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VOLENTE DEO (L.), God willing.

VOLO, NON VALEO (L.), I am willing, but unable.

VOLTO SCIOLTO E PENSIERI STRETTI (It.), countenance open and thoughts closed.

VOUS L'AVEZ VOULU, GEORGE DANDIN! (Fr.), you would have it so! [from Moliere's _George Dandin_].

VOX ET PRaeTEREA NIHIL (L.), a voice and nothing more.

VOX POPULI, VOX DEI (L.), the voice of the people is the voice of God.

VULGO (L.), commonly.

WAHRHEIT UND DICHTUNG (Ger.), truth and poetry.

WANDERJAHRE (Ger.), years of journeymanship.

WELI, WELY (Ar.), a Mohammedan saint.

WELTGEIST (Ger.), the world-spirit.

WELTSCHMERZ (Ger.), world-sorrow: sympathy with universal misery: thorough-going pessimism.

WIENER SCHNITZEL (Ger.), a veal cutlet dressed with bread-crumbs and eggs.

XANTHIPPE (Gr.), a shrewish wife--from the wife of Socrates.

XERAFIN, XERAPHIM (Port.), a silver coin of Goa, worth about 1s. 5d.

XERES (Sp.), wine of Xeres, sherry.

XYSTUM, pl. XYSTA (L.--Gr.), a covered colonnade in a gymnasium, a shaded walk in the garden of a Roman village.

YABOO (Pers.), an Afghan pony.

YAGHOURT, YAOORT (Turk.), a kind of cream cheese.

ZABETA (Ar.), a stated tariff.

ZABTIE, ZAPTIEH (Turk.), a Turkish policeman.

ZAMARRA, ZAMARRO (Sp.), a shepherd's sheepskin coat.

ZECCHIN. See _Sequin_ in Dict.

ZEITGEIST (Ger.), spirit [and tendency] of the times.

ZEITVERTREIB (Ger.), a pastime.

ZIF (Heb.), a Hebrew month, same as _Iyar_, which begins with the new moon of April.

ZIKR (Ar.), a dervishes' circular dance.

ZOLLVEREIN (Ger.), the German Customs-League.

ZONAM PERDIDIT (L.), he has lost his purse, he is in needy circumstances.

ZONUM SOLVERE (L.), to loose the virgin zone.

Z[=O]ON POLITIKON (Gr.), a political animal [said of man].

ZUM BEISPIEL (Ger.), for example, often Z.B.




The MeTRE, the unit of length, is the ten-millionth part of a line drawn from the Pole to the Equator.

1 MeTRE = as above.

1 DeCAMeTRE = 10 metres.

1 HECTOMeTRE = 100 "

1 KILOMeTRE = 1000 "

1 MYRIAMeTRE = 10,000 "

1 DECIMeTRE = 1/10th of a metre.

1 CENTIMeTRE = 1/100th "

1 MILLIMeTRE = 1/1000th "

The Greek prefixes (_deca_, _hecto_, _kilo_, _myria_) denote multiplication.

The Latin prefixes (_deci_, _centi_, _milli_) denote division.


The ARE, the unit of surface measure, is a square the side of which is ten metres long.

1 ARE = 100 Square metres.

1 DECARE = 10 ares.

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