youcai, and Kara Liwei backed off time and time again, now several dozen kilometers away from where Jian Chen was. Only there could they endure the pressure emanating from Jian Chen. The artifact spirit had already disappeared long ago and had not appeared since.

Jian Chen's fusion between soul and soulcore lasted for three whole days. The light from Jian Chen's body gradually disappeared after that and the pressure vanished as well.

Jian Chen remained seated where he was. He silently sensed the changes that had occurred. The first thing he noticed was what had happened to his soul. Before he had reached the 8th Class, his soul had still been at the peak of Saint Emperor, and after breaking through, he had stepped into the Origin realm.

Yet now, his soul had powered up after becoming a Class 9 Radiant Saint Master with the fusion between his soulcore and soul. It had become several times more powerful than before.

At this moment, the president, grand elder, Quan Youcai, and Kara Liwei all returned to the hall from several dozen kilometers away. They gathered in the hall once again and all stared at Jian Chen.

There was some dried traces of blood lingering at the corner of their eyes. Their eyes were all slightly bloodshot while Quan Youcai and Kara Liwei were particularly affected. Their eyes seemed scarlet.

The artifact spirit silently appeared as well. He stood with the four of them as they all gazed at Jian Chen. His faces was filled with caution, as if he was prepared to flee if Jian Chen began to shine again.

He was a spirit, so the white light, which could directly attack a soul, was extremely harmful to him. The light would affect him more than it would impact Kara Liwei and Quan Youcai.

Jian Chen finally opened his eyes. The breakthrough this time was different. He had not been able to contain his excitement when he had reached the 8th Class, but he was extremely calm after breaking through to the 9th Class.

"Jian Chen, have you broken through successfully?" Quan Youcai could not help but ask. Even though he already knew the answer to the question, he wanted confirmation from Jian Chen.

Jian Chen nodded with a smile. As he gazed at their bloodshot eyes, he obviously knew that they had become that way because of him. He immediately felt apologetic inside and a powerful white light emerged from him, enveloping the four of them.

This white light was bright, but it was extremely gentle, unlike the brutal light from before, which had been filled with offensive powers.

The four of them immediately felt a comfortable feeling well up in every corner of their body, coming from the gentle, white light. Their bodies felt light and at ease, as if their constitutions had been modified. The bloodshot redness in their eyes vanished in a short moment. Their eyes were completely healed.

Very soon, the white light disappeared. However, to their shock, their constitution had changed slightly in just that short moment. It was like a person with an ordinary talent had consumed a thousand-year-old heavenly resource, modifying their constitution for the better.

The four of them became extremely shocked when they discovered this change. Even the president and grand elder struggled to remain calm. They had already guessed that a Class 9 Radiant Saint Master would be very powerful, but they had never imagined that their power would be so great that they could modify the constitution of people in just a short moment.

"I've purified your bodies with a strand of Class 9 origin energy, assisting you by laying down your future path. Cultivation will be all the more easy now," Jian Chen said. After he had completed his soulcore and completely fused it with his soul, he seemed to have opened a new gate. He understood many things now, and his control and usage of Radiant Saint Force origin energy had reached a whole new level.

The president and grand elder simultaneously hasped. They stared at Jian Chen with mixed feelings. A Class 9 Radiant Saint Master had never appeared throughout the history of the Tian Yuan Continent, yet this level had been attained by the young man right before them. This filled them with indescribable feelings.

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