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SUPERVISE, s[=u]-p[.e]r-v[=i]z', _v.i._ to oversee: to superintend.--_ns._ SUPERV[=I]'SAL, SUPERVI'SION, act of supervising: inspection: control; SUPERV[=I]'SOR, one who supervises: an overseer: an inspector: (_Shak._) a spectator.--_adjs._ SUPERV[=I]'SORY, pertaining to, or having, supervision; SUPERVIS'[=U]AL, beyond the ordinary visual powers. [L. _super_, over, _vid[=e]re_, _visum_, to see.]

SUPERVOLUTE, s[=u]'p[.e]r-vol-[=u]t, _adj._ (_bot._) having a plaited or convolute arrangement in the bud.

SUPINE, s[=u]-p[=i]n', _adj._ lying on the back: leaning backward, inclined, sloping: negligent: indolent.--_v.t._ S[=U]'PIN[=A]TE, to bring the palm upward.--_ns._ S[=U]PIN[=A]'TION, the state of being supine: the act of lying or being laid with the face upward: the act of turning the palm of the hand upward: the hand so turned; S[=U]PIN[=A]'TOR, that which produces supination: a muscle that turns the palm upward; S[=U]'PINE, one of two parts of the Latin verb, really verbal nouns, ending in _tum_ and _tu_, called the first and second supine respectively.--_adv._ S[=U]PINE'LY.--_n._ S[=U]PINE'NESS. [L. _supinus_--_sub_, under.]

SUPPEDANEUM, sup-[=e]-d[=a]'n[=e]-um, _n._ a foot-rest on a cross or crucifix.--_adj._ SUPPED[=A]'NEOUS, being under the feet. [L. _sub_, under, _pes_, _pedis_, the foot.]

SUPPEDITATE, sup-ed'i-t[=a]t, _v.t._ to supply, furnish.--_n._ SUPPEDIT[=A]'TION, supply. [L. _suppedit[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to supply--_suppet[)e]re_, to be in store--_sub_, under, _pet[)e]re_, to seek.]

SUPPER, sup'[.e]r, _n._ a meal taken at the close of the day.--_adj._ SUPP'ERLESS, without supper.--_ns._ SUPP'ING, the act of one who sups: that which is supped; LORD'S'-SUPP'ER (see LORD). [O. Fr. _soper_ (Fr.

_souper_)--from Low Ger. _supen_, to sup.]

SUPPLANT, sup-plant', _v.t._ to displace by stratagem: to take the place of: to undermine.--_ns._ SUPPLANT[=A]'TION; SUPPLANT'ER. [L.

_supplant[=a]re_, to trip up one's heels--_sub_, under, _planta_, the sole of the foot.]

SUPPLE, sup'l, _adj._ pliant: lithe: yielding to the humour of others: fawning.--_v.t._ to make supple: to make soft or compliant.--_v.i._ to become supple.--_n._ SUPP'LENESS.--_adj._ SUPP'LE-SIN'EWED, having supple sinews: lithe.--SUPPLE JACK (_U.S._), one of various climbing-shrubs with strong stems: a pliant cane. [Fr. _souple_--L. _supplex_, bending the knees--_sub_, under, plic[=a]re, to fold.]

SUPPLEMENT, sup'le-ment, _n._ that which supplies or fills up: any addition by which defects are supplied: the quantity by which an angle or an arc falls short of 180 or a semicircle.--_v.t._ SUPPLEMENT', to supply or fill up: to add to.--_adjs._ SUPPLEMEN'TAL, SUPPLEMENT'ARY, added to supply what is wanting: additional.--_adv._ SUPPLEMENT'ARILY.--_ns._ SUPPLEMENT[=A]'TION; SUPPLEMENT'ER.--_v.t._ SUPPL[=E]TE', to supplement.--_adjs._ SUPP'L[=E]TIVE, SUPP'L[=E]TORY, supplemental.--_n._ a supplement. [L. _supplementum_--_suppl[=e]re_, to fill up.]

SUPPLIANT, sup'li-ant, _adj._ supplicating: asking earnestly: entreating.--_n._ a humble petitioner.--_adv._ SUPP'LIANTLY.--_n._ SUPP'LIANTNESS. [Fr. _suppliant_, pr.p. of supplier--L. _supplic[=a]re_.]

SUPPLICANT, sup'li-kant, _adj._ supplicating: asking submissively.--_n._ one who supplicates or entreats earnestly.--_adv._ SUPP'LICANTLY. [L.

_supplicans_, _pr.p._ of supplic[=a]re.]

