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SUPERFUSE, s[=u]-p[.e]r-f[=u]z', _v.t._ to pour over something else.

SUPERHEAT, s[=u]-p[.e]r-h[=e]t', _v.t._ to heat to excess.--_n._ SUPERHEAT'ER.

SUPERHUMAN, s[=u]-p[.e]r-h[=u]'man, _adj._ above what is human: divine.--_n._ SUPERHUMAN'ITY.--_adv._ SUPERH[=U]'MANLY.

SUPERHUMERAL, s[=u]-p[.e]r-h[=u]'me-ral, _n._ anything carried on the shoulders: the amice: the pallium: a Jewish ephod.

SUPERIMPOSE, s[=u]-p[.e]r-im-p[=o]z', _v.t._ to impose or lay above: (_geol._) to establish a structural system over, independently of underlying structures.--_n._ SUPERIMPOSI'TION, the act of superimposing: state of being superimposed.

SUPERINCUMBENT, s[=u]-p[.e]r-in-kum'bent, _adj._ lying above.--_ns._ SUPERINCUM'BENCE, SUPERINCUM'BENCY.

SUPERINDUCE, s[=u]-p[.e]r-in-d[=u]s', _v.t._ to bring in over and above something else, to superadd.--_ns._ SUPERINDUC'TION, SUPERINDUCE'MENT.

SUPERINENARRABLE, s[=u]-p[.e]r-in-[=e]-nar'a-bl, _adj._ in the highest degree incapable of being described.

SUPERINTEND, s[=u]-p[.e]r-in-tend', _v.t._ to have the oversight or charge of: to control, manage.--_v.i._ to exercise supervision.--_ns._ SUPERINTEN'DENCE, SUPERINTEN'DENCY, oversight: direction: management.--_adj._ SUPERINTEN'DENT, superintending.--_n._ one who superintends: the head of a Sunday-school: in some Protestant churches a clergyman having the oversight of the clergy of a district: overseer.--_n._ SUPERINTEN'DENTSHIP.

SUPERIOR, s[=u]-p[=e]'ri-or, _adj._ upper: higher in place, rank, or excellence: surpassing others: beyond the influence of: of wider application, generic: (_print._) set above the level of the line.--_n._ one superior to others: the chief of a monastery, &c., and of certain churches and colleges: (_Scots law_) one who has made an original grant of heritable property to a tenant or _vassal_, on condition of a certain annual payment (_feu-duty_) or of the performance of certain services.--_ns._ SUP[=E]'RIORESS, a female superior or chief in a convent, nunnery, &c.; SUPERIOR'ITY, quality or state of being superior: pre-eminence: advantage: (_Scots law_) the right which the superior enjoys in the land held by the vassal.--_adv._ SUP[=E]'RIORLY, in a superior manner.--SUPERIOR PLANETS, those more distant from the sun than the earth. [L., comp. of _superus_, high--_super_, above.]

SUPERJACENT, s[=u]-p[.e]r-j[=a]'sent, _adj._ lying above or upon.

SUPERLATIVE, s[=u]-p[.e]r'la-tiv, _adj._ raised above others or to the highest degree: superior to all others: most eminent: (_gram._) expressing the highest degree of a quality.--_n._ (_gram._) the superlative or highest degree of adjectives and adverbs: any word or phrase full of exaggeration.--_adv._ SUPER'LATIVELY.--_n._ SUPER'LATIVENESS, state of being superlative or in the highest degree. [L.

_superlativus_--_superlatus_, pa.p. of _superferre_--_super_, above, _ferre_, to carry.]

SUPERLUNAR, s[=u]-p[.e]r-l[=u]'nar, _adj._ above the moon: not of this world.--Also SUPERL[=U]'NARY.

SUPERMEDIAL, s[=u]-p[.e]r-m[=e]'di-al, _adj._ being above the middle.

SUPERMUNDANE, s[=u]-p[.e]r-mun'd[=a]n, _adj._ above the world.

SUPERNACULAR, s[=u]-p[.e]r-nak'[=u]-lar, _adj._ very choice, of liquor.--_n._ SUPERNAC'[=U]LUM, wine fit to be drunk to the last drop with no heeltaps, anything very choice.--_adv._ to the last drop.

