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Chapter 1365: Ant-like Emperors (Three)

Yadriam became rather stunned as she stared at the hall master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall as he lay in the rubble. She could already tell that he was extremely heavily injured, basically incapacitated. She felt extremely shocked by this.

She had not touched the hall master at all.

With a flash of azure light,the Qing Suo Sword shot off as a streak of light after blocking Yadriam’s attack. It returned to Jian Chen’s back as he flew over on the Zi Ying Sword. He said to Yadriam, “The hall master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall is very heavily injured. He cannot withstand an attack from you, or you might end up wiping out his soul.”

Yadriam looked away from the hall master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall and became completely fixated on the Qing Suo Sword on Jian Chen’s back. She still could not forget the speed it possessed when it had flown over nor how it stopped a powerful attack from her without much effort at all.

“Jian Chen, are they really the weapons you’ve forged?” Yadriam asked. She found it very hard to believe that Jian Chen could forge such powerful swords.

Jian Chen faintly smiled, “I can only be counted as partially responsible for forging these swords. There were other great people who assisted me in forging the swords while I only acted as a support. However, my swords should be greater than her majesty’s weapon. Hall master, do you believe what I said before now? With these two swords, killing the two hall masters poses no difficulty at all.”

Yadriam stared at another mountain nearby and saw the hall master of the Serpent God Hall, who lay there as a bloody mess. Jian Chen had placed him there. He stared at the sky aimlessly as despair filled his eyes.

Yadriam sighed inside and the gaze she used to look at Jian Chen with was mixed with emotions. Thinking to back then, Jian Chen was still a puny Saint Ruler in her eyes. He was no different from an ant to her, yet only so long had passed, and he had grown to a level that even shocked her.

Yadriam knew that she was not Jian Chen’s opponent. At the very least, she was unable to heavily injure the two emperors so easily like Jian Chen.

“He’s become even more terrifying with such powerful weapons. Probably only those who have surpassed Saint Emperor can keep Jian Chen at bay,” Yadriam thought as she became rather gloomy. She could not help but think about how she had to cultivate for several millennia to obtain this strength while Jian Chen had become much more powerful in just a few decades. She found this very disturbing.

“Our world is currently faced with the threat of the World of Forsaken Saints. If we don’t have enough strength, it might be the end of the world when the other world attacks us. We just happen to be in need of strength. Hall master, I feel that we shouldn’t kill the two of them right now. Saint Emperors are just far too rare after all. Our power grows stronger with every Saint Emperor standing on our side. What do you think, your majesty?” Jian Chen asked. He really did have some enmity with the two hall masters, but during this sensitive period of time, he was willing to eliminate the threat of the foreign world than to settle his disagreements.

Yadriam put away her trident and the powerful presence around her gradually vanished. After a moment of silent thought, she nodded, “You’re right. The World of Forsaken Saints is just far too powerful. If we turn on each other right now, we’ll be doomed for sure. Let’s not take their lives right now, but their final fate still has to be determined by her majesty.”

Afterward, Yadriam brought the two hall masters together before sealing up their strength with a secret technique to prevent them from escaping if they recovered.

Jian Chen took away their Space Rings without any mercy at all. He found a large amount of wealth in there, and the greatest things he obtained were eight quaking thunders enough to injure Saint Emperors.

Without long, the news of the two hall masters’ defeat by Yadriam and Jian Chen’s hand spread amongst the others, throwing them into an uproar again. Many people had realized that the balance of the sea realm, which had remained in balance for countless years, was about to change.

Both the status and fame of the Turtle clan skyrocketed after the battle, enough to make everyone fear them. Although there were still not a lot of people who viewed the Turtle clan’s own strength with any importance, they would never fall as long as their emperor was present. The Turtle clan would be able to stand at the peak of the sea realm forever, becoming just as great as the three halls.

All of the experts that belonged to the Heaven’s Spirit Hall returned gloomily after their emperor was captured. A few people believed that the Heaven’s Spirit Hall had fallen completely, breaking away from the group on the journey back. They left by themselves and broke away from the Heaven’s Spirit Hall permanently.

The capture of the two hall masters spread through the sea realm like wildfire and shocked everyone.

The patriarch of a tribe by the name of Kalor had been utterly exhausted from worry recently. His daughter Kai Ya had obtained the cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor from the ruler of the Turtle clan and had remained in seclusion the entire time. Her strength had increased extremely quickly, which was something the patriarch should have been happy for since he was her father. However, he felt helpless over the fact that Kai Ya required expensive items to cultivate with. She required a large quantity of crystal coins. He had already used various methods to transfer most of the crystal coins that were supposed to go to other clansmen to her, but it was still not enough to fulfill her demand. He felt extremely pained over this.

His tribe was only a medium-sized one. They were not rich. They possessed a low grade crystal mine, but the amount they could collect in a year was extremely limited and only enough to support the cultivation of most clansmen. Kai Ya had basically used up most of it as she cultivated. The crystal coins split between the others had decreased by at least a half. It lead to a lot of disagreement around the clan, so the patriarch felt very pressured as well.

“I hope my good friends haven’t let me down. I hope they can help me out and let my daughter power up,” thought the patriarch. He could only place all his hopes on his good friends now.

At this moment, a guard entered the room. He reported, “Patriarch, the patriarchs of the Tyt tribe, Herman tribe, Goldensword tribe, Dakar clan, and Tingwei clans have come to visit.”

The patriarch celebrated inside. He said, “Let them in quick. No actually, I’ll go receive them personally. I haven’t met them in so many years.”

The patriarch of the Kalor tribe conversed joyfully with his old friends in a room. He had once roamed the sea realm with these friends, having sworn blood oaths together and gone through thick and thin. Their friendship was extremely deep, and they had all become leaders of rather large organizations.

“My old friend, I’ve really run out of options which is why I’ve invited you all here today. My daughter recently obtained an impressive cultivation method and has been devoting all her efforts to it. Once she completes it, she will become an emperor and will be able to reign supreme,” said the patriarch.

All the people present were surprised when they heard that. Their interests were immediately piqued and they asked, “Kai Tian, just what powerful cultivation is it? How can it be so powerful? Reaching the level of emperors isn’t something possible with just a high level cultivation method.” They were all Saint Rulers, so they knew that an increase of strength would not depend purely on the cultivation method. It also required a certain level of personal understanding and the comprehension of the mysteries of the world.

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