SUPPLICATE, sup'li-k[=a]t, _v.t._ to entreat earnestly: to address in prayer.--_n._ SUPP'LICAT, in the English universities, a petition.--_adv._ SUPP'LIC[=A]TINGLY.--_n._ SUPPLIC[=A]'TION, act of supplicating: in ancient Rome, a solemn service or day decreed for giving formal thanks to the gods for victory, &c.: earnest prayer or entreaty, especially, in liturgies, a litany petition for some special blessing.--_adj._ SUPP'LIC[=A]TORY, containing supplication or entreaty: humble.--_n._ SUPPLIC[=A]'VIT, formerly a writ issued by the King's Bench or Chancery for taking the surety of the peace against a person. [L. _supplic[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_--_supplex_--_sub_, under, _plic[=a]re_, to fold.]

SUPPLY, sup-pl[=i]', _v.t._ to fill up, esp. a deficiency: to add what is wanted: to furnish: to fill a vacant place: to serve instead of:--_pa.t._ and _pa.p._ supplied'. [Fr.,--L. _suppl[=e]re_--_sub_, up, _pl[=e]re_, to fill.]

SUPPLY, sup-pl[=i]', _n._ act of supplying: that which is supplied or which supplies a want: amount of food or money provided (used generally in _pl._): a grant of money provided by a legislature for the expenses of government: a person who takes another's duty temporarily, a substitute, esp. a clergyman.--_ns._ SUPPL[=I]'AL, the act of supplying, the thing supplied; SUP'PLIANCE (_Shak._), that which is supplied, gratification.--_adj._ SUPPL[=I]'ANT (_Shak._), supplying, auxiliary.--_adv._ SUP'PLIANTLY.--_ns._ SUPPL[=I]'ER, one who supplies; SUPPLY'MENT (_Shak._), a supply.--COMMISSIONER OF SUPPLY, one of the body forming the chief county authority in Scotland for administrative and rating purposes, down to 1889.

SUPPORT, sup-p[=o]rt', _v.t._ to bear up: to endure or sustain: to keep up as a part or character: to make good: to defend: to represent in acting: to supply with means of living: to uphold by countenance, patronise: to follow on the same side as a speaker.--_n._ act of supporting or upholding: that which supports, sustains, or maintains: maintenance: an actor playing a subordinate part with a star: an accompaniment in music.--_adj._ SUPPORT'ABLE, capable of being supported: endurable: capable of being maintained.--_n._ SUPPORT'ABLENESS.--_adv._ SUPPORT'ABLY.--_ns._ SUPPORT'ANCE (_Shak._), support; SUPPORT'ER, one who, or that which, supports: an adherent: a defender: (_her._) a figure on each side of the escutcheon.--_adjs._ SUPPORT'ING, SUPPORT'IVE.--_n.fem._ SUPPORT'RESS. [L.

_support[=a]re_--_sub_, up, _port[=a]re_, to bear.]

SUPPOSE, sup-p[=o]z', _v.t._ to lay down, assume, or state as true: to imagine.--_adj._ SUPP[=O]'SABLE, that may be supposed.--_n._ SUPP[=O]'SAL (_Shak._), supposition.--_adj._ SUPP[=O]SED' (_Shak._), counterfeit.--_adv._ SUPP[=O]'SEDLY, according to supposition.--_ns._ SUPP[=O]'SER; SUPPOSI'TION, act of supposing: that which is supposed: assumption: presumption, opinion.--_adj._ SUPPOSI'TIONAL, implying supposition.--_adv._ SUPPOSI'TIONALLY.--_adjs._ SUPPOSI'TIONARY, hypothetical; SUPPOS'ITIVE, implying, expressing, or including a supposition.--_adv._ SUPPOS'ITIVELY.--_ns._ SUPPOS'ITORY (_med._), a pill of any solid medicine in the form of a cone or cylinder intended for introduction into the rectum or other canal; SUPPOS'ITUM, that which is supposed; SUPP[=O]'S[=U]RE, supposition. [Fr. _supposer_--L.

_suppon[)e]re_, _-positum_--_sub_, under, _pon[)e]re_, to place.]

SUPPOSITITIOUS, sup-poz-i-tish'us, _adj._ put by trick in the place of another: spurious: imaginary, hypothetical, supposed.--_adv._ SUPPOSITI'TIOUSLY, in a supposititious manner.--_n._ SUPPOSITI'TIOUSNESS, the state of being supposititious. [L. _supposititius_--_suppon[)e]re_, to put in the place of another--_sub_, under, _pon[)e]re_, to place.]

SUPPRESS, sup-pres', _v.t._ to crush, put down: to keep in: to retain or conceal: to stop, restrain.--_adv._ SUPPRESS'EDLY.--_ns._ SUPPRESS'ER, SUPPRESS'OR.--_adj._ SUPPRESS'IBLE.--_ns._ SUPPRES'SION, act of suppressing: stoppage: concealment; SUPPRES'SIONIST, one who supports suppression.--_adj._ SUPPRESS'IVE, tending to suppress: subduing. [L.