SUPERNAL, s[=u]-p[.e]r'nal, _adj._ that is above or in a higher place or region: relating to things above: celestial. [L. _supernus_--_super_, above.]

SUPERNATANT, s[=u]-p[.e]r-n[=a]'tant, _adj._ floating on the surface.--_n._ SUPERNAT[=A]'TION. [L. _supernat[=a]re_--_super_, above, _nat[=a]re_, to swim.]

SUPERNATIONAL, s[=u]-p[.e]r-nash'un-al, _adj._ transcending the national, and belonging to mankind.--_n._ SUPERNA'TIONALISM.

SUPERNATURAL, s[=u]-p[.e]r-nat'[=u]-ral, _adj._ above or beyond the powers of nature: not according to the usual course of nature: miraculous: spiritual.--_v.t._ SUPERNAT'URALISE, to bring into the supernatural sphere.--_ns._ SUPERNAT'URALISM, the belief in the influence of the supernatural in the world; SUPERNAT'URALIST, a believer in the supernatural.--_adj._ of or pertaining to the supernatural.--_adj._ SUPERNATURALIST'IC.--_adv._ SUPERNAT'URALLY.--_n._ SUPERNAT'URALNESS.

SUPERNUMERARY, s[=u]-p[.e]r-n[=u]m'[.e]r-ar-i, _adj._ over and above the number stated, or which is usual or necessary.--_n._ a person or thing beyond the usual, necessary, or stated number: one who appears on the stage without a speaking part. [L. _supernumerarius_--_super_, over, _numerus_, a number.]

SUPERNUTRITION, s[=u]-p[.e]r-n[=u]-trish'un, _n._ excessive nutrition.

SUPEROCCIPITAL, s[=u]-p[.e]r-ok-sip'e-tal, _adj._ pertaining to the upper part of the occipital lobe of the brain.

SUPEROCTAVE, s[=u]'p[.e]r-ok-t[=a]v, _n._ (_mus._) a coupler in the organ by means of which is sounded an octave higher than the one struck: an organ-stop two octaves above the principal.

SUPEROLATERAL, s[=u]-pe-r[=o]-lat'[.e]r-al, _adj._ situated above and at the side.

SUPERORDER, s[=u]-p[.e]r-or'd[.e]r, _n._ a group in the classifications of natural history above the order but below the class.--_adj._ SUPEROR'DINAL.

SUPERORDINARY, s[=u]-p[.e]r-or'di-n[=a]-ri, _adj._ above the ordinary.

SUPERORDINATION, s[=u]-p[.e]r-or-di-n[=a]'shun, _n._ the ordination of a successor by an ecclesiastic: (_logic_) the relation of a universal proposition to a particular proposition in the same terms.--_adj._ SUPEROR'DINATE.

SUPERORGANIC, s[=u]-p[.e]r-or-gan'ik, _adj._ not dependent on organisation, psychical, spiritual: social.

SUPERPARASITISM, s[=u]-p[.e]r-par'a-s[=i]t-izm, _n._ the infestation of parasites by other parasites.--_n._ S[=U]'PERPARASITE, the parasite of a parasite.--_adj._ SUPERPARASIT'IC.

SUPERPHOSPHATE, s[=u]-p[.e]r-fos'f[=a]t, _n._ a phosphate containing the greatest amount of phosphoric acid that can combine with the base.

SUPERPHYSICAL, s[=u]-p[.e]r-fiz'i-kal, _adj._ superorganic, psychical.

SUPERPOSE, s[=u]-p[.e]r-p[=o]z', _v.t._ to place over or upon.--_adjs._ SUPERP[=O]'SABLE; SUPERPOSED'.--_n._ SUPERPOSI'TION, act of superposing: state of being superposed: that which is above anything.

SUPERPRAISE, s[=u]-p[.e]r-pr[=a]z', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to praise excessively.

SUPER-ROYAL, s[=u]-p[.e]r-roi'al, _adj._ larger than royal, denoting a size of paper, 19 27 in. for writing and drawing paper, 20 27 in. for printing-paper.

