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Chapter 1190: The Innate Chaotic Body (Two)

The boy stared at Jian Chen in complete curiosity with his naive and innocent eyes. His white, chubby face became flushed very quickly and his body temperature skyrocketed.

The Heavenly Enchantress was holding onto Xiao Bao’s hand. She discovered that his hand had become boiling hot, so she immediately began to panic. She asked in concern, “Xiao Bao, why have you become so warm?”

“I- It’s so hot,” Xiao Bao said uncomfortably. His face had become completely flushed while his body temperature continued to skyrocket, quickly reaching a point that ordinary people could not endure. However, Xiao Bao was not in any pain other than being in discomfort.

The Heavenly Enchantress quickly dropped down and touched Xiao Bao all over in a panic. To her surprise, Xiao Bao was boiling hot all over, as if he had become a flaming-hot searing iron.

“Why would this happen? Why would Xiao Bao suddenly become so warm for no reason?” The Heavenly Enchantress became more and more flustered inside. Xiao Bao’s temperature had already reached an unbelievable level. If he was an ordinary person, he probably would have passed away long ago.

Jian Chen’s face also became rather red. Not only did the chaotic neidan in his dantian lose control when he caught sight of Xiao Bao, even his blood began to flow faster. If the normal flow rate of his blood was like someone walking, it had turned into an uncontrollable horse right now. It quickly flowed within him in an extremely violent fashion.

Surprise filled Jian Chen’s face. He had no idea why this would suddenly happen. He too could not come up with an answer after thinking very much. It was the first time something like this had happened since he had begun cultivating the Chaotic Body. Vaguely, Jian Chen seemed to feel that he resonated with the boy in front of him in a certain sense. The two of them were drawn together; it was not just an attraction of Chaotic Force, but the attraction of a much deeper bloodline.

Suddenly, Jian Chen seemed to think of something. He stared at the bright-red Xiao Bao in shock, and he could not help but begin to gently tremble. Excitement and disbelief filled his eyes.

Jian Chen made his way through the clouds and slowly arrived by Xiao Bao’s side. He crouched down and gently rubbed Xiao Bao’s head. He asked, “Child, what’s your name?”

Xiao Bao suddenly felt much better as Jian Chen slowly rubbed his head. Although he still felt like he was on fire, which was very uncomfortable, he did not continue to get hotter. Xiao Bao stared unblinkingly at Jian Chen’s well-defined, handsome face and instinctively answered, “I’m called Xiao Bao.”

As soon as he said that, the Heavenly Enchantress pushed Jian Chen away. She stared at him furiously and said, “Don’t touch Xiao Bao. Stay away from him.”

“Xiao Bao… Xiao Bao…” Jian Chen became rather absent-minded as he mumbled Xiao Bao’s name. His heart beat violently and his gaze toward Xiao Bao was now filled with a gentleness that had never appeared before.

“He’s my child, right? He’s my son,” Jian Chen asked with a trembling voice. He did not need the Heavenly Enchantress’ reply since he could sense it through his bloodline. This was a characteristic that only unique constitutions possessed.

The Heavenly Enchantress became utterly flustered. She had once weaved countless lies for Xiao Bao’s identity, but she never thought that Jian Chen would see through it all with a single glance before she could say anything.

“No, no, he’s not your child. Xiao Bao’s not your child.” The Heavenly Enchantress lost her usual composure and pulled Xiao Bao behind her in a flustered manner. Xiao Bao’s identity had always been her greatest secret, yet it had been revealed today, and it had been revealed to the person that she did not want to know about it the most. It completely unnerved her.

However, Jian Chen already knew the answer from her vehement denial and response. He felt extremely mixed feelings at that moment in time.

Xiao Bao stuck his head out from behind the Heavenly Enchantress and looked at Jian Chen in curiosity. He asked with a clear voice, “Are you my dad?”

“No, Xiao Bao, he’s not your dad,” the Heavenly Enchantress followed up quickly. Her eyes gradually became misty, and she immediately used her hands to cover Xiao Bao’s eyes, preventing him from seeing Jian Chen.

“Mum, you’re lying. I can feel that he’s my dad.” Xiao Bao tried very hard to peel away the Heavenly Enchantress’ hands from his eyes, but how could the Heavenly Enchantress let him? She pressed down harder and harder, but she did it very gently in fear that she would harm him.

“Mum, I want to see dad. I want to see,” Xiao Bao yelled and began to use everything he had. Immediately, a faint layer of gray gas appeared from his hand. With its appearance, the light in the surroundings twisted slightly, as if it had been drawn toward the gas.

Looking closely, it could even cause the wrong impression. The gray gas seemed to contain the various colors of the world, and almost any color of the world could appear within it, but it contained all of them. However, all the colors seemed to disappear again the next moment while the faint grayness now seemed ordinary.

