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Chapter 1321: Yang Lie (One)

“Since ancient times, we three branches have always been one big family. We’ve gone through countless eras like that, but your Zu branch wants to leave and create their own clan. The descendant of the branch clan, Changyang Zu Xiangtian, has even worked with foreigners against the clan, sealing us within our miniature world. This is treachery. If we give you some more time, you’ll become even bolder, and you’ll probably do things that are even more outrageous. You may even try replace us as a protector clan,” Changyang Qing Yun coldly replied. He had not only come to the Changyang clan to deal with the conflict that had erupted between the three branches, but he had also come to vent his suppressed anger as well.

When the five great elders and the various clansmen had been trapped in the miniature world, they had accumulated an incredible amount of anger and hatred. Basically all five great elders pondered over how they would take revenge on the people of the Zu branch while they were trapped in there. It was just that they had quickly been invited to Mercenary City due to the World of Forsaken Saints when the new grand elder of Mercenary City had come with over twenty other Saint Kings to smash through the seal, so they had to delay the day they would take revenge.

Now that the conflict between the branches had occurred, the great elders obviously obtained the opportunity to take revenge as well as gained a reason to do so this time.

“Changyang Qing Yun, so much for being a great elder of a protector clan. You actually have no conscience. You clearly wanted to take the Saints’ Fruit from Xiangtian to become a Saint Emperor, yet you keep making up excuses to make it more confusing. Wasn’t the reason why our protector clan became like this all because of your greed?” Changyang Zu Yunxiao responded with a heavy voice. His voice was filled with anger.

Changyang Qing Yun did not become flushed from embarrassment. Instead, he rebuked righteously, “Have you forgotten about the rules of the protector clans? The rules clearly state that all descendents of the clan must treat the clan as top priority. As a member of the clan, Changyang Zu Xiangtian obviously has to abide to the rules. It’s an extremely big deal that he obtained the Saints’ Fruit, so he obviously has to hand it over.”

Changyang Zu Xiao, Changyang Zu Yunxiao, and Changyang Zu Yeyun became extremely furious. They had never thought that Changyang Qing Yun would have already turned into a person like this. He seemed like a completely new person compared to before.

Changyang Qing Yun had never been like this before. However, the temptation of becoming a Saint Emperor was just far too much. When Jian Chen brought the Saints’ Fruit back to the clan, Changyang Qing Yun technically had the right to consume it as the most powerful person in the clan, but to everyone’s surprise, Jian Chen refused to hand it over no matter what. In the end, Changyang Qing Yun missed this close opportunity of becoming a Saint Emperor and was trapped in the clan for a period of time as well. The two matters had a massive impact, which was why he had changed.

After all, the Saints’ Fruit had become the only chance at becoming a Saint Emperor in this age. There were no Saint Kings who could resist such a great urge. Even Changyang Zu Yunxiao and Changyang Zu Xiao felt themselves waver in front of it in the past, but they did not lose themselves like Changyang Qing Yun and act crazy.

“The Saints’ Fruit was obtained by Xiangtian with the assistance of the three magical beasts, and they even stopped the scheme of the Saint Emperors from the Beast God Continent in the end. If it weren’t for the three of them, the Saints’ Fruit probably would have been taken by the Saint Emperors even if it ended up in your hands. As a result, the Saints’ Fruit does not completely belong to Xiangtian, and the clan obviously has no right to take it away,” Changyang Zu Xiao calmly berated.

“Hmph, Changyang Zu Xiao, cut the bullsh*t. If you hadn’t stopped me before, I would have become a Saint Emperor already. I will make you pay for what you did back then!” Changyang Qing Yun bellowed out as madness filled his eyes. He began to control the Emperor Armament with the four other great elders.

Immediately, a terrifying ripple of energy radiated from the Emperor Armament, enough to make the surroundings tremble. It caused the space around it to burst with a single moment, causing cracks to form around the Emperor Armament, before finally collapsing entirely.

The Emperor Armament was just far too powerful, and the space of the world was not as tough as the space within the miniature world of the protector clans. It lacked the stabilization of the eighteen divine halls as well, so the space shattered as soon as the Emperor Armament was activated.

“From today on, the Changyang clan will cease to exist here,” Changyang Qing Yun laughed aloud as the Emperor Armament was swung at the residences below in attempt to obliterate them.

The Changyang clan was only a cluster of extremely ordinary buildings. Changyang Zu Xiao had cast down a protective barrier, but the barrier was insignificant before the Emperor Armament. It was completely useless.

Within the clan, all the people paled. Even Changyang Ba, Bi Yuntian, and the Saint Rulers of the Zu branch became very nervous. The terrifying presence of the Emperor Armament had locked onto everyone below, crushing them like it was mountain. They could not avoid it at all.

The weaker guards and servants of the clan all fell unconscious while blood leaked from the corner of their mouths. Their organs had been injured by the pressure of the Emperor Armament.

Changyang Ba, Bi Yuntian, and a few other important figures of the clan were protected by the Saint Rulers, so the pressure they felt was not as great.

In the sky, Changyang Zu Xiao, Changyang Zu Yunxiao, and Changyang Zu Yeyun abruptly revealed different expressions. If they let the Emperor Armament fall, it would probably not just be the Changyang clan that would be annihilated. Even this large city with a population of a few million people would vanish.

Reaching Saint Ruler would activate the limit of celestial decay, preventing someone so powerful from committing monstrous sins. If over a million people were slain in a single moment, celestial decay would immediately descend, reducing the attacker into a pile of bones no matter how powerful they were.

The three Saint Kings immediately began to use a secret technique to interfere with the great elders’ control over the Emperor Armament. The Emperor Armament could only be controlled with a corresponding secret technique and only those who had reached Saint King could learn it. They were Saint Kings, so they knew it.

Control over the Emperor Armament was greatly disturbed as terrifying energy began to violently pulse out. The sword surged with light, alternating between being dim and being bright. Even its motion came to a halt.

“Changyang Zu Xiao, don’t you dare take control of the Emperor Armament!” Changyang Qing Yun bellowed and began to use all he had. Even the four other Saint Kings were the same.

The Emperor Armament violently trembled in the air as energy surged within them an extremely unstable manner. The three Saint Kings of the Zu branch were currently locked in a fight with the five Saint Kings from the Yuan and Qing branches, a fight of secret techniques, trying to wrestle away the control of the Emperor Armament.


Changyang Zu Xiao and the other two vomited a mouthful of blood as their faces paled in a single moment. Soon after, the five other Saint Kings vomited a mouthful of blood as well while their faces became sheet-white, without a shred of blood.

Both sides suffered the backlash from the Emperor Armament, becoming heavily injured. However, they still did not give up, continuing to fight for control. They all knew that the side that gained control would gain the upper hand.

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