SUPERSACRAL, s[=u]-p[.e]r-s[=a]'kral, _adj._ situated on or over the sacrum.

SUPERSALT, s[=u]'p[.e]r-sawlt, _n._ a salt having a greater number of equivalents of acid than base.

SUPERSATURATE, s[=u]-p[.e]r-sat'[=u]-r[=a]t, _v.t._ to saturate beyond the normal point.--_n._ SUPERSATUR[=A]'TION.

SUPERSCRIBE, s[=u]-p[.e]r-skr[=i]b', _v.t._ to write or engrave over, on the outside or top: to write the name on the outside or cover of.--_ns._ S[=U]'PERSCRIPT, SUPERSCRIP'TION, act of superscribing: that which is written or engraved above or on the outside. [L. _super_, above, _scrib[)e]re_, _scriptum_, to write.]

SUPERSEDE, s[=u]-p[.e]r-s[=e]d', _v.t._ to take the place of another by reason of superior right, power, &c.: to make useless by superior power: to come in the room of, to replace: to displace, set aside, render unnecessary.--_ns._ SUPERS[=E]'DEAS, a writ to stay proceedings, or to suspend the powers of an officer in certain cases; SUPERS[=E]'DENCE, SUPERS[=E]'DURE, SUPERSES'SION, a setting aside, the act of superseding; SUPERSED[=E]'RE (_Scots law_), a private agreement among creditors, under a trust-deed, to supersede or sist diligence for a certain period: an order of court granting protection to a debtor. [L. _super_, above, _sed[=e]re_, _sessum_, to sit.]

SUPERSENSIBLE, s[=u]-p[.e]r-sen'si-bl, _adj._ above the range of the senses, spiritual.--_adv._ SUPERSEN'SIBLY.--_adj._ SUPERSEN'SITIVE, excessively sensitive.--_n._ SUPERSEN'SITIVENESS.--_adjs._ SUPERSEN'SORY, SUPERSEN'SUAL, beyond the senses.

SUPERSERVICEABLE, s[=u]-p[.e]r-s[.e]rv'is-a-bl, _adj._ (_Shak._) doing more than required, over-officious.

SUPERSOLAR, s[=u]-p[.e]r-s[=o]'lar, _adj._ above the sun.

SUPERSTITION, s[=u]-p[.e]r-stish'un, _n._ excessive reverence or fear, based on ignorance: excessive exactness in religious opinions or practice: false worship or religion: an ignorant and irrational belief in supernatural agency, omens, divination, sorcery, &c.: belief in what is absurd, without evidence: rites or practices proceeding from superstitious belief or fear: over-nicety, exactness too scrupulous or morbid.--_adj._ SUPERSTI'TIOUS, pertaining to, or proceeding from, superstition: over-exact.--_adv._ SUPERSTI'TIOUSLY.--_n._ SUPERSTI'TIOUSNESS. [L.

_superstitio_, excessive religious belief--_super_, over, above, _statum_, _sist[)e]re_--_st[=a]re_, to stand.]

SUPERSTRATUM, s[=u]-p[.e]r-str[=a]'tum, _n._ a stratum or layer situated above another.

SUPERSTRUCTURE, s[=u]-p[.e]r-strukt'[=u]r, _n._ a structure above or on something else: anything erected on a foundation--also SUPERSTRUC'TION.--_adjs._ SUPERSTRUCT'IVE, SUPERSTRUCT'[=U]RAL.

SUPERSUBTLE, s[=u]-p[.e]r-sut'l, _adj._ over-subtle.--_adj._ SUPERSUBT'ILISED, subtilised or refined to excess.--_n._ SUPERSUBT'LETY, excessive subtlety, over-nicety.

SUPERTONIC, s[=u]-p[.e]r-ton'ik, _n._ (_mus._) the tone in a scale next above the tonic or keynote.

SUPERVENE, s[=u]-p[.e]r-v[=e]n', _v.i._ to come in addition, or closely after: to occur, take place.--_adj._ SUPERV[=E]'NIENT, coming above, as something additional.--_n._ SUPERVEN'TION, act of supervening or taking place. [L. _super_, above, _ven[=i]re_, _ventum_, come.]

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