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SURCEASE, sur-s[=e]s', _v.i._ to cease.--_v.t._ to cause to cease.--_n._ cessation. [O. Fr. _sursis_, pa.p. of _surseoir_--L. _super-sed[=e]re_, to refrain from.]

SURCHARGE, sur-charj', _v.t._ to overcharge or overload.--_n._ an excessive load: an overcharge: an extra charge: a painting in lighter enamel over a darker which serves as the ground.--_adj._ SURCHARGED', overloaded.--_n._ SURCHARGE'MENT.

SURCINGLE, sur'sing-gl, _n._ a girth or strap for holding a saddle on an animal's back: the girdle of a cassock.--_v.t._ to surround with such. [L.

_super_, above, _cingulum_, a belt.]


SURCOAT, sur'k[=o]t, _n._ an overcoat, generally applied to the long flowing drapery of knights anterior to the introduction of plate-armour: a short robe worn by ladies over the tunic at the close of the 11th century.

[O. Fr. _surcote_, _surcot_--_sur_, over, _cote_, a garment.]

SURCULUS, sur'k[=u]-lus, _n._ a shoot from a root-stock, a sucker.--_adjs._ SURCULIG'EROUS, bearing such; SUR'CULOSE, producing such. [L.]

SURD, surd, _adj._ (_alg._) involving surds: produced by the action of the speech organs on the breath (not the voice), as the 'hard' sounds _k_, _t_, _p_, _f_, &c.: deaf: (_obs._) unheard, senseless.--_n._ (_alg._) a quantity inexpressible by rational numbers, or which has no root.--_ns._ SURDIM[=U]'TISM, the condition of being deaf and dumb; SURD'ITY, want of sonant quality. [L. _surdus_, deaf.]

SURE, sh[=oo]r, _adj._ secure: fit to be depended on; certain: strong: confident beyond doubt.--_advs._ SURE, SURELY, firmly, safely: certainly, assuredly.--_adj._ SURE'FOOTED, walking firmly or securely: not liable to stumble.--_adv._ SUREFOOT'EDLY.--_ns._ SUREFOOT'EDNESS; SURE'NESS.--SURE ENOUGH, certainly.--BE SURE, be certain, see to it; HAVE A SURE THING (_slang_), to have a certainty; MAKE SURE, to make certain; TO BE SURE, without doubt. [O. Fr, _seur_ (Fr. _sur_)--L. _securus_--_se-_, apart from, _cura_, care.]

SURETY, sh[=oo]r'ti, _n._ certainty: he who, or that which, makes sure: security against loss: one who becomes bound for another, a sponsor.--_ns._ SURE'TYSHIP, SURE'TISHIP, state of being surety: obligation of one person to answer for another. [Doublet _security_.]

SURF, surf, _n._ the foam made by the dashing of waves.--_ns._ SURF'-BIRD, a plover-like bird found on the Pacific coasts of North and South America, akin to sandpipers and turnstones, and sometimes called _Boreal sandpiper_ and _Plover-billed turnstone_; SURF'-DUCK, the scoter (q.v.); SURF'MAN, one skilful in handling boats in surf.--_adj._ SURF'Y. [Skeat explains the _r_ as intrusive, and suggests that _suffe_ is the same as '_sough_ of the sea,' M. E. _swough_, _swoughen_, _swowen_--A.S. _swogan_, to make a rushing sound.]

SURFACE, sur'f[=a]s, _n._ the exterior part of anything.--_adj._ SUR'FACED, having a surface.--_ns._ SUR'FACEMAN, a miner employed in open-air working: a workman employed in keeping a railway-bed in repair; SUR'FACE-PRINT'ING, printing from a relief surface, as cotton-cloth; SUR'FACER, one who, or that which, smooths or levels a surface; SUR'FACE-TEN'SION, in liquids, that property in virtue of which a liquid surface behaves as if it were a stretched elastic membrane--say a sheet of india-rubber; SUR'FACE-WA'TER, drainage-water; SUR'FACING, the act of giving a certain surface to anything. [Fr., from _sur_--L. _super_, and _face_--L. _facies_.]