Xiao Bao’s power also increased at an extraordinary rate with the appearance of the gray gas. He pulled off the Heavenly Enchantress’ hands in one stroke, which stunned her.

Jian Chen became rather stunned as well. He stared blankly at the rapidly-vanishing gas around Xiao Bao’s hands as his heart began to churn.

“Chaotic Force. This is Chaotic Force. H- how is this possible?” Jian Chen became extremely shocked. He struggled to believe what he had just seen. Thinking back to when he had first started cultivating the Chaotic Body, he completely relied on the sword spirits and still needed to endure excruciating pain. In no way was it easy, yet Xiao Bao was clearly a child, but he could control Chaotic Force. It was impossible for him to not be shocked.

This was because only Jian Chen knew just how rare the Chaotic Body was. Even in the age that the sword spirits had come from, it was still almost non-existent.

Suddenly, two streaks of light—one azure and one violet—appeared above Jian Chen’s head. They quickly condensed into a boy and girl. The boy was handsome while the girl was pretty. Standing together, they seemed like a match made in heaven.

The sword spirits had appeared after so long, and their forms seemed to be even more solid than before.

The sword spirits looked at Xiao Bao, and their eyes became filled with serendipity.

“The Innate Chaotic Body. An Innate Chaotic Body has actually appeared here,” Zi Ying could not help but cry out. His face was filled with excitement.

Qing Suo also clenched her hands. She stared at Xiao Bao without blinking at all, and she was extremely excited as well. She said, “It really is the Innate Chaotic Body, and it’s master’s child. Fantastic, this is just fantastic.”

Jian Chen could obviously hear what the sword spirits had said, so he became even more excited inside.

The Heavenly Enchantress and Xiao Bao were both drawn to the sword spirits. They looked at the two of them. Xiao Bao became extremely curious while the Heavenly Enchantress’ eyes narrowed. She was skilled in attacks of the soul, so her own soul was extremely powerful. She could feel the sword spirits existed as soul-like entities, but they were different than what she understood.

“Who are you? What Innate Chaotic Body?” The Heavenly Enchantress became filled with caution. She carefully protected Xiao Bao by stepping in front of him. Before the sword spirits, she felt an extremely great threat. She knew that they were extremely terrifying souls and that they were different from all other, regular souls.

Qing Suo smiled when she saw how cautious the Heavenly Enchantress had become. She said softly, “Mistress, there’s no need to get nervous. We are sword spirits and I am called Qing Suo while he’s called Zi Ying. Don’t worry, we won’t harm you. The Chaotic Body is the most powerful constitution in the world while Chaotic Force in the most powerful energy in the world. Your child has been born with the Chaotic Body, so he can control Chaotic Force.”

The Heavenly Enchantress became rather confounded by what Qing Suo had said. Xiao Bao was in possession of the world’s strongest body? And he could control the world’s strongest energy? Did that mean Xiao Bao could cultivate and was not a cripple whose constitution could not even be modified by a ten-thousand-year heavenly resource?

“Dad, are you my dad?” Xiao Bao could not understand what the sword spirits were saying. He looked at Jian Chen again with his bright eyes. Perhaps it was due to the fact that they both were in possession of the Chaotic Body or because of their bloodline, but Xiao Bao found Jian Chen to be especially close to him at first glance. Unknowingly, he had already developed a reliable feeling toward Jian Chen.

Jian Chen arrived in front of him with a single step and lifted him up, rubbing his chubby face. He said with a dumb smile, “My son, you’re my son. I actually have a son…”

The Heavenly Enchantress had become stunned by what the sword spirits had said, so she did not respond for some time. All she could do was watch helplessly as Jian Chen lifted up Xiao Bao. Although she did not want it to happen, she cared more about what Qing Suo had said.

Was there any mother who did not want their son to have an impressive future?

“Dad, mum said that I have no dad. Mum lied. I do have a dad,” Xiao Bao said loudly in Jian Chen’s bosom before turning to the Heavenly Enchantress. He asked in confusion, “Mum, I clearly have a dad, so why have you always told me I don’t? Mum lied, mum lied.”

Xiao Bao was not very old, but he was extremely clever.

At that moment, the Heavenly Enchantress actually felt that facing Xiao Bao’s innocent gaze was rather daunting. Her expression became mixed. Everything that occurred here was already beyond her control.

The union of father and son had already become an unchangeable fact. Even if she wanted to deny Xiao Bao’s identity, it would not work.

Sucking in a deep breath, the Heavenly Enchantress slowly calmed herself down. Very soon, she recovered her usual coldness and turned around, so her back now faced Jian Chen. Her hair danced in the incoming wind as she said, “Xiao Bao could never cultivate before. It did not even work when I used a ten-thousand-year heavenly resource. Since you know that Xiao Bao is in possession of the Chaotic Body, you should be able to deal with his problem.”

Jian Chen turned to Zi Ying and Qing Suo. Only the two of them could give a clear and definite explanation on such a deep topic.

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