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SUMPTUOUS, sumpt'[=u]-us, _adj._ costly: magnificent.--_ns._ SUMPT[=U]OS'ITY, SUMPT'[=U]OUSNESS.--_adv._ SUMPT'[=U]OUSLY. [L.

_sumptuosus_, costly--_sumptus_, cost.]

SUN, sun, _n._ the body which is the source of light and heat to our planetary system: a body which forms the centre of a system of orbs: that which resembles the sun in brightness or value: the sunshine: a revolution of the earth round the sun, a year: sunrise, day: (_her._) a bearing representing the sun.--_v.t._ to expose to the sun's rays.--_v.i._ to become warm in the sunshine:--_pr.p._ sun'ning; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ sunned.--_n._ SUN'BEAM, a beam or ray of the sun.--_adjs._ SUN'-BEAT, -EN, smitten by the rays of the sun.--_ns._ SUN'-BIRD, a family of small tropical birds, the male with resplendent metallic plumage; SUN'-BITT'ERN, a South American bird about the size of a small curlew, long-legged and long-necked, with brilliant many-coloured markings; SUN'-BONN'ET, a light bonnet projecting beyond the face to protect from the sun; SUN'BOW, an iris formed by the sun, esp. in the spray of a cataract; SUN'BURN, a burning or scorching by the sun, esp. the browning of the skin of the face, hands, &c.

exposed to the sun.--_adjs._ SUN'BURNED, SUN'BURNT, burned or discoloured by the sun.--_n._ SUN'BURST, a strong outburst of sunlight.--_adj._ SUN'-CLAD, clothed in radiant light.--_ns._ SUN'-CRACK, one of the superficial markings frequently seen on the surfaces of thin-bedded flagstones and argillaceous sandstones; SUN'DAWN, the light of the dawning sun; SUN'DEW, a plant of the genus Drosera, found in bogs and moist heathy ground; SUN'-D[=I]'AL, an instrument for measuring time by means of the motion of the sun's shadow cast by a style erected on its surface; SUN'-DOG, a mock sun or parhelion; SUN'DOWN, sunset: a hat with a wide brim to shade the eyes; SUN'DOWNER, in Australia, a loafer who saunters from station to station in the interior, arriving about sundown in the hope of getting free rations and lodging for the night: a physician in government employment who practises for private fees after his official hours.--_adj._ SUN'-DRIED, dried by exposure to the sun.--_ns._ SUN'-FISH, a fish whose body resembles the forepart of a larger fish cut short off, supposed to be so called from its nearly circular form; SUN'FLOWER, a plant so called from its flower, which is a large disc with yellow rays; SUN'GOD, the sun considered as a deity; SUN'HAT, a light hat with wide brim to shade the face from the sun.--_adj._ SUN'LESS, without the sun: deprived of the sun or its rays: shaded: dark.--_ns._ SUN'LESSNESS; SUN'LIGHT, the light of the sun.--_adjs._ SUN'LIKE, like the sun; SUN'LIT, lighted up by the sun.--_n._ SUN'-MYTH, a solar myth (see SOLAR).--_p.adj._ SUNNED, exposed to the sun.--_n._ SUN'NINESS.--_adj._ SUN'NY, pertaining to, coming from, or like the sun: exposed to, warmed, or coloured by the sun's rays.--_ns._ SUN'-PICT'URE, -PRINT, a photograph; SUN'RISE, SUN'RISING, the rising or first appearance of the sun above the horizon: the time of this rising: the east; SUN'SET, SUN'SETTING, the setting or going down of the sun: the west; SUN'SHADE, a ladies' parasol: an awning; SUN'SHINE, the shining light of the sun: the place on which it shines: warmth.--_adjs._ SUN'SHINE, SUN'SHINY, bright with sunshine: pleasant: bright like the sun; SUN'-SMITT'EN, smitten by the rays of the sun.--_ns._ SUN'SPOT, one of the dark irregular spots appearing on the surface of the sun; SUN'STONE, aventurine feldspar.--_adj._ SUN'-STRICK'EN.--_n._ SUN'STROKE, a nervous disease, from exposure to the sun.--_adv._ SUN'WARD, toward the sun.--_ns._ SUN'-WOR'SHIP, adoration of the sun; SUN'-WOR'SHIPPER.--BE IN THE SUNSHINE, HAVE THE SUN IN ONE'S EYES, to be in liquor, to be drunk; TAKE THE SUN, to ascertain the latitude from the sun; UNDER THE SUN, in the world, on earth.

[A.S. _sunne_; Ice. _sunna_, Ger. _sunne_.]

SUNDARI, sun'da-ri, _n._ a tree abundant in Burma and Borneo, with dark durable timber.--Also SUN'DRA-TREE, SUN'DER-TREE.

