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Chapter 1066: Huang Tianba Saved

Jian Chen knew that the ancestor of the Huanggu clan was Huang Luan’s master, so he spoke relatively politely. He did not give off any particular presence, so he looked just like an ordinary person right now, floating mid-air as if he was standing.

The ancestor’s face was filled with smiles, arriving before Jian Chen with fake excitement. His compliments flowed unceasingly from his mouth, buttering up to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen was oblivious to Huang Luan and Huang Tianba’s current situation, which was why he responded very amicably to the ancestor of the Huanggu clan. After all, he was Huang Luan’s master.

The two of them conversed a little before cutting to the chase. Jian Chen said, “Senior, may I ask if Luan’er and senior Huang Tianba is with you?”

The ancestor’s heart sank once again, but he showed none of it. He smiled, “I was thinking that brother Jian Chen would be visiting for my beloved disciple and Huang Tianba. It’s a pity though, you’ve come too late. My disciple’s gone out for training while Huang Tianba is not in my clan either.”

“What? They’re not at your clan?” Jian Chen was astounded.

“Yep. They’re not with me right now. Huang Tianba may have gone traveling. Brother Jian Chen, if you want to find them, I’ll contact you immediately if they come back to my Huanggu clan,” the ancestor leisurely replied. However, no one knew that his emotions inside were the exact opposite. He wished that Jian Chen would leave as soon as possible.

With every moment Jian Chen stayed, his uneasiness would increase.

Jian Chen could not help but feel confused with what the ancestor had said. He had learned from You Yue that ever since Huang Luan had left Flame City to go to the Huanggu clan all those years ago, she had never appeared. There had not even been a single piece of news about her.

When he first heard that, Jian Chen thought that Huang Luan had always remained in the Huang family, cultivating arduously. However, only with his visit from before did he discover that Huang Luan did not stay at the Huang family at all. As a result, there was only the Huanggu clan. Jian Chen felt suspicious about Huang Luan going out for training mentioned by the ancestor.

Suddenly, Jian Chen expanded his presence and enveloped the entire clan. He wanted to check whether it was actually like the ancestor said.

Jian Chen’s presence was extremely powerful. Combined with how profound it was, it passed through all the defences and obstacles of the clan easily, allowing him to observe the clan clearly.

However, Jian Chen’s complexion changed the moment his presence swept through the tower in the center of the clan. A terrifying light exploded from his eyes and anger began to fume from him. Inside contained a deep killing intent as well.

He had sensed a beggar-like old man, wrapped in chains within the hidden room. Although the old man was disheveled and haggard, Jian Chen recognized him with a single glance. It was the person he was searching for, Huang Tianba.

“Senior Huang,” Jian Chen cried out furiously. He arrived before the tower with a flash and struck out with his hand. With a boom, the tower collapsed loudly, obliterated from Jian Chen’s attack.

The fragments of the tower shot off in all directions, destroying quite a few structures in the clan. Huang Tianba also fell from the sky with the destruction of the tower.

With another flash, he appeared by Huang Tianba’s side after leaving behind an after-image of where he had been before. He caught Huang Tianba and gently landed. Huang Tianba’s face had already become pale-white.

The ancestor of the Huanggu clan paled in fright. Badly shaken, he stared at the fuming Jian Chen and without any hesitation, he fled off into the distance as fast as he could. He swore inside, “God dammit, how did Jian Chen know that Huang Tianba was trapped in the tower? He clearly didn’t know before.” Right now, all he wanted to do was survive. He could not bother with the lives of his clansmen.

Suddenly being saved, Huang Tianba obviously became extremely emotional. Just as he wanted to say something, he saw the ancestor of the Huanggu clan trying to flee and immediately became enraged as well. He called out, “Jian Chen, don’t let that mongrel go!”

“Don’t worry, senior Huang. He can’t escape.” Icy killing intent formed in Jian Chen’s eyes. Throwing that down, he immediately began to pursue the ancestor.

