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Chapter 1107: Attacking Mercenary City

The eight parties from the Hundred Races attacked six protector clans and managed to retrieve five beast furs from them as well as the two that had been scattered across the continent. They managed to take back seven pieces in total.

After that, the eight parties still were not satisfied. They gathered once more outside Mercenary City, using the forbidden artifacts to attack the city from above.

Each party possessed two to four forbidden artifacts, so over twenty of them ravaged Mercenary City. The terrifying ripples of energy caused the earth to shake and the space to collapse.

Mercenary City was immediately closed off from the attack of outsiders. Grand elder Tian Jian personally lead a group of elders to the city from their independent space, but when they saw over two hundred Saint Kings outside the barrier, they all became extremely stern.

This was almost all the Saint Kings of the Hundred Races. Mercenary City was indeed very power since it was the only organization that could rival the ten protector clans. However, it would have been a futile attempt if they tried to repel all the Saint Kings of the Hundred Races just by themselves.

Mercenary City was not in possession of a powerful Emperor Armament like the ten protector clans. All they had was a divine hall with offensive capabilities from Mo Tianyun, but it could only be piloted by Saint Emperors.

The attack from the Hundred Races with more than twenty forbidden artifacts shocked all the upper echelon of Mercenary City. All their known elders were mobilized. The second, third, fourth, and fifth elders were all Saint Kings of the Eighth or Ninth Heavenly Layer while the sixth, seventh, and eighth elders were all Saint Kings as well. The weakest one of them was at the Fifth Heavenly Layer.

All known Saint King elders of Mercenary City had appeared at that moment, sternly staring at the sky.

At the same time, six disheveled, beggar-like old men in hemp clothing emerged from a Space Gate from an extremely desolate independent space. Their messy hair covered their faces, so their appearances could not be seen clearly at all. Only a few, deep wrinkles were exposed vaguely.

Many elders of Mercenary City courteously glanced at the six beggar-like old men. They too were elders of Mercenary City, but they rarely ever appeared before people and never interfered with any matters of the city. They always remained secluded in an independent space, which was why almost no one knew about their existence.

"It's elder Ku Bai and the others. I never thought they'd still be alive…"

"I heard the six elders were people who came from the same era as grand elder Tian Jian and that they're even older than the grand elder. They're all at Great Perfection and are only alive now because they've extended their lives by two hundred years through the use of ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources. However, they only have a hundred years left," explained an elderly Saint King elder.

Nowadays, it was extremely difficult to reach Saint Emperor. The various Saint Emperors were gradually whittled down, with the ten protector clans and Mercenary City experiencing the decline the most. They had always had Saint Emperors since the ancient times where a new Saint Emperor would be born immediately after another had passed away.

However, it had already been over ten thousand years since a Saint Emperor had appeared for the ten protector clans and Mercenary City. The only Saint Emperor was the path lord of carnal desires, an exile of the Pure Heart Pavilion. He had only reached Saint Emperor after creating his path of carnal desires.

As a result, Saint Kings at Great Perfection were almost invincible in the present day that lacked Saint Emperors. Including Tian Jian, seven Saint Kings at Great Perfection had appeared this time. This hidden strength was far greater than any protector clan.

The six beggar-like Saint Kings stood beside each other. They did not radiate any presences, as if they were fused with the surroundings. They seemed to be like a world of their own where they reigned supreme. A heavy pressure would radiate from them unconsciously.

Their eyes shined like torches. Although they all seemed ancient, they were brimming with energy. Their sharp gazes were like swords, causing the space before them to slightly twist.

"Has the Hundred Races gone crazy to attack our Mercenary City?"

"Looks like the Hundred Races find their days too peaceful. We can't let them do this. Summon all the experts immediately and send them to suppress the Hundred Races."


A few Saint Ruler elders of Mercenary City all righteously discussed the situation. They were utterly furious.

The Saint Kings of Mercenary City all silently stared at the Hundred Races as they attacked the barrier, but a cold light flickered in their eyes. The Hundred Races had sent over two hundred experts this time, and they were all Saint Kings. They had even brought over twenty forbidden artifacts. This was not something the dozen or so Saint Kings of Mercenary City could repel. All they could do was use what had been passed down from ancient times.

"They can't break through the barrier. Even Saint Emperors can't conquer Mercenary City. Immediately contact the ten protector clans, the ancient clans, and the people of the three great empires. The experts of the Hundred Races have boldly invaded, so get them to provide reinforcements immediately. We need to defend our continent's dignity," Tian Jian said. He was extremely composed.

"Yes, grand elder!"

The news of the Hundred Races' invasion was sent to the protector clans, ancient clans, and three great empires through secret techniques, which immediately lead to a huge disturbance. The four protector clans that had not been attacked, the Yiyuan sect, the Heartless School, the Changyang clan, and the Pure Heart Pavilion, sent all their experts, directly ripping open Space Gates to provide reinforcements.

