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Chapter 1312: Xiao Jin

Gu Zhen became wide-eyed and became filled with regret and humiliation. He was a mighty Saint King only an inch away from the peak of Saint King. Even with the whole continent in perspective, he was able to rampage wherever he went, yet he was now covered in wounds from ant-like Heaven Saint Masters and even Earth Saint Masters. He was in horrible condition and this would become a permanent stain to his name.

However, he was just unable to do anything. A mysterious and powerful force trapped him, where he could not resist at all. He just became a sitting duck as ant-like existences heavily injured him.

Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! Spurt… 

The several dozen Earth Saint Masters and Heaven Saint Masters rapidly swung their Saint Weapons at every inch of Gu Zhen’s body. In the blink of an eye, he was covered in blood and the wounds on him had become countless. A large portion of his neck was gone, and only a third of the flesh kept his head connected to his body. His head had almost fallen off and was covered in wounds as well. He had become blind in one eye.

Gu Zhen was an extremely powerful Saint King, but he was a human after all. He did not possess a naturally tough body like magical beasts. If a Class 8 Magical Beast was in the same situation, its body would be able to remain unscathed even from attacks of Saint Rulers.

“Am I really going to die to the hands of ants today? God dammit, I never thought that there would actually be a Saint Emperor hidden within Flame City. Is it fairy Hao Yue? No, that’s impossible. She’s just a soul now. She doesn’t possess her former strength,” Gu Zhen growled inside. He was more willing to be slain by an expert as strong as him than be hacked away by a group of ants. He struggled with all he had, but the mysterious force was far greater than he had ever imagined. It was useless no matter how hard he tried.

“This person’s a Saint Ruler at the very least. Experts at those levels will not die as long as their souls remain. Let’s attack his head together,” a Heaven Saint Master called out. He was unable to tell whether Gu Zhen was a Saint Ruler or Saint King with his strength. He only knew that Saint Rulers possessed the ability to freeze space.

The other guards chopped at Gu Zhen’s head with that. In just a short while, Gu Zhen’s head was obliterated by the flurry of attacks, but his soul remained. An illusionary figure condensed in the air, but it seemed as thin as a wisp of smoke.

The strongest were only Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Masters. Clearly, they were unable to wipe out his soul with a single attack, but their attacks were enough to deal extremely heavy damage. The soul had become extremely illusionary.

The guards immediately felt surprised when they saw that Gu Zhen was still alive. Suddenly, Gu Zhen’s soul beamed with joy since he had sensed that the mysterious force around him had vanished. Without any hesitation, he immediately attempted to flee.

But a streak of fire-red light flashed over at this moment. The Saint Ruler who secretly guarded Bi Lian charged over with his machete surrounded by flames. He swung it at Gu Zhen’s soul with an unstoppable force.

A Saint Ruler’s strength was incomparable to a group of Heaven Saint Masters. Gu Zhen’s weakened soul collapsed from the strike. He had been killed off.

The Saint Ruler slowly put away his weapon after Gu Zhen’s soul dispersed. His face was flushed while his body gently trembled  due to extreme excitement. Only he understood that the two assassins were not Saint Rulers, but Saint Kings. He had actually killed two Saint Kings with his strength today. If such an unprecedented feat was broadcast, it would definitely shake the entire continent. He felt extremely prideful about this feat.

You Yue had already grasped the Moon God Sceptre, except its gem had become much dimmer now. Although You Yue and Bi Lian had just experienced something frightening, the two of them maintained their usual demeanor, because You Yue always carried the sceptre with her. It contained a fragment of power from fairy Hao Yue all those years ago, so let alone attacks from Saint Kings, it could even easily block attacks from Saint Emperors. There was enough to last until the divine hall arrived.

“Little brother, I really have to thank you for before. If it weren’t for you, I’d probably be in danger now.” You Yue put the scepter away and gently rubbed the boy’s head. Her face was filled with affection.

The boy immediately felt a warm feeling expand inside, as if he was being embraced by his family. It was comforting, calming, and lovely, while the closeness and familiarity he felt for You Yue deepened as well.

The boy suddenly looked at You Yue with his large, round eyes. They were so pure, yet filled with curiosity. He finally stuttered after a long while, “S- s- s- sister…” The boy did not seem to have spoken before, so the word seemed extremely difficult and foreign when he uttered the single word.

You Yue immediately beamed with joy. She happily said, “Oh, you’ve finally spoken. And I had thought that you didn’t know how to speak.” You Yue was extremely excited inside. She knew the boy quite well. It was quite an honor to be called ‘sister’ by an Origin realm expert.

“Good boy. Say sister as well,” Bi Lian stuck her head over as well and looked at the boy affectionately. She paid no attention to the two bloody corpses up ahead.

“Sister!” The boy blinked as he looked at Bi Lian, calling her ‘sister.’ However, he spoke much smoother this time. 

“You probably still don’t have a name, right? Why don’t I give you one? Seeing how you’re wearing gold clothes, you might as well be called Xiao Jin,” Bi Lian giggled happily.

TL note: Jin means gold/golden.

The boy tilted his head and seriously thought about the name. Afterward, he stuttered as he repeated the name, “Xiao- Xiao- Jin… Xiao Jin… Xiao Jin…”

At this moment, most of the other guards and Saint Rulers had all hurried over from the city lord’s estate. The person leading them was Bi Hai. He was in a complete panic, but when he saw that You Yue and Bi Lian were fine, he let out a sigh of relief.

“Fortunately you’re fine, or I would have been riddled with regret. Oh right, have you investigated who the assassins are? Once we find the main instigator, we cannot forgive them at all,” Bi Hai said with some lingering fear, and when he reached the end of his speech, he immediately became stern.

“Bi Hai, the people who have tried to assassinate the vice city lord and princess You Yue were two Saint Kings,” the Saint Ruler who secretly stood guard sternly replied.

Bi Hai’s face changed as soon as he heard that. After a moment of silence, he said, “Take the corpses of these two people back. Looks like we can only deal with this after my grandson gets back.” Saint Kings had already surpassed the limits of what Bi Hai could deal with. The city possessed nothing else that could deal with Saint Kings other than the Bright Moon Divine Hall.

You Yue and Bi Lian returned to the estate in a formidable fashion under the protection of the guards. However, a boy in gold clothes had appeared within the estate from that day on. He basically followed You Yue and Bi Lian around everywhere, sticking close at all times. He spoke very less and was extremely obedient, making him everyone’s favorite. He would purposefully get close to Bi Hai at times as well, revolving around him such that even Bi Hai began to take a liking to the child.

You Yue secretly told Bi Lian and Bi Hai about Xiao Jin’s secret identity. Bi Lian wavered between belief and disbelief while Bi Hai broke into laughter. He completely thought that You Yue was joking, so he did not believe her at all.

It was far too shocking that a boy, who seemed to be three or four years of age and could not even talk, was an Origin realm expert. Nobody would have believed this revelation.

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