In the air, the ancestor fled while Jian Chen pursued. They both used Spatial Force and moved extremely quickly. However, as they both were at the Seventh Heavenly Layer in terms of their comprehensions for the mysteries of the world, the distance between them never really closed after a while of pursuit.

With a flip of his hand, Jian Chen drew his Emperor Armament from his Space Ring. With the injection of Chaotic Force, the Emperor Armament immediately began to shine with dark light. The terrifying energy caused the surrounding space to distort, creating pitch-black cracks. 

Jian Chen’s battle prowess immediately skyrocketed with the Emperor Armament. The terrifying presence caused the ancestor of the Huanggu clan to pale in fright, now filled with despair inside.

Jian Chen swung his sword and a huge, black sword Qi immediately shot out, flying toward the ancestor with lightning speed.

The Huanggu clan ancestor wanted to dodge, but the sword Qi was not something he could avoid. There was a humongous disparity between Saint Kings and Saint Rulers.


The sword Qi caught up to him in the blink of an eye and cleaved off his legs. The only body he had left was from the waist up. Violent pain caused him to shriek out in a chilling fashion, and it even affected his speed. He began to slow down.

Jian Chen put away the Emperor Armament and caught up to him with lightning speed. This time, he did not treat the ancestor as politely as before. He ignored his painful cries, taking him away by grabbing his clothes.

The Huanggu clan had fallen into chaos as of right now. The activity from the destruction of the tower had alarmed all the people in the clan. Everyone stopped their cultivation and stepped out of their residences to check what was happening outside. All the members of the upper echelon had already arrived beside Huang Tianba in the meantime. They all stared at him in shock as disbelief flooded their faces.

They all recognized Huang Tianba as the ancestor of the Huang family, but they had no idea what their own ancestor had done. They all felt extremely shocked with Huang Tianba’s current appearance, completely confused about what had happened.

At this moment, a vast presence appeared in the distance. Jian Chen returned furiously to the clan with the ancestor of the Huanggu clan and landed on the ground. Afterward, he made his way to Huang Tianba, step by step while carrying the ancestor of the Huanggu clan. His face was sunken while his eyes were icy-cold. Dense killing intent continued to linger on him.



The group of people recognized that Jian Chen currently carried their ancestor with a single glance. Their faces all changed drastically as they called out sorrowfully.

“Release the ancestor!” A middle-aged Heaven Saint Master cried out, charging at Jian Chen with a Saint Weapon. His eyes were bloodshot from anger.

“Piss off!” Jian Chen angrily yelled out. He did not even glance at the person as he punched out. He used the toughness of his body to resist the person’s Saint Weapon.

Ding! Jian Chen’s fist collided with the Saint Weapon, and it shattered like tofu from Jian Chen’s punch. Jian Chen’s fist continued on with no reduction in force, mercilessly landing on the Heaven Saint Master’s chest.

The Heaven Saint Master spurted blood from his mouth as he shot back like a cannonball. He passed through several buildings before stopping a hundred meters away in the end. His entire chest had caved in, and his organs had all turned to mush from the might of Jian Chen’s punch.

“Sixth elder!” The Heaven Saint Masters of the Huanggu clan all called out, immediately flying to the man who had been injured by Jian Chen. They discovered that he had lost all signs of life; Jian Chen’s casual punch had claimed his life on the spot.

All the people of the Huanggu clan immediately quietened down after witnessing Jian Chen’s strength. They all stared at him in surprise and fear. No one else dared to say anything more. They stepped aside to give way to Jian Chen.

“Jian Chen, you’re still a supreme expert of the continent after all. You’ve actually murdered a Heaven Saint Master,” the ancestor of the Huanggu clan furiously yelled out. The person who had passed away was his great-grandson as well as the most talented person in the clan. He was treated with great importance by the ancestor.

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