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Chapter 1140: Vengeful Spirits of the Death Nest (Two)

The presence of grudges filled the Death Nest. Black mist surged as cold wind blew, making the vegetation there sway with the wind. The wind sounded like the wails of ghosts.

The Death Nest was split into three zones. The first zone was enough to threaten Saint Rulers, and the vengeful spirits that appeared there were mostly at the level of Saint Rulers. Saint King vengeful spirits would appear there rarely as well. It would spell almost certain doom for any Heaven Saint Masters that entered the area since even Saint Rulers had the chance of dying. The second zone was where Saint King vengeful spirits gathered with a very small chance for Saint Emperor vengeful spirits to appear. Only Saint Kings could move freely there.

The third zone was the most terrifying place of the Death Nest, as it was where Saint Emperor corpses were buried. It was the lair of Saint Emperor vengeful spirits and was extremely terrifying. Even Saint Kings at Great Perfection needed to be very careful in that zone.

The Saint Emperor vengeful spirits were born from the grudges of the dead. They had lost their abilities from when they were still alive long ago, but they were still quite difficult to deal with. They were extremely powerful.

Jian Chen, Tie Ta, and Hei Yu moved through the Death Nest, proceeding to the depths. They encountered attacks from many ghost faces, and the iciness that had invaded their bodies earlier appeared very often as well. However, it could not stop their advance.

After traveling several dozen kilometers, a blurry figure condensed from black mist appeared several hundred meters away from them.

It sat on the ground, inhaling and exhaling the presence of the grudges into the surroundings. It absorbed the essence from the ground to cultivate. All of this essence originated from the ground that had been dyed by the blood of countless Saint Emperors.

The three of them stopped and stared at the vengeful spirit a few hundred meters away. After a period of close observation, Tie Ta said, “That vengeful spirit’s already at Saint King. I never thought we’d come across such a powerful vengeful spirit so quickly in the first zone. If other Saint Rulers came across this vengeful spirit, it would be very difficult for them to survive.”

“It seems to be cultivating. That’s unbelievable. These vengeful spirits condensed from the grudges of the dead can actually cultivate. Do they already possess a conscience?” Jian Chen sighed in amazement. He found it rather unbelievable.

Afterward, Jian Chen used the Illusory Flash and shot toward the Saint King vengeful spirit several hundred meters away. At the same time, the vengeful spirit discovered Jian Chen and suddenly stood up. It was entirely condensed from black mist and the endless grudges of the dead, so it was rather ethereal and not really tangible.

The appearance of the vengeful spirit was blurry. It seemed like a person, but it lacked facial features. It turned its head to look in Jian Chen’s direction before floating toward him in the form of a black mist. It moved extremely quick.

Although the vengeful spirit possessed the strength of Saint Kings, it was nowhere near as powerful as an actual Saint King. Jian Chen began fighting the vengeful spirit while studying it at the same time.

A while later, Jian Chen finally confirmed that the vengeful spirit lacked self-awareness. Cultivation was instinctual to it, so Jian Chen breathed out in relief. If the vengeful spirits possessed were self-aware, they would be far too terrifying. After all, there were many Saint Emperor vengeful spirits in the third zone.

Jian Chen chopped through the vengeful spirit with a single stroke of the Emperor Armament, reducing it to black mist. However, it recondensed the next moment and continued to fight Jian Chen. The suffocating iciness and the endless amount of grudges formed a very terrifying attack. The iciness invaded Jian Chen body in attempt to devour his vitality while the grudges charged at Jian Chen’s soul. However, Jian Chen remained unaffected by both.

The vengeful spirits were extremely difficult to kill. They were condensed from an endless amount of grudges and were not living like humans, nor did they possess the weakness of a soul. Without any exaggeration, they could be described as invincible. The only method to deal with them was to constantly attack them to exhaust their energy. Once their energy was completely consumed, they would be reduced to nothing more than a part of the black mist.

With an emotionless glare, Jian Chen attacked the vengeful spirit time and time again with his Emperor Armament. Only after killing it more than ten times did all of its power disappear, turning back into a surging black mist.

“Jian Chen, the power you use is nothing ordinary. If you use you power against these vengeful spirits, it will quicken their deaths. It would be very difficult for other Saint Kings to use less time to deal with one if they came across a vengeful spirit,” Hei Yu said. He stood with arms crossed next to Tie Ta.

Jian Chen seemed to be in thought. He then put the Emperor Armament away. He continued on his way with Hei Yu and Tie Ta.

There were extremely few Saint King vengeful spirits in the first zone of the Death Nest. Most of them were at the level of Saint Rulers, so they did not come across any more Saint King vengeful spirits during the following journey. After traveling several thousand kilometers, they finally passed through the first zone of the Death Nest and reached the second.

The iciness and presence of grudges that pervaded the second zone were ten times greater than the first. The iciness ate away at the body while the grudges invaded the soul. It forced the three of them to circulate their energy to resist them. Jian Chen had already fused a small part of Chaotic Force into his body, relying on the terrifying defense of the Chaotic Body.

A faint layer of golden light appeared around Tie Ta. It isolated him from the iciness and grudges of the dead. Even Hei Yu began to use his own power to resist the two.

The three of them became rather surprised when they had first arrived in the second zone. Just the Yin Qi and grudges were enough for Saint Kings to treat them seriously. They sighed emotionally at the terror of the Death Nest again.

A few bones and shrapnel of weapons began appearing in the second zone. The bones were littered with the marks of time, clearly having existed for countless years already. The pieces of weapons had been created from extremely valuable materials, but they had already been contaminated by the Yin Qi and the grudges, so they now bore a malicious nature. They could not be used.

“These are bones of a member of the Dragon clan,” Hei Yu suddenly said as he stared at a bone the size of a human. His voice was filled with shock.

Jian Chen and Tie Ta glanced over when they heard that. The unknown piece of bone was dark-red in color, as if it had been dyed by blood.

“The Dragon clan disappeared in ancient times. It’s already been a million years since, so this bone was clearly left behind before the Dragon clan had vanished. It’s been so long already, so it should have turned to dust long ago. How can it still exist and be in such a perfect condition?” Hei Yu gruffly said as disbelief flooded his face.

“The bone is filled with Yin Qi and grudges. Is it these two energies that prevent the bone from decaying, which is why its still perfect after at least a million years?” Jian Chen guessed.

Hei Yu thought attentively and said, “That should be the case. Doesn’t that mean there are many bones left behind from the ancient times in the Death Nest then?”

The three of them continued on their way. They discovered many bones and more pieces of weapons as they traveled. There was no lack of bones from the Dragon and Phoenix clans, which were recognized at a glance by Hei Yu. They had even found a Space Ring buried in the soil that had not been completely destroyed. Items could still be removed from within. However, nothing in it caught Jian Chen’s eye.

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