SURFEIT, sur'fit, _v.t._ to fill to satiety and disgust.--_n._ excess in eating and drinking: sickness or satiety caused by overfullness.--_ns._ SUR'FEITER (_Shak._), one who surfeits, a glutton; SUR'FEITING, eating overmuch: gluttony. [O. Fr. _surfait_, excess, _sorfaire_, to augment--L.

_super_, above, _fac[)e]re_, to make.]

SURFICIAL, sur-fish'al, _adj._ formed on the surface, as opposed to _Subterranean_.

SURFRAPPe, sur-frap'[=a], _adj._ restruck or restamped--of a coin. [Fr.]

SURFUSION, sur-f[=u]'shun, _n._ the condition of being liquid below fusing-point.

SURGE, surj, _n._ the rising or swelling of a large wave.--_v.i._ to rise high: to swell.--_adj._ SUR'GY, full of surges or waves: billowy. [L.

_surg[)e]re_, to rise.]

SURGEON, sur'jun, _n._ one who treats injuries or diseases by manual operations.--_ns._ SUR'GEONCY, SUR'GEONSHIP, the office or employment of a surgeon in the army or navy; SUR'GERY, act and art of treating lesions or malformations of the human body by manual operations, mediate and immediate: a place for surgical operations.--_adj._ SUR'GICAL, pertaining to surgeons, or to surgery: done by surgery.--_adv._ SUR'GICALLY. [A doublet of _chirurgeon_ (q.v.).]

SURICATE, s[=u]'ri-k[=a]t, _n._ a long-legged South African carnivore, allied to the civet, genette, and ichneumon.

SURINAM-TOAD, s[=u]-ri-nam'-t[=o]d, _n._ a South American toad-like amphibian.

SURLOIN, the preferable form of _sirloin_ (q.v.).

SURLY, sur'li, _adj._ morose: uncivil: tempestuous.--_adv._ SUR'LILY.--_n._ SUR'LINESS. [For _sir-ly_, for _sir-like_, arrogant.]

SURMASTER, sur'mas-t[.e]r, _n._ a master in a school next in rank to a headmaster.

SURMISE, sur-m[=i]z', _n._ suspicion: conjecture.--_v.t._ to imagine: to suspect.--_adjs._ SURM[=I]'SABLE, SURM[=I]'SANT.--_n._ SURM[=I]'SER. [O.

Fr.,--_surmettre_, to accuse--L. _super_, upon, _mitt[)e]re_, to send.]

SURMOUNT, sur-mownt', _v.t._ to mount above: to surpass: to overcome, get the better of.--_adj._ SURMOUNT'ABLE, that may be surmounted.--_n._ SURMOUNT'ABLENESS.--_adj._ SURMOUNT'ED, surpassed: overcome: (_archit._) denoting an arch or dome rising higher than a semicircle: (_her._) denoting a figure when another is laid over it.--_n._ SURMOUNT'ER. [Fr.--_sur_ (L.

_super_), above, _monter_, to mount.]

SURMULLET, sur-mul'et, _n._ a mulloid food-fish of the genus _Mullus_, with two long barbels on the throat.

SURNAME, sur'n[=a]m, _n._ a name over and above the Christian name: the family name.--_v.t._ to call by a surname.--_adj._ SURNOM'INAL. [Formed from Fr. _sur_--L. _super_, over and above, and Eng. _name_, on the analogy of Fr. _sur-nom_.]

SURPASS, sur-pas', _v.t._ to pass beyond: to exceed: to excel: to go past in space.--_adj._ SURPASS'ABLE, that may be surpassed.--_p.adj._ SURPASS'ING, passing beyond others: excellent in a high degree.--_adv._ SURPASS'INGLY.--_n._ SURPASS'INGNESS. [Fr. _surpasser_, _sur_--L. _super_, beyond, _passer_, to pass.]

SURPLICE, sur'plis, _n._ a white linen garment worn over the cassock by clerks of all degrees, most commonly used for the service of the choir, and also employed, along with the stole, by priests in the administration of the sacraments and in preaching.--_adj._ SUR'PLICED, wearing a surplice.

[Fr. _surplis_--Low L. _superpellicium_, an over-garment.]

