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Chapter 1285: Comprehending the Way of the Sword (Two)

Jian Chen did not return to his senses yet. Unconsciously, he stabbed at the panther's head with the streak of white light.

With a spurt, the white light actually punctured the panther’s head. Entering through the area between its eyebrows, it almost managed to cleave its head in half.

Roar! The panther produced a cry of pain. It immediately lost all its vigor. However, its body still struck Jian Chen since it could not stop.

Jian Chen staggered a few steps back. He was roused from the wondrous mental state after being hit by the panther. His eyes were confused, but they sharpened very quickly.

Bang! A heavy sound rang out from beneath his foot as the panther collapsed on the ground and painfully squirmed. The huge wound on its head was horrendous. Its nerves had been heavily damaged. Although it was still not dead, it was on the brink of death.

Jian Chen did not hesitate when he saw this. He immediately stabbed at the panther’s head with his Emperor Armament. Using the wound as an entry point, he stabbed into the head and completely severed the panther’s central nervous system.

The panther froze before slowly softening. It lay on the ground without moving as if it had lost all its strength.

Jian Chen removed an energy crystal from the panther’s body before throwing the corpse into the artifact space. He then sank into his thoughts.

“Master, I never thought that you’d touch the boundary of Sword Origin and at an even greater level than the times before. I’ve began to wonder if master will comprehend Sword Origin the very moment you get a hold of your fated swords,” Zi Ying’s voice rang out in praise. It was filled with much excitement.

“This only means that master is extremely suited to walk the Way of the Sword. If others want to comprehend the first realm of the sword, it’s extremely difficult. There is rarely anyone who can comprehend the first realm as a Golden Immortal. Most of them have to become a Daluo Golden Immortal or even a Xuan Immortal before they can reach Sword Origin. Once master forges the Azulet swords, you’ll definitely comprehend the Way of the Sword before you become a Heavenly Immortal, and with master’s current talent, you’ll definitely reach the fifth realm and become a new Sword God,” exclaimed Qing Suo excitedly. She was hopeful of Jian Chen’s future.

Jian Chen roused from his thoughts after listening to what the sword spirits had said. He knew that he had touched the first realm of the Way of the Sword, which was the same as what had happened outside the City of God before. It had all happened suddenly and unknowingly. However, he failed to grasp the Sword Origin when he had touched on them before, perhaps due to the absence of his fated swords. All he could use the touch for was a single attack, and once he was roused from that state of mind, he could no longer re-enter it.

To him, there was still a lot of haziness obstructing him from reaching that realm.

“Zi Ying, can you explain how strength is divided in the Immortals’ World? The Heavenly Immortals, Golden Immortals, and Daluo Golden Immortals have all made me confused,” Jian Chen said rather gloomily.

The sword spirits thought a little. Qing Suo then said, “Master, strength in our Immortals’ World is divided into Human Immortals, Earthen Immortals, Heavenly Immortals, Golden Immortals, Daluo Golden Immortals, Xuan Immortals, Nine-heavenly Xuan Immortals, Immortal Monarchs, Immortal Emperors, and Immortal Exalts. The Human Immortals and Earthen Immortals aren’t actual immortals. Human Immortals are equivalent to the Saints and Heaven Saint Masters on the Tian Yuan Continent while Earthen Immortals are equivalent to Saint Rulers, Saint Kings, and Saint Emperors. Only the Heavenly Immortals, who have surpassed the level of Earthen Immortals, are true immortals.”

Jian Chen became confused by what was said. He murmured, “Earthen Immortals are equivalent to Saint Rulers, Saint Kings, and Saint Emperors while only those that have surpassed Saint Emperor are Heavenly Immortals. Then what’s the Origin realm all about?”

“Master, what we just mentioned was how strength was divided in the Immortals’ World. The Origin realm is a realm of cultivation from the Saints’ World. The Saints’ World is a world on the same level as the Immortals’ World, but we’re enemies. In the Saints’ World, there are five major realms of cultivation: the Mortal realm, Sainthood, the Origin realm, Godhood, and the Primordial realm.”

“The Mortal realm is equivalent to the Human Immortals of the Immortals’ realm, which ranges from Saints to Heaven Saint Masters. Sainthood would be the Saint Rulers, Saint Kings, and Saint Emperors while the Origin realm is also divided into three: Receival, Returnance, and Reciprocity. Godhood is divided into Deities, Gods, Overgods, and Godkings while the final Primordial realm is divided into Infinite Primes, Chaotic Primes, and Grand Primes. The Immortal Exalts of our Immortals’ World are equivalent to the Grand Primes of the Saints’ World, Immortal Emperors are equivalent to Chaotic Primes, and Immortal Monarchs are equivalent to Infinite Primes.”

“Master, do you still remember the Empyrean Demon Orb you had obtained from the Octoterra Divine Hall back then? It was the famed treasure of the Empyrean Demon Monarch from the Demons’ World. She had garnered the attention of various large organizations both in the Demons’ World and the Immortals’ World. Not only was it because of her exceptional talent, being one of the few geniuses within the two worlds, her strength was so great that she managed to fight with an Immortal Emperor for four whole hours as a peak Immortal Monarch. Even though she died in the end, the matter shook up both worlds. This was because the disparity between Immortal Monarch and Immortal Emperor is extremely vast and even a high god artifact cannot make up the disparity. Very few people can fight an Immortal Emperor as a Immortal Monarch, but she managed to do it.”

