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Chapter 1458: Seven Colors of the Soulcore (Three)

Fairy Hao Yue sat on the throne at the end of the room. Even though she was just a figure condensed from her soul, she seemed rather dignified as she sat there.

Fairy Hao Yue did not stand up. Extending a finger, a powerful force surged from the divine hall before condensing into a chair by Jian Chen's side.

The chair was completely white and glowed with the faint light of the moon. It was completely condensed from energy, but it was tangible and as tough as steel.

Jian Chen did not hold back and sat down. He calmly gazed at fairy Hao Yue, who sat above him.

"Jian Chen, do you know why I've told you to come to my divine hall?" Fairy Hao Yue inquired indifferently.

"It must be something important for you to tell me to come to your divine hall. Please enlighten me as to what it is," Jian Chen responded.

Fairy Hao Yue stared at him silently for a while before speaking, "You've reached Class 8 as a Radiant Saint Master. While there's always been a rumor on the Tian Yuan Continent that Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters can revive the masters of Saint Weapons who have passed away in meditation, allowing them to roam the world once more, this rumor comes from the ancient times and has never been proven. Even the Class 8 Radiant Saint Master that appeared in the ancient times failed to do something like that."

Jian Chen thought that fairy Hao Yue did not believe the rumor. He immediately replied, "You're right. However, Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters really can revive Saint Weapons. It's just that it's not enough just by themselves; they need a corresponding secret method, just like how Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters can raise the dead as long as their souls are intact. The reason why the Class 8 Radiant Saint Master in the ancient times could not revive Saint Weapons was because he did not have the complete secret technique. It's not that the rumor is false."

Fairy Hao Yue stared at Jian Chen deeply. She slowly said, "Jian Chen, you don't need to explain these things to me. Of course I know that the rumor isn't false. I may not be a Radiant Saint Master, but my understanding of them actually far surpasses yours."

Jian Chen's interest was piqued when he heard that. His face immediately became filled with anticipation, and he asked with clasped hands, "May I ask why fairy Hao Yue has suddenly brought up this matter regarding Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters?"

"Jian Chen, you should have guessed part the reason why. Now that you've reached the 8th Class, I've called you over to gift you something you need," fairy Hao Yue said. With a wave of her hand, a scroll made from beast hide immediately flew over from the depths of the divine hall, arriving before Jian Chen.

Jian Chen examined the beast hide. It belonged to a Class 5 Magical Beast and the faint smell of blood still lingered on it. He could tell with a single glance that it had only been removed from a magical beast recently.

Jian Chen accepted the scroll floating before him and slowly opened it with some doubt and anticipation. Immediately, a dense wall of characters was presented before Jian Chen.

Jian Chen held the scroll open with his hands and immediately began to read the contents. He became shocked after a single glance. He could not contain his excitement and joy.

"T- this is actually the method to revive Saint Weapons, and it's complete!" Jian Chen could not help but cry out loud as disbelief flooded his face.

Even the great Class 8 Radiant Saint Master from the ancient times did not possess the secret method to revive Saint Weapons. All he possessed was an incomplete copy. Meanwhile, fairy Hao Yue, who was clearly born after the ancient times, possessed the complete method that had not even appeared in the ancient times. It was impossible for him to not be shocked.

"Correct. This is the secret method that reveals how to revive Saint Weapons. However, it's only of some use here." Fairy Hao Yue gently sighed.

"Fairy Hao Yue, may I ask where you obtained this secret method?" Jian Chen asked.

"Jian Chen, you already know that I'm not from this world and have reincarnated from the Saints' World. My father was the master of the Moon God Hall, and there was a Radiant Godking in our Moon God Hall. This is why my understanding of Radiant Saint Masters is far greater than yours, even though I am not one.

"Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters possess the ability to revive Saint Weapons, but the revival process isn't as perfect as it's been rumored to be on the Tian Yuan Continent. You will know the exact reason soon."

Jian Chen frowned slightly. He found what fairy Hao Yue had just said to be rather confusing. Was there some hidden mystery behind the revival of Saint Weapons?

"Radiant Saint Masters are not as weak as you've imagined them to be. Their power is displayed later on. In the Saints' World, there are very few people who can match up to a Radiant Saint Master if they possess a similar cultivation. Jian Chen, since you've already reached the 8th Class, you have to condense a soulcore. However, this soulcore will only be in its initial form. Once you reach the 9th Class, the soulcore reach completion and bloom as a flower of seven colors. You will be able to condense the power of your soul at that time, and once you have that ability, you will have unearthly powers. At that time, you will become a famed expert across an entire plane. As a result, do not forsake your cultivation as a Radiant Saint Master. A Radiant Saint Master may not be as great of a cultivator as the Chaotic Body at the same level, but it is not much weaker either." Fairy Hao Yue explained in a stern voice.

Jian Chen was taken aback when he heard that. He had never imagined that Radiant Saint Masters were actually so powerful. After all, Radiant Saint Masters below the 7th Class did not even have the power to protect themselves against fighters.

"You have now gained the secret method to revive Saint Weapons. You should go do what you need to do, but reviving Saint Weapons just as a Class 8 Radiant Saint Master will still be rather arduous. As a result, it's best if you increase your abilities as a Radiant Saint Master. If you can perfect your soulcore and reach the 9th Class, the revival process will become much easier."

"Thank you for the guidance, fairy Hao Yue. I will definitely repay your kindness manyfold in the future," Jian Chen bowed to fairy Hao Yue before leaving the divine hall.

Jian Chen immediately announced his status as a Class 8 Radiant Saint Master after returning to the city lord's estate. At the same time, he began collecting Ruler Armaments, King Armaments, and Emperor Armaments from everywhere so that he could immediately prepare for the revival of the former masters, having them help fend off the foreign world.

At the same time, Jian Chen felt extremely curious about the unknown mystery hidden behind the revival process.

"What! The greatest human expert, sovereign Jian Chen, is actually a Class 8 Radiant Saint Master as well…"

"This is impossible. In all of history, no one has ever been both a fighter and a Radiant Saint Master…"

"Not only has sovereign Jian Chen surpassed Saint Emperor, but he's even reached Class 8 as a Radiant Saint Master. I- is this true?"

The entire continent was thrown into an uproar as soon as the news was announced. All of them were shocked by Jian Chen's identity as a Class 8 Radiant Saint Master. After all, Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters were even rarer than Origin realm experts.

In ancient times, four people existed who had surpassed Saint Emperor, yet there had only been a single Class 8 Radiant Saint Master. Even though the Class 8 Radiant Saint Master's battle prowess was nowhere near as great as an Origin realm expert, it was still not enough to overshadow the respected status they deserved.

They deserved respect because of a rumor from the ancient times on the Tian Yuan Continent. This rumor stated that Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters had the ability to revive Saint Weapons, allowing their former masters to roam the earth once more.

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