_supprim[)e]re_, _suppressum_--_sub_, under, _prem[)e]re_, to press.]

SUPPURATE, sup'[=u]-r[=a]t, _v.i._ to gather pus or matter.--_n._ SUPPUR[=A]'TION, a morbid process which gives rise to the formation of pus, one of the commonest products of inflammation.--_adj._ SUPP'UR[=A]TIVE, tending to suppurate: promoting suppuration.--_n._ a medicine which promotes suppuration. [L. _sub_, under, _pus_, _pur-is_, pus.]

SUPRACILIARY, s[=u]-pra-sil'i-ar-i, _adj._ above the eyebrow.--Also SUPERCIL'IARY.

SUPRACLAVICULAR, s[=u]-pra-kla-vik'[=u]-lar, _adj._ situated above the clavicle or collar-bone.

SUPRACOSTAL, s[=u]-pra-kost'al, _adj._ above or upon the ribs.

SUPRACRETACEOUS, s[=u]-pra-kr[=e]-t[=a]'shus, _adj._ (_geol._) denoting strata lying above the chalk.

SUPRALAPSARIAN, s[=u]-pra-laps-[=a]'ri-an, _n._ one of a class of Calvinists who make the decree of election and predestination to precede the Creation and the Fall--opp. to _Sublapsarian_.--_adj._ pertaining to the Supralapsarians or to their opinions.--_n._ SUPRALAPS[=A]'RIANISM. [L.

_supra_, above, beyond, _labi_, _lapsus_, to fall.]

SUPRALATERAL, s[=u]-pra-lat'[.e]r-al, _adj._ placed on the upper part of the side.

SUPRALUNAR, s[=u]-pra-l[=u]'nar, _adj._ beyond the moon: very lofty.

SUPRAMAXILLARY, s[=u]-pra-mak'si-l[=a]-ri, _adj._ pertaining to the upper jaw.--_n._ the superior maxillary or upper jaw-bone.

SUPRAMUNDANE, s[=u]-pra-mun'd[=a]n, _adj._ above the world.

SUPRA-ORBITAL, s[=u]-pra-or'bi-tal, _adj._ being above the orbit of the eye.

SUPRAPOSITION, s[=u]-pra-p[=o]-zish'un, _n._ the placing of one thing above another.

SUPRAPROTEST, s[=u]-pra-pr[=o]'test, _n._ acceptance or payment of a bill of exchange, by one not a party to it, after protest for non-acceptance or non-payment.

SUPRARENAL, s[=u]-pra-r[=e]'nal, _adj._ situated above the kidneys.

SUPRASCAPULAR, s[=u]-pra-skap'[=u]-lar, _adj._ situated above the scapula or shoulder-blade.--Also S[=U]PRASCAP'ULARY.

SUPRASENSIBLE, s[=u]-pra-sen'si-bl, _adj._ above the reach of the senses.

SUPRASPINAL, s[=u]-pra-sp[=i]'nal, _adj._ situated above the spine.--_adj._ SUPRASP[=I]'NOUS, above a spine or spinous process.

SUPREME, s[=u]-pr[=e]m', _adj._ highest: greatest: most excellent.--_n._ the highest point: the chief, the superior.--_n._ SUPREM'ACY, state of being supreme; highest authority or power.--_adv._ SUPREME'LY.--_ns._ SUPREME'NESS, SUPREM'ITY.--OATH OF SUPREMACY, an oath denying the supremacy of the pope; THE SUPREME BEING, God. [L. _supremus_, superl. of _superus_, high--_super_, above.]

SURA, s[=oo]'ra, _n._ a chapter of the Koran.--Also SU'RAH. [Ar. _s[=u]ra_, a step.]

SURA, s[=oo]'ra, _n._ the sap of the palmyra and coco-palm, &c. [Hind.


SURADDITION, sur-a-dish'un, _n._ (_Shak._) something added, as to a name.

SURAH, s[=u]'ra, _n._ a soft twilled silk fabric.--Also SURAH SILK.

SURAL, s[=u]'ral, _adj._ pertaining to the calf of the leg. [L. _sura_, the calf.]

SURANCE, sh[=oo]r'ans, _n._ (_Shak._) assurance.

SURAT, s[=u]-rat', _n._ coarse uncoloured cotton made at _Surat_, 160 miles north of Bombay.

SURBASE, sur'b[=a]s, _n._ a cornice or series of mouldings above the base of a pedestal.--_adj._ SURBASED'.--_n._ SURBASE'MENT.

SURBATE, sur-b[=a]t', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to bruise, as the feet by travel.--Also SURBET'. [Prob. Fr. _solbatu_, _solbature_--_sole_, the sole, _battu_, pa.p. of _battre_, to beat.]

SURBED, sur-bed', _v.t._ to set edgewise, as a stone with reference to the grain.

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