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Chapter 1154: A Struggle Between the Strong (Four)

The Saint Kings from the protector and ancient clans immediately charged in the direction the battle had erupted.

Almost all the vengeful spirits in the third zone of the Death Nest had gathered around the Saints’ Fruit, so there were very few vengeful spirits elsewhere. This allowed the party of Saint Kings to travel without problems. There was not a single vengeful spirit that blocked their way until they reached the edge of the battle.

However, all of them became dumbfounded when they arrived. They all stared in front in astoundment as they experienced a great shock.

In front of them, over five hundred Saint Emperor vengeful spirits formed a black mass. They surged toward a location in a blanketing fashion, and all of them used various, powerful attacks. The attacks drowned the area, causing the ground to rumble.

Dazzling, golden sword Qi would shoot out from the encirclement of countless vengeful spirits from time to time. There would also be white flames between the spirits, radiating with a terrifying temperature. However, it was impossible to see the people trapped in the encirclement.

“Only a Saint Emperor can block the attacks from so many Saint Emperor vengeful spirits, but we only have a single human Saint Emperor, and it’s clearly not him, so who are they? Are they the Saint Emperors from the Beast God Continent?”

“No, they’re not Saint Emperors from the Beast God Continent. Their presences are completely off.”

“Does that mean that there’s more than a single Saint Emperor on our continent?”


The people from the protector clans and the ancient clans were all greatly shocked. In the current age, there were extremely few Saint Emperors. Even with the entire world in perspective, there was a countable amount of them, yet two Saint Emperors had just suddenly appeared here. This was an extremely astounding piece of news.

Suddenly, an extremely terrifying ripple of energy erupted. All that could be seen was a huge, glimmering sword Qi, a dazzling blade of light, and a burning, three-meter-long hairpin break from the encirclement together. Wherever they passed, the vengeful spirits would collapse into dark mist. They had dispersed over twenty vengeful spirits instantly.

A gap appeared in the encirclement of the vengeful spirits, and Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu immediately charged out. They continued to approach the Saints’ Fruit, growing closer and closer.

“It’s them! It’s actually the dragon and the other magical beast that fought against the path lord of carnal desires and the Saint Emperors from the Beast God Continent.” Many people immediately recognized them, and they all spoke at once.

“They possess origin energy weapons that can injure Saint Emperors and origin energy armors that make it difficulty for Saint Emperors to harm them! They also own a wondrous bead that protects their soul. They’re relying on these three treasures, which is why they can survive the encirclement of so many vengeful spirits,” a Saint King from an ancient clan said in envy.

“If I had those three treasures, I could kill a path through the vengeful spirits as well,” some people thought inside. They struggled to hide their envy.

“The Saints’ Fruit! That’s the Saints’ Fruit!” Suddenly, someone cried out from the crowd and everyone glanced over immediately. They discovered an ordinary, little tree standing all by itself on the scarlet ground. It had nine leaves, and between the leaves hung a fist-sized fruit. It no longer glowed since it had returned to how it was before. It was simple, just like an ordinary piece of fruit.

All the people gathered here originated from ancient organizations. The Saints’ Fruit was recorded in great detail in the books at their clans, so they recognized it as soon as they saw it. 

All of their gazes began to burn with an urge. An extremely powerful desire to own it was ignited at the bottom of their hearts. The current world made it very difficult to reach Saint Emperor while the fruit was the only shortcut to become a Saint Emperor. No one could resist such a great temptation.

At this moment, no one paid any more attention to Rui Jin and the two others. The Saints’ Fruit had drawn all of their attention, and the next moment, all the Saint Kings, regardless whether or not they were from the protector clans or the ancient clans, all charged toward the fruit as fast as they could with their eyes green with envy.

Their movements immediately alerted a portion of the vengeful spirits around Rui Jin and the others. Close to two hundred vengeful spirits immediately broke from the group, blocking the Saint Kings as black streaks of light. The two sides immediately began to fight, erupting into an intense battle.

