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SPAHI, spa'h[=e], _n._ one of the irregular cavalry of the Turkish armies before the reorganisation of 1836.--Also SPA'HEE. [_Sepoy_.]

SPAIRGE, sp[=a]rj, _v.t._ (_Scot._) a form of _sparge_, to sprinkle.

SPAKE, sp[=a]k, old _pa.t._ of _speak_.

SPALAX, sp[=a]'laks, _n._ the typical genus of mole-rats. [Gr., _spalax_, _sphalax_, a mole.]

SPALE, sp[=a]l, _n._ (_Scot._) a splinter of wood--also SPAIL: in shipbuilding, a temporary brace, cross-band--also SP[=A]'LING.

SPALL, spawl, _n._ (_Spens._) the shoulder.--Also SPALD. [O. Fr.

_espaule_--L. _spatula_, a broad blade.]

SPALL, spawl, _v.t._ and _v.i._ to split, splinter, to chip.--_n._ a chip or splinter thrown off.--_v.t._ and _v.i._ SPALT, to split off splinters.--_adj._ brittle.

SPALPEEN, spal'p[=e]n, _n._ a rascal, a mischievous fellow. [Ir.


SPALT, spalt, _n._ a scaly whitish mineral, used as a flux for metals.

[Ger. _spalt-stein_--_spalten_, to split.]

SPAN, span, _n._ the space from the end of the thumb to the end of the little-finger when the fingers are extended: nine inches: the spread of an arch between its abutments: a space of time, the full duration of anything: extent of stretch, as the spread of a man's arms, in measuring trees, &c.--_v.t._ to measure by spans: to measure: to embrace:--_pr.p._ span'ning; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ spanned.--_ns._ SPAN'-COUN'TER, SPAN'-FAR'THING, a game played by one throwing a coin or counter on the ground, and another trying to throw his so near it that he can span the distance between the two.--_adjs._ SPAN'LESS, that cannot be spanned or measured; SPAN'-LONG, of the length of a span.--_n._ SPAN'NER, one who spans: an iron tool or lever used to tighten the nuts of screws. [A.S.

_span_--_spannan_; Ger. _spanne_--_spannen_.]

SPAN, span, _n._ a yoke of horses or oxen. [Borrowed from Dut.; from the same root as above word.]

SPAN, span, _adv._ wholly--in SPAN'-NEW, SPICK'-AND-SPAN.

SPANCEL, span'sel, _n._ a tether for a cow's legs.--_v.t._ to fasten a cow with such.--_adj._ SPAN'CELED (_her_.), hobbled. [Old Dut. _spansel_.]


SPANDREL, span'drel, _n._ the irregular triangular space between the curve of an arch and the enclosing right angle.--Also SPAN'DRIL. [Ety. dub.; prob. conn. with _span_.]

SPANDY, span'di, _adv._ Same as SPAN (3).

SPANE, SPEAN, sp[=a]n, _v.t._ (_Scot._) to wean. [A.S. _spanan_; Ger.


SPANEMIA, spa-n[=e]'mi-a, _n._ poverty of blood--also SPANae'MIA.--_adjs._ SPAN[=E]'MIC, SPANae'MIC. [Gr. _spanos_, scarce, _haima_, blood.]

SPANG, spang, _n._ a spangle, shining ornament.

SPANG, spang, _v.i._ (_Scot._) to leap.--_v.t._ to set in violent motion, to hurl.--_n._ a springing up: a sudden blow.

SPANGLE, spang'gl, _n._ a small, thin plate or boss of shining metal: anything sparkling and brilliant, like a spangle.--_v.t._ to adorn with spangles.--_v.i._ to glitter.--_adjs._ SPANG'LED, SPANG'LY.--_n._ SPANG'LER. [A.S. _spange_; Ger. _spange_, Ice. _spong_.]

SPANGOLITE, spang'g[=o]-l[=i]t, _n._ a rare mineral found in hexagonal green crystals along with cuprite in Arizona. [Norman _Spang_ of Pittsburg.]

SPANIARD, span'yard, _n._ a native of _Spain_.

SPANIEL, span'yel, _n._ a kind of dog, usually liver-and-white coloured, or black-and-white, with large pendent ears.--_adj._ (_Shak._) like a spaniel, fawning, mean.--_n._ SPAN'IELSHIP, obsequious attention.--BLENHEIM SPANIEL, red-and-white, established by the Duke of Marlborough; CLUMBER SPANIEL, handsome lemon-and-white, short in leg, long in body, with a coat like a setter, and massive head with large, drooping ears; KING CHARLES SPANIEL, black-and-tan, first brought into notice by Charles II.; SUSSEX SPANIEL, like the Clumber, golden-liver or brown. [O. Fr. _espagneul_ (Fr.

_epagneul_)--Sp. _Espanol_, Spanish.]

SPANISH, span'ish, _adj._ of or pertaining to _Spain_.--_n._ the language of Spain.--_n._ SPAN'IARD, a native or citizen of Spain.--SPANISH BAYONET, any one of several species of yucca with straight sword-shaped leaves; SPANISH BROOM, a hardy deciduous Mediterranean shrub with showy yellow fragrant flowers; SPANISH CHALK, a variety of talc; SPANISH CRESS, a species of peppergrass; SPANISH FLY, a blister-beetle, a cantharid possessing a strong blistering principle, cantharidine: a preparation of cantharides used as a vesicant; SPANISH FOWL, a breed of the domestic hen--also _White-faced black Spanish_; SPANISH GRASS, esparto; SPANISH JUICE, extract of liquorice-root; SPANISH MAIN, a name given to the north coast of South America from the Orinoco to Darien, and to the shores of the former Central American provinces of Spain contiguous to the Caribbean Sea--the name is often popularly applied to the Caribbean Sea itself: SPANISH SHEEP, a merino; SPANISH SOAP, Castile soap.--WALK SPANISH, to be compelled to walk on tiptoe through being lifted up by the collar and the seat of the trousers--hence to proceed or act under compulsion.

