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Chapter 1118: Strongest on the Mountain Peak

“Alright then, you can lead the way. We cannot delay this matter, so we will be leaving now,” said the middle-aged man who had come from Deorc City. He possessed quite some status in the group and possessed the authority to speak for the others.

The group of people set off for the divine realm as Lan Mo lead them.

“Hmph, I’ll definitely make you regret it for killing my guards. So what if you’re of the 15th Star? I have my methods of dealing with you. I’ll let the experts from Deorc City handle you,” Lan Mo coldly smiled from time to time as he lead the group toward the divine realm.

At the same time, an iron tower several hundred meters tall stood like a pillar connecting the earth and the sky in the center of a luxurious clan within a large city, several tens of thousand kilometers away. It loomed over the entire city from above.

This was the greatest clan of Bibo City, the Huangdao clan. Indubitably, they held supreme power in the surrounding radius of several tens of thousand kilometers. An old man courteously stood before a heavy metal door on the highest level of the tower. He politely said, “Ancestor, the Hundred-footed clan of Deorc City has already sent experts into the divine realm, likely to retrieve the divine water of the world.

“Hmph, I met up with that old bastard from the Hundred-footed clan a few months ago and had a great fight. I injured his soul, and it cannot be healed with regular medicine. He probably wants to find the divine water to heal his injuries. Hmph, does he really think that the water’s easy to find? Countless 16th Star experts and even hall elders have come out empty-handed in the past,” an old voice boomed from within the metal door. It was extremely weak and as soon as the person finished talking, he could not help but violently cough.

“Ancestor, are you injuries alright? Someone seems to have found signs of the divine water in Divine City. I think the Hundred-footed clan must have learned about the water from him,” the old man outside asked in concern.

“Compared to the injuries to the soul of that old bastard from the Hundred-footed clan, my wounds are much better. Since the divine water of the world has appeared in the divine realm, we can’t let the people of the Hundred-footed clan obtain it. Immediately send the grand elder with a few people to the divine realm to fight over it,” the ancestor of the Huangdao clan said.

Soon after that, a group of a dozen or so hurried out of the clan. Even the weakest members were Saint Rulers, and they were lead by two Saint Kings.

A group as powerful as this could essentially run amuck on the Tian Yuan Continent without having to worry about consequences. Even peak-level organizations were unwilling to offend two Saint Kings so easily, unless it boiled down to life or death.

However, a group of similar strength in the sea realm was only considered a decent existence. This was because the sea realm’s overall strength was greater than the Tian Yuan Continent. The numbers of Saint Emperors, Saint Kings, and Saint Rulers all exceeded amount on Tian Yuan Continent.

More and more people learned about the divine water of the world. In a radius of several hundred thousand kilometers, many powerful clans began to move. They all sent their experts to the divine realm in an attempt to get their hands on the water.

The divine water from the divine realm was an extremely wondrous treasure of the world. Not only could it completely change the constitution of people, allowing people to obtain supreme talent that was rarely ever seen, it possessed indescribable benefits for the soul. It could allow a person to undergo a qualitative increase. Although the effects would not be as obvious to Saint Kings, it still possessed extremely great benefits.

The divine water could appear at any time in the depths of the divine realm. On average, only a tiny amount would appear every thousand years, so searching for it completely depended on luck. As a result, the water became a rare treasure that was in great demand, but there was no supply.

In the Mountains of the Sleeping Dragon, Jian Chen lead the Blue Sky Adventurers and approached the highest peak in just a little more than half a day. Once they passed through there, they would have formerly stepped into the depths.

Jian Chen’s Emperor Armament had been completely dyed red with blood. He purposely did not clean off the blood. Along the way, he had stepped over countless corpses of powerful feral beasts using his Emperor Armament. He had slain ten 15th Star beasts and even three 16th Star ones. Though, their strength ranged from the Fifth to the Sixth Heavenly Layer. He obtained four 15th Star thunderstones and one 16th Star thunderstone in total.

The people of the Blue Sky adventurers had already become completely numb to Jian Chen’s supreme strength. Following behind him, they did nothing for him but reaped great benefits, enough to make them go crazy from joy. This was because Jian Chen did not keep a single 14th Star thunderstone he found along the way, giving them all to them.

