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Chapter 1171: Internal Strife of the Changyang Clan (One)

The great elders all sat in order on the stone seats within the pavilion. Many of them faintly smiled with joy they could not hide. Only Jian Chen was in a very bad mood because he knew what they were going to talk about next would definitely be related to the Saints’ Fruit.

Changyang Qing Yun looked around and gently cleared his throat. He said, “Since everyone is here, let’s cut to the chase. I believe everyone already knows what we are going to discuss, so let’s get straight to it. How do you feel that we should split the Saints’ Fruit?”

“Basically all the experts on the continent know that we, the Changyang clan, have obtained the Saints’ Fruit. In order to prevent a few experts from attacking our clan, since the temptation is too great, we need to use the fruit as soon as possible. Otherwise, won’t our losses be severe if it was taken away by someone else?” Changyang Qing Yunfeng righteously spoke.

“That’s right, and the appearance of the fruit this time has even lead to the collaboration of the path lord of carnal desires and the three Saint Emperors of the Beast God Continent. If the four of them attack our clan, regardless of the consequences they would face, in an attempt to obtain the fruit, we would end up in deep trouble,” said Changyang Yuan Wuji. He was grim.

“But there’s seven of us and only one fruit. How should we split it?” Changyang Yuan Zhenghua asked while deep in thought as the light in his eyes flickered.

“Who else can we give it to? Is there another Saint King at Great Perfection in our clan other than Qing Yun? In my opinion, the Saint’s Fruit should obviously go to Qing Yun. Only by giving it to him can we use the fruit to its greatest capacity,” Changyang Qing Yunfeng clearly stated.

“Qing Yun has reached Great Perfection many years ago, and he only lacks a final step before he can reach Saint Emperor. Using the fruit on him is a waste,” Changyang Yuan Zhenghua nonchalantly replied.

Changyang Qing Yun’s face changed slightly. Before he could say anything, Changyang Qing Yunfeng suddenly stood up and slammed the stone table before him. Although it was extremely tough, the sculpted table was reduced to dust. He angrily said, “Zhenghua, what are you trying to say? Are you saying that Qing Yun is incompetent?”

Changyang Yuan Zhenghua smiled slightly, “Please don’t get mad, brother Yunfeng. Qing Yun is the only Saint King at Great Perfection out of all of us as well as the most powerful member of our clan. I just feel that if we use the fruit on him, we won’t be able to use the fruit to its greatest potential.”

“Do you have an even better idea?” Changyang Qing Yunfeng asked with a sunken face.

“Of course!” Changyang Yuan Zhenghua smiled confidently and said, “Brother Qing Yun only lacks a fortuitous encounter before he can reach Saint Emperor. If we give the fruit to someone else and the worldly phenomena invoked by that individual when they become Saint Emperor is comprehended by brother Qing Yun, then reaching Saint Emperor obviously won’t be a question. That way, wouldn’t there be two Saint Emperors from a single fruit?”

“You say that easily. If reaching Saint Emperor really was that easy, the ten protector clans would not have run out of Saint Emperors. Zhenghua, I feel like you just want the fruit for yourself,” Changyang Qing Jueri coldly said as he rebuked Changyang Yuan Zhenghua.

The great elders argued intensely such that they all became flushed. All that was missing was for them to fight. None of them noticed Jian Chen’s pale-white face.

“Everyone!” Changyang Zu Yunxiao finally yelled. He calmly said, “All you think about is how the Saints’ Fruit will be distributed. You haven’t considered just who obtained the fruit at all. The fruit isn’t any of ours. It belongs to Xiangtian.”

“Correct, Xiangtian’s contributions in obtaining the fruit were crucial. That’s an irrefutable truth. However, if we hadn’t intervened in the end, how would he have broken free from the encirclement? And with Xiangtian’s unprecedented talent, having attained such accomplishments in less than a hundred years, his future is unlimited. If he uses a heavenly resource to become a Saint Emperor with his talent, it’s not necessarily a good matter either. It’s extremely possible that Xiangtian won’t be able to advance any further after becoming a Saint Emperor through these means,” said Changyang Qing Jueri.

“Out of all of us, the person who has the most authority in distributing the fruit is Xiangtian. Xiangtian, why don’t you say what you plan on doing?” Changyang Zu Xiao suggested. He too drooled over the Saints’ Fruit inside. After all, it was something that could give birth to Saint Emperors.

Jian Chen glanced over the seven of them and said, “Great elders, the arguments today have been so intense. Let’s talk about the Saints’ Fruit some other day just in case we fall out with one another.”

“No, we can’t leave the Saints’ Fruit hanging around. We need to deal with it as soon as possible. I worry about intruders,” a great elder firmly responded.

Jian Chen’s heart sank. He knew that it was no longer possible to drag things out, so he made up his mind, “I’ll be honest. When I obtained the fruit, I already had an owner in mind, and it’s not me, nor any of you here.”