SURPLUS, sur'plus, _n._ the overplus: excess above what is required.--_n._ SUR'PLUSAGE, overplus. [Fr., from _sur_--L. _super_, over, _plus_, more.]

SURPRISE, sur-pr[=i]z', _n._ act of taking unawares: the emotion caused by anything sudden: amazement.--_v.t._ to come upon suddenly or unawares: to lead or bring unawares, to betray (with _into_): to strike with wonder or astonishment: to confuse.--_n._ SURPR[=I]S'AL, act of surprising.--_adv._ SURPR[=I]S'EDLY.--_adj._ SURPR[=I]S'ING, exciting surprise: wonderful: unexpected.--_adv._ SURPR[=I]S'INGLY.--_n._ SURPR[=I]S'INGNESS.

[Fr.,--surpris, pa.p. of _surprendre_--L. _super_, over, _prehend[)e]re_, to catch.]

SURQUEDRY, sur'kwe-dri, _n._ (_Spens._) pride, arrogance--also SUR'QUIDRY.--_adj._ SUR'QUEDOUS.

SURREBOUND, sur-e-bownd', _v.i._ to rebound again and again: to give back echoes.

SURREBUT, sur-e-but', _v.i._ to reply to a defendant's rebutter.--_ns._ SURREBUT'TAL, a plaintiff's evidence or presentation of evidence, in response to a defendant's rebuttal; SURREBUT'TER, the plaintiffs reply, in common law pleading, to a defendant's rebutter; SURREJOIN'DER, the answer of a plaintiff to a defendant's rejoinder.

SURREINED, sur'r[=a]nd, _adj._ (_Shak._) injured by driving, overworked.

SURRENAL, sur-r[=e]'nal, _adj._ situated above the kidneys.

SURRENDER, sur-ren'd[.e]r, _v.t._ to deliver over: to resign.--_v.i._ to yield up one's self to another.--_n._ act of yielding, or giving up to another.--_ns._ SURRENDEREE', one to whom a legal surrender is made; SURREN'DERER, one who surrenders; SURREN'DEROR (_law_), one who makes a surrender; SURREN'DRY, SURREN'DERY (_obs._), a surrender. [O. Fr.

_surrendre_, from _sur_, over--L. _super_, over, _rendre_--L. _redd[)e]re_, to render.]

SURREPTITIOUS, sur-rep-tish'us, _adj._ done by stealth or fraud.--_adv._ SURREPTI'TIOUSLY. [L., from _surrip[)e]re_, _surreptum_--_sub_, under, _rap[)e]re_, to seize.]

SURREY, sur'[=a], _n._ (_U.S._) a light four-wheeled vehicle for four persons, usually with two seats in a box mounted on side-bars.

SURROGATE, sur'r[=o]-g[=a]t, _n._ a substitute: the deputy of an ecclesiastical judge.--_ns._ SUR'ROG[=A]TESHIP; SURROG[=A]'TION, subrogation; SURROG[=A]'TUM, that which comes in place of something else.

[L. _surrog[=a]re_, _[=a]tum_--_sub_, in the place of, _rog[=a]re_, to ask.]

SURROUND, sur-rownd', _v.t._ to go round about; to encompass, environ: to cut off from communication or retreat.--_n._ SURROUND'ING, an encompassing: (_pl._) things which surround, external circumstances. [O. Fr.

_suronder_--L. _superund[=a]re_, to overflow, often confused with _round_.]

SURSIZE, sur-s[=i]z', _n._ a penalty in feudal times for non-payment of castle-guard rent on the appointed day.

SURTAX, sur'taks, _n._ an additional tax on certain articles.--_v.t._ to lay such a tax upon.

SURTOUT, sur-t[=oo]', -t[=oo]t', _n._ a close-bodied frock-coat: (_fort._) a raised portion of the parapet of a work at the angles, to protect from enfilade fire. [Fr.,--Low L. _super-totus_, an outer garment.]

SURVEILLANCE, sur-vel'yans, _n._ a being vigilant or watchful: inspection.--_adj._ SURVEILL'ANT. [Fr.,--_surveiller_--_sur_, over--L.

_super_, _veiller_, to watch--L. _vigil[=a]re_.]

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