Their profits from that single day had already exceeded everything they had made in the divine realm in the past three hundred years.

During this time, the people at the outskirts of the divine realm were thrown into a complete uproar. The roars from 15th Star feral beasts in the Mountains of the Sleeping Dragon rang throughout most of the divine realm, allowing many people to learn that there was currently a supreme expert on a rampage in the mountains. However, none of them knew just what strength this expert possessed. Only the group of adventurers and the four old men saw Jian Chen and the others enter the mountains.

The Blue Sky Explorers followed Jian Chen from a hundred meters away, to avoid the ripples of battle from the fights with the feral beasts. Every single one of them looked at Jian Chen with gazes filled with admiration and fanaticism.

At this moment, Jian Chen suddenly stopped. He stared at a cave ten kilometers ahead for a while before turning to them, “There’s a powerful beast within the cave. Stay here; I’ll go deal with it first.”

The members of the Blue Sky Mercenaries all replied before carefully backing off to several kilometers away. They hid behind a huge rock in the end.

Jian Chen wielded the Emperor Armament as he shot toward the top of the mountain in a blur. The feral beasts of the mountains did not possess any intelligence, but they were very territorial. Almost every single one of them would possess their own territory. As long as other people or beasts did not intrude on their territory, they would not attack even if they had discovered a target. They were clearly different from other types of beasts.


A deafening roar boomed from the top of the mountain as soon as Jian Chen set foot in its territory. The entire mountains shook and a few boulders cracked, causing them to rain down. The terrifying sound wave caused the space there to ripple. If it were not for the toughness of the space there, that roar probably would have shattered from the single roar.

A huge, serpent dragon took to the air from the top of the mountain. It hovered ten meters above the ground, revealing its three-hundred-meter-long body. Violet scales glistened all over it in a blinding fashion as a terrifying presence enveloped all of the surroundings, radiating far beyond the mountains. It frightened all the adventurers who passed by below, all paling as a result.

In the distance, the four old men stopped. They turned their heads to the origin of the sound. They were all solemn and one of them said, “That sounds like a serpent dragon. It’s one of the strongest existences within the mountains. I never thought that someone would have already reached there.”

“That person’s strength is far greater than the four of us. Fortunately we didn’t end up fighting him before.”

“The most powerful existences of the mountains have almost all reached the peak of the 16th Star. They’ve stopped many 16th Star experts in the past, and some of these 16th Star experts have died to them before. I wonder if that young man can make it past them.”

“I hope that person dies to the serpent dragon, or we may face danger at any moment once he enters the depths of the divine realm.”

The four old men’s expressions all took a very bad turn. They felt pressured by Jian Chen’s strength.

Jian Chen finally became stern. He had sensed the vast presence of the serpent dragon at the top of the mountain long ago, but its true strength had far exceeded his expectations.

“Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint King, only a step away from becoming invincible below Saint Emperor,” Jian Chen murmured. However, he felt no fear at all. He already knew from the feral beasts he killed earlier that they were powerful, but they did not possess any abilities and didn’t have much intelligence. All their movements were based off instinct, far different from human experts of the same level.

The glistening serpent dragon furiously roared from the top of the mountain. Its blood-red eyes stared fixedly at Jian Chen as it spat out a mouthful of purple flames.

Jian Chen used the Illusory Flash, and with a step, he appeared several hundred meters ahead, right in front of the serpent dragon after leaving behind an afterimage where he had been standing before. He leaped to the top of the serpent dragon’s head and stabbed down with the Emperor Armament as it emanated a dark light. The entire weapon plunged in, only leaving the sword hilt exposed.

Red blood squirted from the serpent dragon’s head. It produced a painful wail as it writhed violently in the air. It wanted to shake Jian Chen off.

Jian Chen held onto the Emperor Armament with his right hand to stabilize himself while he grabbed a few scales with his left hand. He could not be shaken off no matter how much the serpent dragon struggled.

Although the beast was at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint King, it did not possess much intelligence at all. All of its movements were based off instinct, so it immediately suffered against Jian Chen who was extremely experienced in battle.


The air cracked as a violet streak of light flashed by. The thick tail of the serpent dragon nimbly moved about, creating an explosive sound in the air. A strike from it would be extremely destructive.

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