SUNDAY, sun'd[=a], _n._ the first day of the week, so called because anciently dedicated to the sun or its worship.--_ns._ SUN'DAY-BEST, one's best clothes; SUN'DAY-SAINT, one whose religion is confined to Sundays; SUN'DAY-SCHOOL, a school for religious instruction for children, held on Sunday. [A.S. _sunnan daeg_; Ger. _sonntag_.]

SUNDER, sun'd[.e]r, _v.t._ to separate: to divide.--_ns._ SUN'DERANCE; SUN'DERMENT.--IN SUNDER (_B._), asunder. [A.S. _syndrian_, to separate--_sundor_, separate; Ice. _sundr_, asunder.]

SUNDRY, sun'dri, _adj._ separate: more than one or two: several: SUN'DRIES, sundry things: different small things.--ALL AND SUNDRY, all collectively and individually.

SUNG, sung, _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ of _sing_.

SUNK, sungk, SUNKEN, sungk'n, _pa.p._ of _sink_.

SUNKET, sung'ket, _n._ (_Scot._) a dainty.

SUNN, sun, _n._ an Indian leguminous plant cultivated for the fibre of its bark. [Hind. _san_.]

SUNNITE, sun'[=i]t, _n._ the name commonly given to orthodox Muslims, because in their rule of faith and manners the _Sunna_, or traditional teaching of the prophet, is added to the Koran.--Also SONN'ITE.

SUP, sup, _v.t._ to take into the mouth, as a liquid: (_Scot._) to eat with a spoon.--_v.i._ to eat the evening meal: (_B._) to sip:--_pr.p._ sup'ping; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ supped.--_n._ a small mouthful, as of a liquid. [A.S.

_supan_; Ice. _supa_, Ger. _saufen_, to drink.]

SUPAWN, su-pan', _n._ mush, or Indian meal boiled in water, eaten with milk.--Also SUPPAWN', SEPAWN', SEPON'. [Amer. Ind.]

SUPE, s[=u]p, _n._ (_U.S._) a theatrical super: a toady.

SUPER, s[=u]'p[.e]r, _n._ a supernumerary actor.

SUPERABLE, s[=u]'p[.e]r-a-bl, _adj._ capable of being overcome.--_n._ S[=U]'PERABLENESS.--_adv._ S[=U]'PERABLY.

SUPERABUNDANT, s[=u]-p[.e]r-ab-und'ant, _adj._ abundant to excess: more than enough: copious.--_v.i._ SUPERABOUND', to abound exceedingly: to be more than enough.--_n._ SUPERABUND'ANCE.--_adv._ SUPERABUND'ANTLY.

SUPERACIDULATED, s[=u]-p[.e]r-a-sid'[=u]-l[=a]-ted, _adj._ acidulated to excess.

SUPERADD, s[=u]-p[.e]r-ad', _v.t._ to add over and above.--_n._ SUPERADDI'TION.

SUPERALTAR, s[=u]'p[.e]r-awlt-ar, _n._ a small slab of stone used as a portable altar, to be laid on the top of an unconsecrated altar.

SUPERANGELIC, s[=u]-p[.e]r-an-jel'ik, _adj._ more than angelic.

SUPERANNUATE, s[=u]-p[.e]r-an'[=u]-[=a]t, _v.t._ to impair or disqualify by living beyond the years of service or by old age: to pension on account of old age or infirmity.--_v.i._ to become incapacitated by long service.--_n._ SUPERANNU[=A]'TION, state of being superannuated: the allowance granted in consideration of such. [L. _super_, above, _annus_, a year.]

SUPERATION, s[=u]-pe-r[=a]'shun, _n._ the apparent passing of one planet by another in longitude: the act of surmounting.

SUPERB, s[=u]-p[.e]rb', _adj._ proud: magnificent: stately: elegant: showy: (_coll._) first-class, very good.--_adv._ SUPERB'LY.--_n._ SUPERB'NESS, the state of being superb. [L. _superbus_, proud--_super_, above.]

SUPERCALENDERED, s[=u]-p[.e]r-kal'en-derd, _adj._ denoting paper of a very high degree of polish due to several courses of rolling.

SUPERCALLOSAL, s[=u]-p[.e]r-ka-l[=o]'sal, _adj._ lying above the corpus callosum, specifying a fissure or sulcus of the median aspect of the cerebrum.

SUPERCANOPY, s[=u]-p[.e]r-kan'[=o]-pi, _n._ an upper arch or gable above a lesser or lower one.

SUPERCARGO, s[=u]-p[.e]r-kar'go, _n._ a person in a merchant-ship placed in charge of the cargo and superintending all the commercial transactions of the voyage.--_n._ SUPERCAR'GOSHIP.

SUPERCELESTIAL, s[=u]-p[.e]r-sel-est'yal, _adj._ situated above the firmament or vault of heaven.

SUPERCHARGE, s[=u]'p[.e]r-charj, _n._ (_her._) a charge borne upon an ordinary or other charge.

