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Chapter 1311: Assassination (Two)

The two of them moved extremely fast. They seemed to have fused with the surrounding space, appearing before You Yue and Bi Lian in a short moment through the use of Spatial Force. The dagger in their hands stabbed toward the center of You Yue and Bi Lian’s eyebrows, wanting to wipe out their souls in a way that even Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters could not revive them.

This time, the strongest guard they had brought was only a Saint Ruler. They did not possess any Saint Kings secretly watching over them, so the impressive-looking group of guards were completely useless against the assassination attempt from two Saint Kings. They had just been reduced to a deterrence.

Even the Saint Ruler protecting them secretly suffered the same fate. He was immobilized by the frozen space.

However, not everyone within the hundred meter radius had been frozen. The boy who sat on the Class 5 Magical Beast with You Yue was completely unaffected. He stared at the two Saint King assassins as they rapidly approached him with his large, naive eyes. He only seemed to be three or four years old, but he could easily follow the movements of the two Saint Kings.

At the same time, a ball of gentle, white light rose out from You Yue. The Moon God Scepter flew out of her Space Ring. It was small and exquisite, and its simple patterning was clearly visible. The fist-sized white gem embedded at the top shone with gentle moonlight.

The Moon God Scepter hovered before You Yue, and suddenly, an extremely powerful ripple of energy swept out of the gem. It formed a thin-looking but tough barrier around You Yue and Bi Lian.

This was the energy fairy Hao Yue had left behind. It was her power when she was a peak Saint Emperor, which had been activated during this crucial moment.

The two Saint Kings were less than a meter away from You Yue and Bi Lian right now. Seeing how they had become protected by a barrier of energy, a sharp light immediately flashed through their eyes. They used all they had. The vast energy within them surged into their daggers, slicing through the surrounding space. They wanted to kill them in a single blow.

The boy’s gaze finally underwent some changes at that moment. His eyes were no longer filled with confusion or curiosity. Instead, they glowed bright like stars and contained some anger.

The boy could sense the killing intent from the two Saint Kings. The boy would not have reacted if the Saint Kings attacked other people, including the guards around You Yue and Bi Lian, but they just had to attack the two people that he felt most close with and who gave him a warm feeling.

At this crucial moment, the boy struck out. He extended his two soft, white, small hands. They shone with dazzling golden light, even more resplendent than gold and more blinding than the sun. The light directly engulfed the two assassins.

The next moment, the two assassins came to a sudden halt before their daggers could land on the barrier of Moonlight Force. They had already become trapped in the air by a mysterious and powerful force.

The two assassins were shocked. They had been Saint Kings for a very long time. Although they had not reached Great Perfection, even those at Great Perfection would not be able to completely trap them. They would only able to make them pause for a moment. Yet, they were trapped right now. Not only were they immobilized, even the energy within them had broken away from their control. They had been reduced to ordinary people, shocking them greatly.

Now that the two Saint Kings were trapped, the frozen space in the surroundings returned to how it had been before, and the several dozen guards all noticed what had happened.

“There are assassins! Protect the vice city lord and princess You Yue!” The hidden Saint Ruler loudly called out as he aggressively charged at the two Saint Kings first. However, his face was pale. This paleness did not come from being frightened by the two Saint Kings, but by what was about to happen to You Yue and Bi Lian.

He understood just far too well how important the two of them were to Jian Chen. If the two of them had been assassinated under his watch, it would be him who would have been held responsible. Probably only his death would suffice at that time.

A flare shot into the sky and loudly exploded. It was visible across the entire city. A guard had sent out a signal for help as quickly as he could.

The Saint Ruler had already arrived beside one of the Saint Kings and swung his machete toward Luo Qi’s neck without any hesitation.

Even though Luo Qi was a Saint King, he was currently trapped by the boy. Not only did he lose his mobility, he even lost control over the energy inside him. He could not use any Saint Kings abilities either. He could not dodge the strike at all, only helplessly watch as the flaming machete flew toward his neck.

Spurt! Luo Qi was easily beheaded. His head parted from his body. The blood spurted a meter into the sky, but he was still alive. As long as the souls of Saint Kings remained, they would not be able to die.

The Saint Ruler became stunned when he saw how he had beheaded the Saint King so easily. However, he returned to his senses very quickly, and without any hesitation, he immediately swung at Luo Qi’s head again, in attempt to wipe out his soul.

Luo Qi’s head was sliced into two by the swing. His fragile soul disintegrated away.

Meanwhile, the ten Heaven Saint Masters around You Yue and Bi Lian boldly charged at Gu Zhen as well. They all struck out as hard as they could, covering Gu Zhen with wounds in a short moment even though he was just about to become a peak of Saint King.

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