The five protector clans that had had their beast furs stolen were even more straightforward. They all dragged their injured bodies over to Mercenary City with their Emperor Armaments, swearing to fight the Hundred Races to the death. After breaking into their central divine halls, not only did the Hundred Races take the beast furs, they even ransacked them, robbing them of a large amount of treasure. They suffered an extremely severe loss.

The ancient clans and three great empires all sent Saint Kings for reinforcement. Only the people from the Tyrant's Blade School did not appear.

At the same time, the barrier of Mercenary City displayed its might as well. It began to glow brighter than usual. It did not begin to attack the invaders, but instead rebounded all the attacks that landed on it.

The forbidden artifacts were treasures passed down from ancient times. They were the weapons of former Saint Emperors, and they were so powerful that several Saint Kings were needed to control just one. Each weapon could use attacks at the level of Saint Emperors, so a rebound from the barrier was equivalent to the Hundred Races sustaining the attacks from over twenty Saint Emperors.

The Saint Kings of the Hundred Races were shocked and immediately used their forbidden artifacts to block the rebounding attacks. The attacks threw them into confusion where the weaker people sustained rather heavy wounds from the violent ripples of battle.

"We can't conquer Mercenary City. Retreat," an expert of the Hundred Races gave a decisive order. All the reinforcements had arrived, so they knew that if they stayed any longer, there would be a vicious battle. The casualties would be innumerable.

All the experts of the Hundred Races did not become too absorbed in battle. Before the reinforcements could completely encircle them, they ripped open Space Gates and left.

The Hundred Races had retreated out of the Tian Yuan Continent, but the disturbance they had caused this time was undoubtedly gigantic. Although it did not affect the medium or low level cultivators, it shocked all the high level experts. The five protector clans that had been ransacked were impacted and fell into a fury. Their anger and killing intent reached an utmost limit, swearing to mobilize the entire continent to wipe out the Hundred Races.

Soon afterward, representatives of all the majors organizations on the continent held a meeting that had not occurred in several tens of thousands of years. They sternly discussed the invasion of the Hundred Races and over half of them suggested gathering all of the continent's power to devastate the hundred races and wash away their shame. Only a few people suggested that everyone should consider the big picture should and not mobilize everyone. It lead to an extremely intense argument between both sides.

In the end, a great elder from the Tyrant's Blade School came to Mercenary City and expressed that their protector clan would not be taking part in the expedition. He also explained that although the Hundred Races had weakened now, their heritage was extremely rich and no weaker than the Tian Yuan Continent. Once they invaded the Hundred Races, the overall strength of the continent would suffer and provide the Beast God Continent with an opportunity.

A great elder of the Pure Heart Pavilion followed up, "The invasion of the Hundred Races this time was only to take back some items. They did not do anything overly outrageous, so why mobilize so many people? Do you really want a war between the two continents and make blood flow like rivers? Do you really only intend to stop after you see a sea of corpses?"

Afterward, a few representatives expressed their disagreement as well. They all had their reasons, which all considered the big picture.

The Tian Yuan Continent's conquest of the Hundred Races came to an end. They failed to get everyone to agree. There was no chance of victory if just half the continent, or even less than that, went ahead to conquer the Hundred Races.

The Hundred Races had settled down on the Wasteland Continent for so long. They could be described as deeply-rooted and rich in heritage. Each race had their own supreme, forbidden artifacts. They had only brought a portion of them this time.

Soon after, a secret letter arrived in the hands of each representative, shocking them all. After attacking Mercenary City, the experts of the Hundred Races actually attacked the Beast God Hall on the Beast God Continent. All three magical beast Saint Emperors emerged, while the tiger emperor Lankyros faced the attacks from three different forbidden artifacts and was thus heavily injured. The several dozen experts cultivating within the hall all came out to fend off the enemies, and more than ten of them were slain by the forbidden artifacts. There were even more who were injured.

This battle included Saint Emperors. Over two hundred Saint Kings of the Hundred Races fought an extremely intense battle with the various experts of the Beast God Hall, to the point where the earth cracked and the sky dimmed. Half the continent quaked, kicking up tsunamis that reached into the skies. All the experts cultivating outside could sense the heart-trembling might.

However, the Hundred Races still failed to get into the Beast God Hall in the end. The Beast God Hall was no ordinary divine hall; it was left behind by the Winged Tiger God, and it was so tough that even Saint Emperors could not damage it. The invaders failed to even scratch the divine hall after striking it with the combined force of all the forbidden artifacts, and they lost over a dozen experts in the end, so they could only helplessly retreat.

The invasion of the Beast God Continent immediately shocked the upper echelons of the Tian Yuan Continent. No one had ever thought that the Hundred Races would be so reckless. First, they attacked the lairs of the protector clans and Mercenary City, and then they invaded the Beast God Continent. Were they seeking death?

The Beast God Continent was something that the Tian Yuan Continent feared very much. They had a total of three Saint Emperors. Was there any force daring enough to take them on?

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