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Chapter 1229: Sudden Changes of the Turtle Clan

The only place Jian Chen could temporarily stay in the sea realm was the Turtle clan, so after his conversation with the sea goddess, he headed to the Turtle clan’s territory with Nubis.

The space within the sea realm was much tougher than outside. Saint Kings could not rip open the space there to create Space Gates, so Jian Chen and Nubis could only fly to the Turtle clan.

“Haha, it’s said that the barrier around the sea realm can prevent the entry of foreign Saint Kings, yet I’ve entered the sea realm as a foreign Saint King without any difficulty at all. Probably only the two of us can enjoy such a great treatment,” Nubis could not help but laugh freely as they flew.

“Oh right, Jian Chen, that big fellow is still cultivating in the artifact space. He doesn’t seem to have come to the sea realm before, so you might as well let him out to have a look,” said Nubis again.

Jian Chen immediately thought of Tie Ta who had always been cultivating within the artifact space. Hesitating slightly, he still ended up calling him out.

With a flash of golden light, Tie Ta’s burly body appeared by Jian Chen’s side. His skin carried a faint, golden luster as a gentle, golden light shone from his body. It seemed like his skin was made from gold.

Since Tie Ta’s identity was just far too sensitive on the Tian Yuan Continent, Jian Chen never dared to let him appear in front of others. After all, the war god of the Hundred Races had provoked the Beast God Continent and the Tian Yuan Continent in ancient times. As soon as the news that the war god had returned made its way out, he would not be able to keep Tie Ta safe with his current strength.

However, the sea realm was different. In ancient times, only the Sea race did not participate in the war, so they did not have any enmity with the war god. To the various experts of the sea realm, perhaps the appearance of the war god would have nothing to do with them, much less lead to any conflicts of interest.

Exactly because of that, Jian Chen allowed Tie Ta to appear in the sea realm in such a bold fashion without any worry.

This was the first time Tie Ta had come to the sea realm, so he constantly looked around as soon as he appeared outside the artifact space. He was extremely curious about everything, so he asked Jian Chen and Nubis about everything.

Jian Chen and Nubis explained everything to Tie Ta as they traveled. They shared everything they knew with him without hiding anything.

The three of them maintained a straight course as they flew to where the Turtle clan was. They flew over many large clans, which caused many experts to come up to stop them. However, since they let their presences radiate out without holding back, the aggressive experts immediately became bright red. They would politely clasp their hands to the three of them before obediently backing off.

After flying for several hours, the three of them finally arrived at the Turtle clan. However, what they saw was not a prosperous clan, but a battleground dyed with blood. Blood had pooled into small streams with many corpses strewn across the ground. Not only were there members of the Turtle clan, there were other people as well, but all of the other people wore the same attire. It was possible to tell with a single glance that they belonged to the same organization. Meanwhile, the many, grand structures of the clan had been reduced to ruins by the battle as well. Bloody marks were present everywhere.

Two hundred-meter-wide pits had been dug far away. Between the ruins of the clan, several dozen people in the same attire worked arduously as they moved the corpses. They moved all the corpses into the two large pits to bury them. Hundreds, possibly even thousands, of dead people were already stacked inside.

Jian Chen and Nubis, who had just arrived, revealed a drastically different expression when they saw this. Only Tie Ta, who was clueless, remained composed as he observed the ruined territory of the Turtle clan.

Jian Chen hovered several hundred meters in the air as he stared blankly at the horrifying landscape. His face was filled with shock and disbelief. He had even begun to doubt his eyes at that moment.

Suddenly, fury surged in Jian Chen’s heart. Great killing intent radiated from him without control, causing the surrounding temperature to plummet, as if it had turned into an ice cavern.

Jian Chen suddenly vanished from the air. By the time he had appeared, he had already traversed a thousand meters, arriving beside a middle-aged man who was moving corpses. He grabbed the man by the clothes on his chest and loudly demanded, “What’s happened to the Turtle clan!? Speak!”

The middle-aged man was only an Earth Saint Master, so Jian Chen’s vast presence and icy-cold killing intent pressed against his chest like a mountain, making breathing difficult for him. He had almost suffocated, and he instantly paled.

The middle-aged man understood just how terrifying Jian Chen was. He even felt like he was stared into a death god’s eyes as he looked at Jian Chen’s cold pupils. They seemed like they could suck away his soul at any moment.

“W- w- warrior, the Turtle clan’s been wiped out by the Tao family. I am a member of the Tao family, so I hope you can spare my life on behalf of the clan,” the middle-aged man replied to Jian Chen with a trembling voice. His heart was filled with fear. At the same time, he did not forget to bring up the Tao family in attempt to scare off Jian Chen to prevent him from doing anything.

