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Chapter 1455: Fortuitous Encounter to Class 9

In a flash, Jian Chen crossed several dozen meters like he had teleported, suddenly appearing before the head-sized, white orb. Surprise filled his eyes. They were fixated on the white orb that was obscured by the revolving white mist.

Jian Chen slowly extended his hand into the hazy mist and touched the orb. At that moment, Jian Chen’s eyes became extremely bright, and he struggled to contain his excitement. His heart churned. He struggled to maintain his composure.

The head-sized orb was completely condensed from Radiant Saint Force origin energy. It had already become solid, as tough as a rock, while the origin energy hidden within had reached an extremely terrifying level.

Jian Chen could even clearly sense that the Radiant Saint Force origin energy within the orb was actually much purer than the mist he had absorbed.

Jian Chen’s feelings became indescribable. He had just become a Class 8 Radiant Saint Master and his soul had just reached the Origin realm. It was an extremely great harvest for him, yet he had discovered a white orb condensed from even purer Radiant Saint Force origin energy. The amount within was far, far more than what he had absorbed over the past few days. His heart throbbed with joy. He felt like he was dreaming. It was just too good to be true.

The artifact spirit had sensed when Jian Chen uad finished cultivating. The moment he entered the hall to congratulate Jian Chen, he suddenly saw the orb in the center of the room. He became stunned as a similar amount of shock flooded his face.

“It’s completely condensed from origin energy. The origin energy within is so tremendous that it’s unbelievable. I never thought that there would be so much origin energy within the seal.” The artifact spirit could not help but sigh in surprise. He seemed to think of something and immediately congratulated Jian Chen. “Congratulation masters. Congratulations on obtaining this item. If master absorbs all the origin energy within the orb, there is a great chance you will reach the 9th Class.”

“Class 9…” Jian Chen softly murmured as his eyes glowed even brighter. They were filled with desire and anticipation. There had only ever been one Class 8 Radiant Saint Master throughout the history of the Tian Yuan Continent. A Class 9 Radiant Saint Master had never appeared.

However, Jian Chen’s gaze returned to how it was before very soon. To him, there was no major difference between Class 8 and 9. He yearned for Class 8 because it was rumored that they could revive Saint Weapons, and there were many Saint Weapons that had accumulated over countless years on the Tian Yuan Continent. If he could revive the masters of all these Saint Weapons, they would increase the power of the world without a doubt. They would be of great help when fending off the invasion of the foreign world.

If Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters were not in possession of this ability, Jian Chen would not have desired to reach the 8th Class so much. His battle prowess had already reached the Origin realm while Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters could only rival Saint Emperors at most. They could only kill Saint Emperors by offering a thousand years of their life even when using the forbidden arte.

He could kill Saint Emperors as easily as squashing ants, so why would he pay up a thousand years of his life?

According to Jian Chen’s assumptions, Class 9 Radiant Saint Masters were only equivalent to Saint Emperors on the Tian Yuan Continent. As a result, reaching the 9th Class did not mean much at all to Jian Chen.

“Artifact spirit, do you know what the difference between a Class 8 and a Class 9 Radiant Saint Master is?” Jian Chen asked. He had heard a little about Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters from rumors, but he knew nothing about Class 9 Radiant Saint Masters. There were no legends on the Tian Yuan Continent regarding these existences at all.

The artifact spirit shook his head, “Master, I do not know. I too have never heard anything about a Class 9 Radiant Saint Master.”

“Legend has it that Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters can revive people through Saint Weapons. Do you know the exact method?” Jian Chen asked.

The artifact spirit hesitated and said, “Master, I do know a little. The Class 8 Radiant Saint Master from the ancient times left it here, but it’s incomplete. With the incomplete method, it’s not enough to revive the masters of Saint Weapons.”

Jian Chen was disappointed. After a moment of silence, he said, “Give it to me.”

“Yes, sir!”

The artifact spirit gave the incomplete method to Jian Chen. He gave Jain Chen an extremely old piece of Class 9 Magical Beast hide. It was filled with words, recording the method to revive the masters of Saint Weapons.

Jian Chen read through it before gently sighing. He silently put the beast hide away. The artifact spirit was right. The method really was incomplete. He would not be able to revive the masters of Saint Weapons with this incomplete method.

“I’ll temporarily leave this orb of Radiant Saint Force origin energy here.” Jian Chen glanced at his chance of reaching the 9th Class before leaving the artifact space without any reluctance.

Jian Chen put the saint artifact away after arriving in the outside world. He then left on the Zi Ying Sword, appearing as a long streak of light. Along the way, he expanded his soul, instantly enveloping a radius of a million kilometers. The area his soul covered did not seem to be his limit either. As his soul continued to expand, the area it covered rapidly increased as well, enveloping a large portion of the Tian Yuan Continent as well as quite a lot of sea.

Jian Chen stood in an extremely remote place, but he could observe the ruins of Mercenary City through the senses of his soul. He could see the Gesun Kingdom, the Changyang clan in Lore City, and everything in Flame City, including the Bright Moon Divine Hall, which stood silently in the back courtyard of the city lord’s estate like a palace.

The moment Jian Chen’s soul enveloped the Bright Moon Divine Hall. fairy Hao Yue opened her eyes. At that moment, her eyes seemed to be able to pierce through space, allowing her gaze to extend indefinitely. It landed on Jian Chen several million kilometers away.

“Greetings to you, fairy Hao Yue,” Jian Chen’s voice seemed to appear out of nowhere as it echoed outside the divine hall. It did not penetrate the structure, but fairy Hao Yue heard it loud and clear.

Jian Chen’s soul was unable to penetrate the divine hall, but he could sense a gaze on him that came from the divine hall even with the great distance.

“Jian Chen, I never thought that you’d break through so quickly again. You have really surprised me,” fairy Hao Yue gently sighed in surprise within the Bright Moon Divine Hall.

Her voice was not loud, but it managed to travel several million kilometers and was heard by Jian Chen, as if she was just nearby.

“Fairy Hao Yue, you surprise me as well,” Jian Chen gently smiled, but he felt secretly shocked. Only now did he discover that fairy Hao Yue’s soul was no weaker than his own.

“Jian Chen, please pay a visit to my Bright Moon Divine Hall if you go to Flame City,” fairy Hao Yue nonchalantly requested.

“Most definitely,” Jian Chen responded before recalling his soul. He ended the conversation he was having with fairy Hao Yue from several million kilometers away.

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