SUPERCILIOUS, s[=u]-p[.e]r-sil'i-us, _adj._ lofty with pride: disdainful: dictatorial: overbearing.--_adj._ SUPERCIL'IARY, above the eyebrow.--_adv._ SUPERCIL'IOUSLY.--_n._ SUPERCIL'IOUSNESS. [L.

_superciliosus_--_supercilium_, an eyebrow--_super_, above, _cilium_, eyelid.]

SUPERCRETACEOUS, s[=u]-p[.e]r-kr[=e]-t[=a]'shus, _adj._ (_geol._) lying above the chalk.

SUPERDAINTY, s[=u]-p[.e]r-d[=a]n'ti, _adj._ (_Shak._) over-dainty.

SUPERDOMINANT, s[=u]-p[.e]r-dom'i-nant, _n._ (_mus._) the tone just above the dominant, the sixth or submediant.

SUPEREMINENT, s[=u]-p[.e]r-em'i-nent, _adj._ eminent in a superior degree: excellent beyond others.--_n._ SUPEREM'INENCE.--_adv._ SUPEREM'INENTLY.

SUPEREROGATION, s[=u]-p[.e]r-er-[=o]-g[=a]'shun, _n._ doing more than duty requires or is necessary for salvation, hence anything superfluous or uncalled for.--_adjs._ SUPEREROG'ATIVE, SUPEREROG'ATORY (SUPERER'OGANT).--WORKS OF SUPEREROGATION (_R.C._), works not absolutely required of each individual for salvation, but which may be done for the sake of greater perfection--affording the church a store of surplus merit, to eke out the deficient merit of others. [L. _super_, above, _erog[=a]re_, _-[=a]tum_, to pay out.]

SUPERESSENTIAL, s[=u]-p[.e]r-e-sen'shal, _adj._ transcending mere being and essence.

SUPEREXALT, s[=u]-p[.e]r-egz-awlt', _v.t._ to exalt to a superior degree.--_n._ SUPEREXALT[=A]'TION.

SUPEREXCELLENT, s[=u]-p[.e]r-ek'sel-lent, _adj._ excellent above others, or in an uncommon degree.--_n._ SUPEREX'CELLENCE.

SUPERFAMILY, s[=u]'p[.e]r-fam-i-li, _n._ a group in classification between a suborder and a family, a group of families.

SUPERFECUNDATION, s[=u]-p[.e]r-fek-un-d[=a]'shun, _n._ the impregnation of two or more ova at the same stage of development by different acts of coition.

SUPERFICIES, s[=u]-p[.e]r-fish'y[=e]z, _n._ the upper face or surface: the outer face or part of a thing.--_adj._ SUPERFI'CIAL, pertaining to, or being on, the surface: shallow: slight: containing only what is apparent and simple: not learned.--_v.t._ SUPERFI'CIALISE, to treat superficially.--_n._ SUPERFI'CIALIST, a person of merely superficial knowledge.--_adv._ SUPERFI'CIALLY.--_ns._ SUPERFI'CIALNESS, SUPERFICIAL'ITY; SUPERFI'CIARY, one possessing a right to what stands on the surface of the lands of another.--_adj._ belonging to the surface: situated on another's land. [L. _super_, above, _facies_, face.]

SUPERFINE, s[=u]'p[.e]r-f[=i]n, _adj._ fine above others: finer than ordinary.--_n._ S[=U]'PERFINENESS.--_adj._ SUPERFIN'ICAL, very finical.

SUPERFLUOUS, s[=u]-p[.e]r'fl[=oo]-us, _adj._ more than enough: unnecessary or useless.--_n._ SUPERFL[=U]'ITY, a superfluous quantity or more than enough: state of being superfluous: superabundance.--_adv._ SUPER'FLUOUSLY.--_ns._ SUPER'FLUOUSNESS, superfluity; S[=U]'PERFLUX (_Shak._), any superfluity. [L. _superfluus_--_super_, above, _flu[)e]re_, to flow.]

SUPERFOETATION, s[=u]-p[.e]r-f[=e]-t[=a]'shun, _n._ the circumstance of two distinct conceptions occurring in the same woman at a considerable interval so that two foetuses of different ages--the offspring possibly of different fathers--may coexist in the uterus--also SUPERFET[=A]'TION.--_vs.i._ SUPERFOE'TATE, SUPERF[=E]'TATE, to conceive after a prior conception.

SUPERFRONTAL, s[=u]-p[.e]r-fron'tal, _adj._ pertaining to the upper part of the frontal lobe of the brain.--_n._ a covering for the top of the altar, generally hanging down all round, and fringed.

SUPERFUNCTION, s[=u]-p[.e]r-fungk'shun, _n._ action of some organ in excess of what is normal.--_adj._ SUPERFUNC'TIONAL.

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