SPANK, spangk, _v.i._ to move with speed or spirit.--_n._ SPANK'ER, one who walks with long strides: a fast-going horse: any person or thing particularly striking, a dashing person.--_adj._ SPANK'ING, spirited, going freely: striking, beyond expectation, very large. [Cf. Dan. _spanke_, to strut.]

SPANK, spangk, _v.i._ to strike with the flat of the hand, to slap.--_n._ a loud slap, esp. on the backside.

SPANKER, spang'k[.e]r, _n._ the after-sail of a ship or barque, so called from its flapping in the breeze.

SPAN-ROOF, span'-r[=oo]f, _n._ a roof having two equal inclined planes or sides.

SPAR, spar, _n._ a rafter: a general term for masts, yards, booms, and gaffs, &c.--_n._ SPAR'-DECK, the upper deck of a vessel. [The A.S.

_spearra_ is assumed from the verb _sparrian_, to fasten with a bar; cf.

Ice. _sparri_, Dut. _spar_.]

SPAR, spar, _n._ a term applied by miners to any bright crystalline mineral, and adopted by mineralogists in the names of a number of minerals--_calcareous spar_, _fluor spar_, _Iceland spar_, &c.--_adj._ SPAR'RY, resembling spar, spathic. [A.S. _spaer_(_-stan_), gypsum; cf. Ger.


SPAR, spar, _v.i._ to box with the hands: to fight with showy action: to dispute:--_pr.p._ spar'ring; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ sparred.--_n._ a preliminary sparring, boxing-match, or cock-fight.--_ns._ SPAR'RER; SPAR'RING. [O. Fr. _esparer_ (Fr. _eparer_), to kick out, most prob. Teut.; Low Ger. _sparre_, a struggling.]

SPARABLE, spar'a-bl, _n._ a small nail used by shoemakers.--Also SPER'RABLE. [_Sparrow-bill_.]

SPARADRAP, spar'a-drap, _n._ a cerecloth, a plaster. [Fr.]

SPARE, sp[=a]r, _v.t._ to use frugally: to do without: to save from any use: to withhold from: to forbear from harming, to treat tenderly: to part with willingly.--_v.i._ to be frugal: to forbear: to be tender: to be forgiving.--_adj._ sparing: frugal: scanty: lean: superfluous.--_n._ that which has been saved or stored away: in American bowling, a point made by overturning all the pins with the first two balls.--_adv._ SPARE'LY, in a spare manner: sparingly.--_ns._ SPARE'NESS; SP[=A]R'ER, one who spares or avoids expense; SPARE'RIB, a piece of pork consisting of ribs with the meat adhering to them.--_adj._ SP[=A]'RING, scarce: scanty: saving: merciful, forgiving.--_adv._ SP[=A]R'INGLY, frugally: not abundantly: with abstinence: seldom: cautiously.--_n._ SP[=A]R'INGNESS, the quality of being sparing: want of liberality: caution. [A.S. _sparian_, to spare--_spaer_, spare; Ger. _sparlich_, frugal.]

SPARGANIUM, spar-g[=a]'ni-um, _n._ a genus of plants of the order _Typhaceae_:, the bur-reeds. [Gr.]

SPARGE, sparj, _v.t._ to sprinkle--(_Scot._) SPAIRGE.--_n._ SPAR'GER, a sprinkler. [L. _sparg[)e]re_, to sprinkle.]

SPARGOSIS, spar-g[=o]'sis, _n._ great distention of the breasts with milk.--Also SPARGAN[=O]'SIS. [Gr. _sparg[=o]sis_--_spargan_, to swell.]

SPAR-HAWK, spar'-hawk, _n._=_Sparrow-hawk_.

SPARK, spark, _n._ a small ignited particle shot off from a burning body: any small shining body or light: a small portion of anything active or vivid: a gay sprightly person, a lover, a beau.--_v.i._ to emit sparks: to play the gallant.--_adj._ SPARK'ISH, gay, jaunty, showy. [A.S. _spearca_, a spark; Dut. _spark_.]

SPARKE, spark, _n._ (_Spens._) a battle-axe. [Perh. an error for _sparthe_.]

SPARKLE, spark'l, _n._ a little spark: lustre, brilliance: the presence of carbon dioxide, as in a wine, causing effervescence: the emission of sparks.--_v.i._ to emit sparks: to shine, glitter: to effervesce with glittering bubbles, or to contain much carbon dioxide, as certain wines.--_v.t._ to throw out sparklingly.--_n._ SPARK'LER, one who, or that which, sparkles.--_adj._ SPARK'LESS, not giving out sparks.--_adv._ SPARK'LESSLY.--_n._ SPARK'LET, a small spark.--_adj._ SPARK'LING, giving out sparks: glittering: brilliant: lively.--_adv._ SPARK'LINGLY, in a sparkling manner: with vivid and twinkling lustre.--_n._ SPARK'LINGNESS, the quality of being sparkling: vivid and twinkling lustre. [A freq. of _spark_.]

SPARLING, spar'ling, _n._ the smelt.--Also SPIR'LING.

SPARRE, spar, _n._ (_Spens._) a bolt, a bar. [_Spar_.]

SPARRER. See under SPAR (3).

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