“Is it the three magical beasts? No, the Saints’ Fruit is sacred to the humans. It cannot be consumed by magical beasts,” Changyang Qing Yun reacted violently. He suddenly stood up and glared at Jian Chen.

“No, it’s not them, but the grand elder of Mercenary City, senior Tian Jian. I’ve specifically fought for the fruit for senior Tian Jian,” Jian Chen replied. He no longer had any room for regret now.

The garden fell silent. Everyone had become stunned by what Jian Chen had said. No one had ever thought that Jian Chen would actually leave the fruit to the grand elder of Mercenary City.

“No, definitely not.” A while later, someone abruptly yelled. Changyang Qing Yun stared at Jian Chen. He was furious as he said, “The Saints’ Fruit only appears once every forty thousand years. How can you give something as valuable as that to an outsider? Jian Chen, you must consider the clan first as a member of the clan. The fruit is just far too important to the clan.”

“When I fought against the countless vengeful spirits, what did you do? What else did you do when Rui Jin, Hong Lian, Hei Yu, and I fought through the encirclement of so many people? I’ve exchanged the fruit through bloodshed and risking my life, so it would belong to me. Who I decide to give the fruit to has nothing to do with you.” Jian Chen also became very straightforward and forceful. He would definitely not hand over the Saints’ Fruit.

The faces of the great elders all darkened very much. Even Changyang Zu Xiao and Changyang Zu Yunxiao slightly frowned. They could accept it if the Saints’ Fruit was used by any member of the clan, but if Jian Chen actually gave it to an outsider, that would be going too far.

Jian Chen turned to Changyang Zu Yunxiao and said, “Great-grandfather, please send me off. It looks like it is no longer suitable for me to stay in the protector clan.”

Changyang Zu Yunxiao hesitated before nodding, “Xiangtian, you are a member of the Zu branch, and you are our branch’s pride. No matter what happens, we will always stand by your side as long as you don’t break the morals and harm the clansmen.” With that, Changyang Zu Yunxiao began casting a secret technique, wanting to open the World Gate for Jian Chen to leave.

“Wait!” Changyang Qing Yun struck out with his palm, causing the surrounding space to violently shake. He disrupted what Changyang Zu Yunxiao was trying to do while he coldly stared at Jian Chen. He heavily said, “You can go, but you have to leave behind the Saints’ Fruit. I don’t care how much you put into obtaining the fruit, but as a member of the protector clan, you need to consider the clan with the utmost importance.”

“I will not be leaving behind the Saints’ Fruit,” Jian Chen’s voice became icy as well. Fury began to burn inside of him.

“Since you’re not going to hand over the fruit, I’ll come and get it myself.” A sharp gleam of light flashed through Changyang Qing Yun’s eyes, and he arrived in front of Jian Chen in a flash. He grabbed at the Space Ring on Jian Chen’s finger, wanting to take it.

Jian Chen had been prepared long ago. The moment Changyang Qing Yun moved, the Emperor Armament appeared in his right hand. Devastating Chaotic Force surged from the weapon as he swung it toward Changyang Qing Yun’s hand with lightning-like speed.

The strike was swift, precise, and vicious. It possessed all the power that Jian Chen had been secretly charging up.

Changyang Qing Yun was surprised inside. He did not expect Jian Chen to react so quickly, but he was an experienced fighter himself as well. Tremendous amounts of Saint Force immediately gushed from his hand, and he shifted his movement, striking the face of the sword.

Bang! With a muffled sound, the Emperor Armament gently resonated. Jian Chen’s attack had been nullified by Changyang Qing Yun.

However, Jian Chen’s attacks did not just stop there. With a twist of his wrist, the Emperor Armament danced like a fan to redirect the remaining force before turning into a dark streak of light. It stabbed toward Changyang Qing Yun with unbelievable speed.

Changyang Qing Yun remained calm. Extending a finger, a vast amount of World Force shot out, colliding with the tip off the sword.

With a boom, the pavilion in the garden was split into pieces. Violent ripples of energy shot out in all directions, turning the lovely garden into a mess.

Jian Chen uncontrollably took three steps back, leaving behind three deep footprints. Changyang Qing Yun remained where he was, standing as firmly as a mountain.

“Your strength is indeed rather spectacular outside, but it’s quite not enough to fight with me,” Changyang Qing Yun coldly said

Jian Chen tightly gripped the Emperor Armament in his right hand. His presence became greater and greater. Although the disparity between their strength was very great, he was not scared.

“Leave behind the Saints’ Fruit and I’ll let you leave,” Changyang Qing Yun coldly commanded. He needed to obtain the Saints’ Fruit.

At this moment, many people flew over from afar. The commotion was just far to great, having alarmed them.

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