Qing Suo sighed deeply when she spoke up to there. She became rather gloomy and said, “Back then, even former master paid some attention to her. Master had even said in the past that she would become a Demon Emperor without long, which was equivalent to an Immortal Emperor of the Immortals’ World. He had even said that she had the chance of becoming a Demon Exalt, but unfortunately, she had already passed away the next time we saw her. Her famed treasure, the Empyrean Demon Orb had even vanished with its artifact spirit intact.”

“So the Empyrean Demon Monarch actually comes from such great origins!” Jian Chen was secretly shocked. The strength of the Empyrean Demon Monarch had far exceeded what he had initially thought.

At the same time, Jian Chen understood that he had become one of the few, great experts on the Tian Yuan Continent with his current strength, but it was nothing in the Immortals’ World or the Saints’ World.

“Zi Ying, Qing Suo, has there ever been someone who has surpassed Grand Prime and Immortal Exalt?” Jian Chen suddenly asked out of curiosity.

This time, both sword spirits shook their heads without any hesitation. Zi Ying firmly said, “There has never been a person who has surpassed Immortal Exalt. However, if you are asking about someone who has made it the furthest as a Immortal Exalt, then there is one person, the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt.

“The Nirvanic Immortal Exalt reached the limits back then. His strength could be described as surpassing the limits of Immortal Exalt, but he still remained in that realm of cultivation. He just belonged to the very peak of it. Coupled with his four swords, he was the strongest in the Immortals’ World without any doubt. Although former master was also one of the five Grand Exalts of the Immortals’ World along with the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt, even he was a little weaker in terms of strength.” 

“The Nirvanic Immortals Exalt was actually this powerful!” Jian Chen was greatly shocked. He could not help but think of the four brothers he had encountered in the divine realm because the four of them practiced the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt’s cultivation method, but it seemed incomplete.

“But unfortunately, the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt was not the opponent of the warring god. He passed away in the great battle against the Grand Prime of the warring gods, having been cleaved to death by a blow from his axe. Sigh…” Zi Ying sighed. He was rather sorrowful. As the strongest expert of the Immortal World, he actually suffered such a miserable outcome.

“Is the Grand Prime of the warring gods really that powerful, where even the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt isn’t his opponent?” Jian Chen immediately asked. He could not help but think of Tie Ta. He was also a warring god, except he had not fully matured right now. He was still nowhere near becoming a Grand Prime.

“Master, the warring gods are given birth to by the world. They are blessed by the world and possess extremely great battle prowess. They are invincible among the same realm of cultivation. Not only was the warring god who had reached the peak of Grand Prime invincible in the Saints’ World, it was the same in the Immortals’ World and Demons’ World. Probably only the Chaotic Body could rival him in the world, but the Chaotic Body has never managed to reach Immortal Exalt. As for the Grand Prime of the warring gods, he had been heavily injured in the battle against the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt and was finally slain by former master,” Zi Ying’s voice contained some helplessness.

With a thought, Jian Chen asked, “Zi Ying, I remember that you told me before that the Chaotic Body is divided into four levels within the Immortals’ World: Minor Achievement, Partial Achievement, Major Achievement, and Great Perfection. The first six layers are Minor Achievement, the next six are Partial Achievement, while the thirteenth layer to the eighteenth are Major Achievement. Is Great Perfection equivalent to Immortal Exalts?”

“Correct. The Great Perfection of the Chaotic Body is equivalent to the Immortal Exalts of the Immortals’ World, but it’s never appeared before. There has never been anyone who’s reached Great Perfection. However, reaching the peak of Major Achievement would provide them with the strength to fight against Immortal Exalts, but that’s only regular Immortal Exalts. It’s still extremely far away from the five Grand Exalts,” Zi Ying said.

Jian Chen’s head sank when he heard that. He thought, “No one has managed to reach the Great Perfection of the Chaotic Body. Will I stop there as well?”

After thinking to himself, Jian Chen asked a few more questions before concluding his conversation with the sword spirits. He returned back to the region of life that had been guarded by the panther and collected quite a few Immortal Tier heavenly resources. To his utter surprise, he actually found another Violet Cloud Peach Tree. It had reached the second grade, where its peaches could give a thousand years of cultivation.

After collecting all the valuable items, Jian Chen immediately re-entered the artifact space. He got the artifact spirit to find a hidden place for him. He dug out a fire pit there and used a metal container to hold some spring water before he put it above the fire to boil it. He then rummaged through his Space Ring and finally found an exquisite tea set.

He had found the tea set in the Space Ring of some Saint King he had killed in the past.

“Master, what are you doing?” Zi Ying stared at Jian Chen’s actions, perplexed and asked.

Jian Chen sat down before the fire pit as he attentively boiled the water. He seriously replied, “I am making tea, to comprehend the Sword Origin realm through the Comprehension Tea Leaves.”

“Master, you still don’t have your fated swords yet, so you can’t comprehend the first realm of the Way of the Sword. There’s no need for you to rush so much. Once you forge the Azulet swords, you will comprehend the first realm very quickly,” Qing Suo said heavily. The two sword spirits had existed for countless years, and they had never heard of a single person who had managed to comprehend the Sword Origin realm without their fated swords. Even though Jian Chen had already come in contact with that realm twice, they still did not believe that Jian Chen could comprehend it right now.

“I don’t think that’s definitely the case. I’ve already entered the Sword Origin realm twice. I’ve failed to grasp it, but I’ve gained a blurry understanding of it. My Chaotic Body has reached the fourth layer, and I’ve gained a great increase in strength, but it’s still rather difficult for me to deal with some stronger Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts. I can only kill them easily by borrowing the power of the Way of the Sword. In order to be able to travel even further in this microcosm, I need to try it whether I succeed or not,” Jian Chen firmly answered. He had already made up his mind.

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