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_taraxis_, trouble--_tarassein_, to trouble. Davic refers to Ar.

_taras-acon_, a kind of succory, Latinised in Avicenna as _taraxacon_.]


TARBOOSH, TARBOUCHE, tar-boosh', _n._ a red cap with dark tassel worn by Moslem men. [Ar. _tarb[=u]sh_.]

TARDIGRADE, tar'di-gr[=a]d, _adj._ slow in pace; belonging to the TAR'DIGRADA, a group or suborder of mammals containing the two genera of sloth.--_n._ one of the Tardigrada. [L. _tardus_, slow, _gradi_, to step.]

TARDY, tar'di, _adj._ slow, late, sluggish: out of season.--_advs._ TARDAMEN'TE (_mus._), slowly; TAR'DILY, slowly: reluctantly: late.--_n._ TAR'DINESS.--_adj._ TAR'DY-GAIT'ED (_Shak._) slow-paced. [Fr.

_tardif_--_tard_--L. _tardus_, slow.]

TARE, t[=a]r, _n._ any one of several species of vetch: (_B._) an unidentified weed, prob. darnel. [Prob. _tear_.]

TARE, t[=a]r, _n._ the weight of the vessel or package in which goods are contained: an allowance made for it, the remainder being the _net_ weight.

[Fr.,--Sp. _tara_--Ar. _tarha_, thrown away.]

TARE, t[=a]r, obsolete, _pa.p._ of _tear_ (2).


TARGET, tar'get, _n._ a small buckler or shield: a mark to fire at for practice or competition: any object of desire or ambition: the frame holding railway-signals: (_her._) a bearing representing a buckler: (_Scot._) a pendant, tassel--also TARGE.--_adj._ TAR'GETED, provided with a shield.--_ns._ TARGETEER', TARGETIER', one armed with a shield, a peltast.

[A.S. _targe_; Old High Ger. _zarga_, a frame, wall; Fr. _targe_ is of Teut. origin.]

TARGUM, t[=a]r'gum, _n._ a general term for the Aramaic versions--often paraphrases--of the Old Testament, which became necessary when, after and perhaps during the Babylonian Exile, Hebrew began to die out as the popular language and was supplanted by Aramaic.--_adj._ TAR'GUMIC.--_n._ TAR'GUMIST, a writer of a Targum: a student of the Targums.--_adj._ TARGUMIST'IC. [Assyr. _ragamu_, to speak, whence _targumanu_, speaker.]

TARIFF, tar'if, _n._ a list of the duties, &c., fixed by law on merchandise: a list of charges, fees, or prices. [Fr.,--Sp.,--Ar.

_ta'r[=i]f_, giving information, from _'arafa_, to explain.]

TARLATAN, tar'la-tan, _n._ a fine, open, transparent muslin for women's dresses, often coarse in texture, made at _Tarare_ in the department of Rhone.--Also TAR'LETAN. [Prob. Milanese _tarlantanna_.]

TARN, tarn, _n._ a small lake among the mountains. [Ice. _tjorn_.]

TARNATION, tar-n[=a]'shun, _adj._ and _adv._ a softened form of damnation, as TAR'NAL, of _eternal_ or _infernal_.

TARNISH, tar'nish, _v.t._ to soil by exposure to the air, &c.: to diminish the lustre or purity of, to stain, sully.--_v.i._ to become dull: to lose lustre.--_n._ a spot, stain, change in lustre of a mineral.--_n._ TAR'NISHER. [Fr. _ternir_ (pr.p. _ternissant_); _terne_, dull, wan--Mid.

High Ger. _ternen_, Old High Ger. _tarnjan_, to darken; A.S. _dernan_, to cover.]

TARO, ta'r[=o], _n._ a plant of the arum family, widely cultivated for its edible roots in the islands of the Pacific. [Polynesian.]

TAROT, tar'ot, _n._ a kind of playing card used, and probably invented, in Italy about the middle of the 14th century, 78 to the pack: a game played with such.--Also TAR'OC. [Fr., so called prob. because _tarotee_ on the back--i.e. marked with plain or dotted lines crossing diagonally--It.


TARPAN, tar'pan, _n._ the small wild horse of the steppes of Russia.


TARPAULIN, tar-paw'lin, _n._ strong linen or hempen cloth coated with tar or pitch to render it waterproof: a sailor's wide-brimmed storm-hat: (_coll._) a sailor.--Also TARPAU'LING. [From _tar_, and prov. Eng.

_pauling_, a cart cover; cf. _Pall_.]

TARPEIAN, tar-p[=e]'an, _adj._ designating a cliff--the TARPEIAN ROCK upon the Capitoline Hill at Rome, from which state criminals were thrown--from the Roman traitress _Tarpeia_.

TARPON, tar'pon, TARPUM, tar'pum, _n._ a food-fish of America, of the herring family, common in the warmer Atlantic waters, and six feet long.--Also _Jew-fish_. [Amer. Ind.]

TARRADIDDLE, tar-a-did'l, _n._ a fib, a lie. [App. a coined word, the last part being the slang word _diddle_, to cheat.]

