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Chapter 1368: Revival of the Sea Goddess (One)

Kai Ya ran as fast as she could with her father's corpse. Tears constantly poured down her cheeks as blood dripped from the corner of her lips. Her eyes were filled with hatred and sorrow.

The five patriarch closely pursued her from behind. Every single one of them moved as fast as they could, and they even used secret techniques to increase their speed. They needed to capture Kai Ya. Not only was capturing her directly connected to whether they would obtain the cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor, but it was also connected to their future fates as well.

"We can't let her escape no matter what. It's said that she has some connections with the emperor of the Turtle clan. This may not have been confirmed, but we need to make sure."

"Yeah. If Kai Ya finds the emperor of the Turtle clan, we'll be dead no matter where we flee."

The five patriarchs spoke with heavy tones. They were all stern. They had underestimated Kai Ya's strength, never having imagined that she would be powerful enough to smash through the barrier, leading to all this.

Although Kai Ya was nowhere near as powerful as the five of them, she was no slower than them, and even faster in some cases. Eight spears had appeared behind her. They were blurry, but every single one of them gave off a mysterious presence as a mysterious energy flowed inside them.

The eight spears formed a three-meter-long fan behind Kai Ya. A mysterious force radiated from the spears, causing them to fuse together. They seemed like a pair of wings from afar.

The wings formed from the eight spears slowly flapped, allowing Kai Ya to move extremely quick. Without the use of any other secret techniques, she had reached speeds that even Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers could not attain despite only having just broken through.

The five people became more and more worried seeing how Kai Ya grew further and further away from them. The Tyt tribe patriarch coldly said, "We can't catch up to her anymore. I'll use a secret technique to mark her so it's easier for us to track her down." The patriarch immediately began to use a secret technique. A drop of blood flew from the tip of his tongue, vanishing into Kai Ya at a lightning-quick speed.

This was his innate secret technique. Only his clansmen could practice it. Once someone had been hit by the secret technique, they could be sensed from a very far distance. It was very difficult to erase their presence.

Over a hundred million people had gathered around the desolate mountain range where the sea goddess was being resurrected. They all stood ten thousand kilometers away. No one was bold enough to try to sneak in anymore.

The news about the sea goddess' revival had spread across the entire sea realm during that time, attracting countless people to come witness the spectacle. Many people were emotional, extremely eager for the moment when the sea goddess would return.

In ancient times, the sea goddess had devoted herself wholeheartedly to her people and committed great services for them. She had even cast down a barrier to protect the sea realm. She was the most revered person in the entire region.

The times were different now and many years had passed since the ancient years, which was why the sea goddess no longer held as much prestige as before. Some experts had even become ill-intended, but there were still people who devoted themselves to the sea goddess. Not everyone had changed.

Three months later, the water-attributed energy from the ninety-nine spiritual springs vanished while the formation stopped absorbing energy of the world as well. After such a long period of intense consumption, the energy in the sea realm plummeted. There was less than sixty percent of what there had been originally, and it would take a very long time to recover to its original level.

The revival of the sea goddess just took up far too much energy.

Yadriam sat on a mountain in the mountain range as she devoted herself to guarding and protecting the sea goddess. She had never let down her guard throughout the entire process, paying attention to the surroundings at all times to prevent any other people from coming to cause trouble after the two hall masters had.

Jian Chen sat on the Zi Ying Sword, which levitated at an altitude of a thousand meters and continued to let out a violet light. He devoted himself to comprehending the sword, studying the basic sword techniques that he had obtained from the Azulet sword spirits. However, he did not forget about guarding the sea goddess during that time. He kept a sliver of his soul on guard to observe the surrounding radius of ten thousand kilometers. That way, he was able to pay more attention to the sword techniques.

Suddenly, Jian Chen's face twitched and he immediately stopped studying the sword techniques. He opened his eyes and began to stare at the center of the huge formation without blinking at all.

Yadriam sensed something as well soon after he did. She stood up as her clothes fluttered despite the absence of wind. She silently flew over from a distance. She was both nervous and excited.

It remained pitch-black at the center of the formation, as if it hid another space or world all together. No one could see what was going on inside.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

At this moment, a series of booms rang out. The formation that Yadriam had cast down actually exploded, producing thunderous sounds and causing the mountains there to shake and crack. Large portions collapsed as dust was thrown into the air. The entire region became engulfed by a thick layer of sand and dust.

A powerful presence suddenly appeared and rapidly grew stronger. In just a few short seconds, her presence had reached a terrifying level. It engulfed the entire sea realm, as if a sleeping primordial beast had begun to awaken.

"I- is this her majesty? Has her majesty been revived successfully?"

"What a powerful presence. This presence actually makes my soul tremble. This is definitely from someone who has surpassed emperors. Is it really her majesty?"

"The sea goddess has revived. After a million years of slumber, the sea goddess of the four ancient champions has finally returned."

The surrounding crowd of people buzzed with activity. Countless people loudly cried out. There was joy and excitement as well as a few people still filled with disbelief. They found it difficult to believe that the sea goddess was really still alive.

As the sea goddess' presence rapidly soared, she slowly began to display her prestige just like a waking god. Very soon, the tremendous presence surged out of the sea realm and condensed under the blue sky outside. It gave off a terrifying pressure.

No one knew just how much more tremendous the pressure was compared to Saint Emperors, but as soon as it radiated out, it was sensed by all the experts in the world.

The four races gathered in Mercenary City all gazed in the direction of the sea realm in shock. The path lord of carnal desires and the three Class 9 Magical Beasts were solemn. They could sense the pressure even more intensely as Saint Emperors. They understood very well just how powerful the pressure was.

Even with their strength, they shivered deep inside before the pressure.

"It's the goddess of the Sea race. It must be her," mumbled the grand elder of Mercenary City. He was extremely excited. It was of extreme significance that they had one extra Origin realm expert.

However, the path lord, Kaiser, and Lankyros all became very ugly. Their eyes flickered with uncertainty. The sea goddess of the past had appeared, and someone who had surpassed Saint Emperors had appeared once again. The first since the ancient times. It would cause their status to greatly fall without any doubt. They were no longer part of the strongest of the world anymore.

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