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VALET DE CHAMBRE (Fr.), an attendant: a footman.

VARIae LECTIONES (L.), various readings.

VARIORUM NOTae (L.), the notes of various authors.

VARIUM ET MUTABILE SEMPER FEMINA (L.), woman is ever fickle and changeable.

VAURIEN (Fr.), a worthless fellow, a rogue.

VEDI NAPOLI, E POI MUORI (L.), see Naples, and die.

VENI, VIDI, VICI (L.), I came, I saw, I conquered.

VERA INCESSU PATUIT DEA (L.), the true goddess stood revealed by her gait.

VERBATIM ET LITTERATIM (L.), word for word and letter for letter.

VERBUM SAPIENTI SAT EST (L.), a word is enough for a wise man--often abbrev. _verb. sap._ and _verb. sat._

VERITAS ODIUM PARIT (L.), truth begets hatred.

VERSUS OR V. (L.), against: toward.

VESTIGIA (L.), tracks: vestiges.

VESTIGIA NULLA RETRORSUM (L.), no footprints backwards [at the lion's den]: no going back.

VEXATA QUaeSTIO (L.), a disputed question.

VIa (L.), by way of.

VIA MEDIA (L.), a middle course.

VIA TRITA, VIA TUTA (L.), the beaten path is the safe path.

VICE (L.), in the place of.

VICE VERSa (L.), the terms being exchanged.

VIDELICET (L.), to wit, namely; usually shortened into VIZ.

VIDEO MELIORA PROBOQUE, DETERIORA SEQUOR (L.), I see the better course and approve it, I follow the worse.

VI ET ARMIS (L.), by force and arms: by main force.

VIGILATE ET ORATE (L.), watch and pray.

VIRES ACQUIRIT EUNDO (L.), it gains strength as it goes.

VIRGILIUM VIDI TANTUM (L.), I just saw Virgil [and no more].

VIRGINIBUS PUERISQUE (L.), for maidens and boys--for the young person.

VIRTUS POST NUMMOS (L.), virtue after money--i.e. money first.

VIRTUTE OFFICII (Late L.), by virtue of office.

VIS A TERGO (L.), compulsion from behind.

VIS-a-VIS (Fr.), opposite: facing.

VIS COMICA (L.), comic power.

VIS INERTIae (L.), the power of inertia: passive resistance.

VITA BREVIS, ARS LONGA (L.), life is short, art is long.

VITA PATRIS (L.), or V.P., in the father's lifetime.

VITA SINE LITTERIS MORS EST (L.), life without literature is death.

VIVAT REGINA! (L.), long live the queen!

VIVAT REX! (L.), long live the king!

VIVa VOCE (L.), by the living voice: by oral testimony.

VIVE LA BAGATELLE! (quasi-French), long live folly!

VIVE LA RePUBLIQUE! (Fr.), long live the republic!

VIVE L'EMPEREUR! (Fr.), long live the emperor!

VIVE UT VIVAS (L.), live that you may live.

VIVE, VALEQUE! (L.), life and health to you!

VIXERE FORTES ANTE AGAMEMNONA (L.), brave heroes lived before Agamemnon.

VOGUE LA GALeRE! (Fr.), forward, come what may!

VOILa (Fr.), behold: there is, or there are.

VOILa TOUT (Fr.), that is all.

VOITURE (Fr.), a carriage.

VOLAGE (Fr.), flighty, fickle, giddy.

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