Over a hundred human Saint Kings ferociously clashed with over two hundred Saint Emperor vengeful spirits. All the Saint Kings wanted to break free from the vengeful spirits as soon as possible to retrieve the Saints’ Fruit, so they used everything they had. Various powerful Saint Tier Battle Skills and ancient secret techniques were used unceasingly.

Tremendous energy ripples shook up the surroundings, almost destroying everything. Storms of energy whistled around, causing the mist in the Death Nest to churn. The two sides were actually locked in a stalemate.

The vengeful spirits were extremely powerful when they were still alive, but their strength had decreased now. At the same time, the human experts knew powerful Saint Tier Battle Skills and ancient secret techniques. In a one-on-one situation, the Saint Kings could rival the vengeful spirits, unless a powerful existence like Gustys appeared.

The pressure Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu were under immediately decreased. They let out a breath of relief inside and secretly thanked the ten protector clans. They thanked them for reducing the pressure they were under.

At this moment, another group flew over from behind. They were the Saint Kings of the second wave. They did not possess ancient legacies, so they had no idea about the Saints’ Fruit.

However, since they could become Saint Kings, they were all intelligent people. They all knew that there was something inside that even the ten protector clans would drool over.

“There’s a small tree over there and there’s a fruit on it. It’s definitely an extremely valuable heavenly resource,” the second group of people exclaimed when they saw the Saints’ Fruit.

The hearts of the people from the first wave sank. Shortly after the second group arrived, all of them in the first group quickly retreated, drawing the vengeful spirits back with them as they retreated to the second group. They pulled them into the battle as well. 

The vengeful spirits were no longer their opponent with the addition of the second group. They were suppressed by the joint attacks of the Saint Kings and many of the spirits collapsed.

Over two hundred more vengeful spirits broke away from the encirclement around Rui Jin and the others. They aggressively surged toward the group of Saint Kings.

With this, the vengeful spirits around the three of them immediately dropped to under two hundred. This allowed the three of them to rejoice. With their strength, they paved a path and quickly approached the fruit.

“The Saints’ Fruit is a treasure of us humans. Don’t you dare take it, you outsiders!” Yi Yangzi discovered what Rui Jin and the others were doing, and he immediately fell into a rage. He roared out and immediately abandoned the vengeful spirits he was fighting. He charged toward the three of them with a few other experts of the protector clans in an attempt to stop them.

“You overestimate yourselves if you want to stop me,” Hong Lian coldly said in disdain. A great stream of burning white flames immediately shot from her hairpin, enveloping Yi Yangzi and the others.

Yi Yangzi’s face changed, and he immediately dodged. However, a Saint King at the Eighth Heavenly Layer was a little too slow. The flames swept past his lower half and his legs began to burn. His flesh was burned to ash, but the terrifying white flames did not stop just there. Instead, it quickly spread to his upper half through his legs.

“Argh!” The person shrieked out miserably. His lower half was disappearing bit by bit. The white flames contained unbelievable power. They could not be put out at all.

This was the fire that came from the origin energy weapon. It was countless times stronger than what Hong Lian could control herself.


With a flash, a Saint King firmly struck out. He split his companion in half along the waist, which prevented the terrifying outcome of the flames spreading to his upper body.

“What terrifying flames!” This stunned many Saint Kings. Many of them became fearful of the flames.

“How can you foreigners lay your hands on a sacred item of the humans!” At this very moment, an ancient voice boomed out from the battle between the Saint Kings and vengeful spirits. Four ruddy old men sat in the middle of the air as wisps of mist enshrouded them. They seemed like immortals. More than ten Saint Kings covered them, blocking the attacks from the vengeful spirits.

“It’s the people of the Shenxiao sect. Looks like they’re about to cast God’s Heavenly Thunder…”

“It’s rumored that God’s Heavenly Thunder is the supreme technique of the Shenxiao sect. It can draw in the heavenly thunder that resides above the nine heavens. A Saint Emperor was struck by it once, and he died on the spot. He was burnt to a crisp.”

A few Saint Kings from ancient clans could not help but cry out.

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