“What! The Turtle clan’s been wiped out…” Jian Chen mumbled in a daze as a clap of thunder seemed to have exploded in his head. He felt the world spin around him.

Although he did not have any deep ties with the Turtle clan, their grand elder had saved his life before. In order to save him, the grand elder had been killed, and his attachment to the clan formed a will after his death. This was more than enough to show just how important the clan was to the grand elder.

Jian Chen no longer had the opportunity to thank the grand elder for saving his life, so all he could do was help him fulfil his final wish, to develop the Turtle clan and make them regain their former glory, letting the grand elder die without regrets. Yet now, not only had the Turtle clan failed to return to their former glory under his leadership, they had suffered a disaster instead. How was it possible for Jian Chen to not become mad?

“The Tao family!” Jian Chen clenched his teeth and the killing intent around him had reached a maximum. He struck his hand against the head of the middle-aged man, shattering it into pieces and killing him on the spot.

The several dozen other people all stopped what they were doing and encircled him. They had come originally to see what was going on, but they immediately shivered inside when they saw Jian Chen smash the man’s head into pieces. They began to back away slowly.

Jian Chen glanced over all the people with his gaze filled with killing intent. He coldly said, “Are you all people of the Tao family? If that’s the case, you can all be buried with with the dead clansmen of the Turtle clan.”

“Warrior, please wait…” At this moment, an old voice filled with fear boomed out. An old man quickly rushed over from afar. He wore the exact same uniform as all the other people.

The old man was a Saint Ruler, but only at the First Heavenly Layer. Clearly, he had only just broken through, yet he was already sweating bullets. He was horrified by the icy-cold killing intent radiating from Jian Chen.

“Warrior, an intense battle occurred three days ago between the Turtle clan and the Tao family, but the Turtle clan was not wiped out. All the remaining people have retreated over ten thousand kilometers to the south. We’re only responsible for cleaning up the battlefield,” the old man carefully explained with his head lowered his head. He did not choose to run because he knew that it would all be useless with his strength before Jian Chen.

Jian Chen immediately expanded his presence after what the old man had said. Indeed, he found quite a few people of the Turtle clan ten thousand kilometers to the south. Without any hesitation, he immediately shot into the sky and flew to where the Turtle clan had gathered.

“Big fellow, let’s go!” Nubis yelled to Tie Ta before following Jian Chen.

The old man sighed a breath of relief after avoiding calamity. He wiped away his cold sweat and turned to the others, “Don’t bother with these corpses anymore. Another great expert has arrived for the Turtle clan. Let’s hurry back to the clan to report this.”


The place used to be empty, but it had now become the territory of a large clan. The clan that took up this land was the Turtle clan.

The Turtle clan had only recently claimed this area for themselves. Many structures were newly built, and there were many houses that were still under construction.

Although people flowed in and out of the clan unceasingly, very few people spoke. Every single one of them was filled with sorrow as they silently built their new homes with clenched teeth. Every single one of them possessed a hatred that they could not let go, which caused a miserable atmosphere to loom over the entire clan.

Jian Chen, Nubis, and Tie Ta arrived at the new territory of the Turtle clan at the same time. As soon as they touched down, a person building his house noticed them. He immediately recognized Jian Chen and became stunned before rubbing his eyes. His face then became filled with delight and disbelief.

“It’s the ruler. The ruler’s returned. It’s the ruler who has returned. Fantastic, our ruler has returned…” The person who recognized Jian Chen exclaimed. His voice was filled with excitement.

“What! The ruler’s returned? Is that true…”

“Where? Where has the ruler returned? Has the ruler really returned…”

“I see him. It really is the ruler. Fantastic, the ruler really has returned…”

More and more people discovered Jian Chen. They all enthusiastically added their voices to the cries as excitement flooded their faces.

To all the people of the Turtle clan, the ruler was their pillar of support. He was the hope of the Turtle clan. Even though they had been forced into such a horrible position by the Tao family, they were still filled with confidence because of the ruler. All of them believed that the Turtle clan would never fall apart as long as the ruler watched over them.

This was because every single one of them could remember just how weak the Turtle clan had been several years ago. The entire clan did not even have a 16th Star expert, yet after the ruler had come, the entire clan had undergone an overwhelming change. In just a few years, they expanded from having no 16th Star experts to having at least five 16th Star experts at all times. They had even taken back most of their former crystal mines.

Although the Turtle clan had suffered a severe blow this time, all of them believed that the reason why they had suffered this blow was because the ruler was not present. They would never have suffered defeat if the ruler had been present.

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