TARRAGON, tar'a-gon, _n._ the herb-dragon, an aromatic plant used for flavouring vinegar, sauces, &c. [Sp. _taragontia_--Ar. _tarkh[=u]n_--Gr.

_drak[=o]n_, a dragon.]

TARRAS, tar'ras, _n._ (_Spens._) terrace.

TARRE, tar, _v.t._ (_Shak._) to set on, to encourage.

TARRIANCE, tar'i-ans, _n._ (_arch._) act of tarrying, delay.

TARRIER, tar'i-[.e]r, _n._ old form of _terrier_: (_slang_) a rough fellow, a tough.

TARROCK, tar'ok, _n._ the young of the kittiwake: the tern: guillemot.

TARRY, tar'i, _adj._ consisting of, covered with, or like tar.--_n._ TARR'Y-BREEKS, a sailor.--_adj._ TARR'Y-FING'ERED, TARR'Y-FING'ERS, thieving fingers.

TARRY, tar'i, _v.i._ to be tardy or slow: to loiter or stay behind: to delay:--_pa.t._ and _pa.p._ tarr'ied.--_n._ TARR'IER, one who tarries or delays.--_v.i._ TARR'OW (_Scot._), to hesitate, refuse. [M. E. _targen_, to delay (confused in form with _tarien_, to irritate)--O. Fr. _targer_ (Fr.

_tarder_)--L. _tardus_, slow.]

TARSIA, tar'si-a, _n._ an Italian mosaic, at first dealing with geometrical patterns in wood, but which developed into inlaid representations of architecture, views, figures, and drapery, and finally into foliaceous scrolls of modern marquetry. [It.]

TARSIER, tar'si-er, _n._ a small arboreal East Indian lemuroid, the malmag.--_adj._ TAR'SIPED, having the same tarsal structure as the foregoing. [Fr.]

TARSUS, tar'sus, _n._ the part of the foot to which the leg is articulated:--_pl._ TAR'S[=I].--_adj._ TAR'SAL, relating to the tarsus or ankle.--_ns._ TARSAL'GIA, pain in the tarsus: a neuralgic affection of the foot from which persons walking much sometimes suffer; TAR'SIPES, a small Australian honey-sucking marsupial, of the family _Phalangistidae_, about the size of a mouse.--_adj._ TARSOMETATAR'SAL, pertaining to the tarsus and the metatarsus.--_n._ TARSOMETATAR'SUS, the single compound bone of birds.--_adj._ TARSOTAR'SAL, mediotarsal. [Gr. _tarsos_, the flat part of the foot.]

TART, tart, _adj._ sharp or sour to the taste: (_fig._) sharp: severe.--_adj._ TART'ISH, somewhat tart.--_adv._ TART'LY.--_n._ TART'NESS.

[A.S. _teart_--_teran_, to tear.]

TART, tart, _n._ a small pie, containing fruit or jelly baked in paste.--_n._ TART'LET, a small tart. [O. Fr. _tarte_--L. _torta_, fem. of pa.p. of _torqu[=e]re_, twist.]

TARTAN, tar'tan, _n._ a woollen or worsted stuff checked with various colours, once the distinctive dress of the Scottish Highlanders, each clan having its own pattern. [Fr. _tiretaine_, linsey-woolsey--Sp. _tiritana_, a thin woollen stuff--_tiritar_, to shiver.]

TARTAN, tar'tan, _n._ a Mediterranean vessel with lateen sail: a kind of long covered carriage [Fr.,--Ar. _taridah_, a small ship.]

TARTAR, tar'tar, _n._ a mixture of bitartrate of potash and tartrate of lime, being a deposit formed from wine, and known in its crude form as argol: a concretion which sometimes forms on the teeth.--_adjs._ TAR-T[=A]'REOUS, TAR'TAROUS, consisting of, or resembling, tartar; TARTAR'IC, pertaining to, or obtained from, tartar.--_v.t._ TAR'TARISE, to impregnate or treat with tartar.--_adjs._ TARTRAL'IC, TARTREL'IC, derived from tartar.--_n._ TAR'TR[=A]TE, a salt of tartaric acid.--TARTAR EMETIC, a compound of potassium and antimony.--CREAM OF TARTAR (see CREAM). [Fr.

_tartre_--Low L. _tartarum_--Ar. _durd_, dregs.]

TARTAR, tar'tar, _n._ a native of _Tartary_ in Asia: an irritable person, or one too strong for his assailant.

TARTARUS, tar'ta-rus, _n._ the lower world generally, but esp. the place of punishment for the wicked, according to Homer, a deep and sunless abyss, as far below Hades as earth is below heaven, and closed in by iron gates--(_Shak._) TAR'TAR: (_Spens._) TAR'TARY.--_adj._ TART[=A]'REAN.

[L.,--Gr. _tartaros_.]

TARTUFFE, tar-t[=oo]f', _n._ a hypocritical pretender to religion, from the chief character in Moliere's most celebrated comedy (1669).--_adjs._ TARTUFF'ISH, TAR-TUF'ISH.--_ns._ TARTUFF'ISM, TARTUF'ISM.

TARVE, tarv, _n._ (_prov._) a curve, bend.

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