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Chapter 1064: Visiting the Huanggu Clan

Jian Chen left the conference hall with You Yue. The two of them first visited Jian Chen’s parents. During their conversation, Bi Yuntian mentioned the marriage between Jian Chen and You Yue once more, but it was evaded by both of them together.

Jian Chen was now in possession of enough strength to protect himself and the people around him, but there were still many matters he needed to deal with. He was in no mood to consider marriage.

On the other hand, You Yue now had the Bright Moon Divine Hall as well as fairy Hao Yue’s cultivation method. Right now, her only objective was to increase her strength as fast and as much as possible, devoting all her energy into cultivation. She would consider marriage once she possessed enough strength to help out Jian Chen.

Bidding farewell to Bi Yuntian and Changyang Ba, You Yue did not stick by Jian Chen’s side for very long. She entered the divine hall once more, going to outer space to cultivate.

“Once I drop off uncle Chang, great-grandfather Bi Hai, Yang Ling, and senior Huang Tianba at Mercenary City, I’ll go to the protector clan immediately and get them to release great-grandfather Changyang Zu Yunkong’s seal,” Jian Chen thought after leaving his parent’s room. The main reason why he visited Flame City last time was to take Bi Hai with him. He planned on leaving Bi Hai in Mercenary City so Xiao Ling could invoke the mysteries of the world for him to comprehend.

“Now it’s just senior Huang Tianba. The Huang family just happens to be rather close to here, so I’ll go by myself.” Jian Chen shot off like a cannonball, climbing high up into the sky with extremely great speed. He shot off in the direction of the Huang family, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

He could not help but think of a flawless beauty in his head. He thought, “It’s been so many years. I wonder how Luan’er’s been. With her talent, she should have made great improvement in these years.” Jian Chen immediately sped up some more after that thought.

The Huang family was over thirty thousand kilometers away from the Gesun Kingdom. With Jian Chen’s speed, he only needed two short hours before arriving at the beautiful mountain, abundant with energy of the world, where the Huang family resided.

Jian Chen descended outside the entrance of the manor. He did not conceal his presence, so he was discovered by experts of the Huang family as soon as he arrived. Several Heaven Saint Masters immediately shot out from within. They all became surprised when they recognized Jian Chen, and their stern faces immediately became replaced with smiles. They politely welcomed Jian Chen into the clan.

With Jian Chen’s current fame on the continent, almost all hermit clans had heard about him. His current level of status could not be compared to his past. The Huang family immediately became overwhelmed by Jian Chen sudden visit. Not only did the patriarch personally come out to receive him, even people of previous generations came out of seclusion,

Jian Chen was younger than any of them, but he was still a Saint King after all. He was indisputably someone who held great power on the continent where strength determined all.

Jian Chen struggled a little to adapt to how everyone in the Huang family had come out to receive him. After conversing with the patriarch slightly, he cut to the chase, “Patriarch, I’ve come this time to find senior Huang Tianba. May I ask where he is currently?”

“The ancestor has always been cultivating in seclusion, and he hasn’t appeared in several years already. I will bring you to him if you are looking for the ancestor,” said the patriarch, before directly flying to the rear of the mountain with Jian Chen and a few other experts of the clan.

Very quickly, Jian Chen arrived at the sword-shaped ridge where Huang Tianba stayed in seclusion. It was surrounded by a barrier, and inside stood a single, old, wooden hut.

“Descendent greets the old ancestor. Brother Jian Chen has come to our clan,” the patriarch spoke courteously to the hut as he stood outside the barrier.

Jian Chen stared nonchalantly at the hut and some wonder appeared in his eyes. He said, “Patriarch, there’s no need to keep calling. Senior Huang Tianba’s not in there.”

“What? The ancestor’s not there?” The patriarch became stunned.

Jian Chen nodded slightly before expanding his presence. He enveloped a radius of a thousand kilometers in an attempt to find signs of Huang Tianba, but there was nothing.

“If I can’t find him in the radius of a thousand meters, expanding my presence any further than that would result in the same outcome. Looks like the senior’s not in the clan right now,” thought Jian Chen.

The patriarch thought a little and said, “Brother, Huang Luan’s a disciple of the ancestor from the Huanggu clan. She’s always stayed in the Huanggu clan cultivating while the ancestor treats her like a treasure. Since the ancestor’s not with us, he’s probably gone to the Huanggu clan to see her.”

“Huang Luan’s at the Huanggu clan,” repeated Jian Chen inside. He then said, “I’ll visit the Huanggu clan then.”

Jian Chen declined the patriarch’s attempts to get him to stay, leaving immediately after learning where the Huanggu clan was.

The Huanggu clan was located in the south, hidden in a forest that was always covered with mist and filled with magical beasts. Very few people knew about its existence.

A thousand-meter-tall tower stood in the center of the clan. That tower was the most sacred building in the clan since it was where the ancestor cultivated.

A disheveled old man hung in the air of the top room in the tower. The room was completely sealed and slightly gloomy while the man was surrounded with huge, thick chains; he looked like a beggar. The old man possessed very great strength; every time he struggled, the chains would rattle, but he could not break free from them no matter how hard he tried.

“You mongrel! You will pay for this! If I break free, I will never let you go!” The old man’s voice was hoarse with hatred.

Before him stood the ancestor of the Huanggu clan. The ancestor was at ease and possessed a sneer, “Huang Tianba, do you still think you have a chance at revenge? Why don’t you think about your current predicament? Do you think you still have the ability to break free? You better give up on that thought.”

“Mongrel, my Huang family has never done anything to your Huanggu clan. Why do you do this to me?” Huang Tianba gnashed his teeth. He was haggard, no longer possessing his former glory.

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