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Chapter 1272: Secluded Cultivation

Jian Chen stored the Scarlet Gold Ore away in his Space Ring like it was a supreme treasure before sucking in a deep breath, slowly calming himself down. He was getting closer and closer to the day he could forge the swords. All he lacked now was the Yin Hellstone, which was among the most valuable materials to forge the swords.

Afterward, Jian Chen made his way to the Comprehension Trea Tree. The tree was the same size as the ones he had come across before, but each leaf possessed an even heavier presence of ways. This fifth grade of the Immortal Tier Comprehension Tea Tree was more valuable than the three first grade trees he had come across before.

Jian Chen pulled out a crude wooden box from the artifact space before carefully snapping off two twigs from the tree. He used them as chopsticks as began to collect every single leaf.

After collecting all eighty one tea leaves, Jian Chen arrived by the cliff. He carefully made his way down along the slippery cliff face before finally arriving beside the Flamecloud Fruit Tree. He pulled out another wooden box from the artifact space, slightly bigger than the one before, and began collecting the fruit.

The each Flamecloud Fruit was completely red and the size of a thumb. They were the smallest heavenly resources Jian Chen had come across so far. Although they were extremely small, the amount of energy hidden inside could not be underestimated. As soon as he touched one of them, he could clearly feel the energetic fire-attributed energy within. It was extremely pure and vast. Even a hundred-thousand-year heavenly resource would not be able to match up to a single one of them.

There was a total of ninety-nine Flamecloud Fruits and Jian Chen picked every single one of them. He then made his way to the Spring of Life which supported the entire region.

The Spring of Life was also the largest one he had come across since he had arrived in the Xuanhuang Microcosm. He saw was a thirty-meter-wide lake, filled with green springwater. It radiated with a vast presence of life.

“This is a fifth grade Spring of Life,” Zi Ying recognized the quality of the spring water with a single glance and immediately informed Jian Chen.

Jian Chen beamed inside with that. The highest grade of spring water in his artifact space was only of the third. Not only was the water right before him of the fifth grade, there was so much of it as well. He ravished in joy.

Jian Chen did not hesitate at all, immediately pulling out a container to collect the water. In the end, he collected half of all the water just like before and found a head-sized ball of essence in the center. It was also of the fifth grade.

Afterward, Jian Chen looked around the top of the mountain before leaving after not finding anything else. He then looked around the area around the mountain, searching the entire place. He found over ten heavenly resources that were also of the Immortial Tier with the sword spirits’ help.

“It’s time for me to increase my strength. I can finally reach the fourth layer of the Chaotic Body,” Jian Chen brought his hands together as he mumbled to himself. Afterward, he let out the saint artifact, and after calling to Tie Ta, they entered the artifact space together. The saint artifact did not stay revealed outside either. It turned into a golden streak of light as it burrowed into the soil and hide itself dewp underground to prevent any sudden encounters with Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts. After all, the saint artifact could only resist attacks from Saint Kings with its defense. Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts possessed enough strength to smash it into pieces.

Jian Chen threw some Immortal Tier heavenly resources to the white tiger for it to devour in the artifact space, causing it to enter another slumber, which had not occurred for quite some time. After that, he and Tie Ta chose places to enter seclusion.

Jian Chen tidied his cultivation resources in a cold and gloomy room. The resources he had to reach the fourth layer were the Violet Cloud Peaches that were equivalent to two Class 9 Monster Cores, one energy crystal from a Class 9 Xuanhuang Beast, three of the five Class 9 Monster Cores he had obtained from the Heaven’s Incense School, and many more Class 7 and 8 Monster Cores.

“I require a third grade Violet Cloud Peach to reach the fourth layer of the Chaotic Body. I don’t have it, but I do have a few at the first grade. It’s just enough combined with the four Class 9 Monster Cores I have on me. However, the Violet Cloud Peach can only be consumed once every century, so if I eat it now, I have to wait a hundred years before I can eat a second one. I might end up coming across Violet Cloud Peaches of higher grades within the next few days, so I can’t just waste this opportunity that arises once every hundred years. Whatever, I won’t eat the Violet Cloud Peach this time. I’ll use the Class 7 and 8 Monster Cores to replace it,” Jian Chen thought before pulling out all his high class monster cores and the Class 7 and 8 energy crystals he had obtained from killing Xuanhuang beasts. He placed them all on the ground and began to cultivate.

Jian Chen first began to absorb the energy crystals he had obtained from the Xuanhuang beasts. He discovered that they were far greater than monster cores of the same class. Not only was the energy inside them much purer, they also lacked the violent factor that was in the energy of monster cores, which made absorption even easier.

On the Tian Yuan Continent, no one dared to easily absorb the energy of monster cores to cultivate, mainly because of the violent factor hidden within both low and high class monster cores. Not only would it wreak havoc on the body if it managed to hide itself, it would also bring great problems to one’s cultivation in the future, which might even result in death by implosion if they were severe.

As a result, all the people of the Tian Yuan Continent needed to consolidate their strength after absorbing a certain amount of energy from the monster cores as well as purge the violent factors within them. This process would take quite some time.

The reason why Jian Chen could ignore this violent factor in monster cores was all because of the Azulet sword spirits. They allowed Jian Chen to absorb the energy without any worry whatsoever.

Yet, the energy crystals from the Xuanhuang beasts lacked this violence that monster cores had, so even if the people of the Tian Yuan Continent continously absorbed the energy, it would not leave any future problems.

Jian Chen immediately rejoiced after understanding this. He thought of his friends and family. All he needed was to bring back plenty of these energy crystals, and they could rapidly strengthen themselves.

“Once I break through to the fourth layer, I’ll definitely hunt more Xuanhuang beasts and collect even more energy crystals,” Jian Chen secretly made up his mind. When he had entered the Xuanhuang Microcosm before, he had originally planned to leave immediately after he had collected the materials for the sea goddess. But now that he discovered the benefits of the Xuanhuang Microcosm, he was tempted to stay in there for a few years or possibly never leave.

Other than this, Jian Chen could sense extremely thin traces of Xuanhuang Qi within the energy crystals. However, he could not absorb the energy at all. All he could do was let it dissipate in the air, as even the sword spirits could do nothing about it.

“Master, there’s no point in trying to absorb the Xuanhuang Qi. Qing Suo and I have existed for countless years and we’ve never heard of someone who can absorb it. Although it’s on the same level as the Chaotic Force, no one can control it in all of history. There are a few practitioners of the Chaotic Body in the Immortals’ World, but they are all the same as master, where they cultivate their Chaotic Body after birth. Innate Chaotic Bodies are even rarer. Several hundreds of thousands or even millions of years can pass without the birth of a single Innate Chaotic Body,” said Zi Ying.

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