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MA CHeRE (Fr.), my dear (fem.).

MA FOI (Fr.), upon my faith.

MAGNA EST VERITAS ET PRaeVALEBIT (L.), truth is great and will prevail [better, ET PREVALET, and prevails].

MAGNI NOMINIS UMBRA (L.), the mere shadow of a mighty name.

MAGNUM BONUM (L.), a great good.

MAGNUM OPUS (L.), a great work.

MAISON DO VILLE (Fr.), a town-house.

MAiTRE D'HoTEL (Fr.), a house-steward, a hotel-keeper.

MALADIE DU PAYS (Fr.), home-sickness.

MALa FIDE (L.), with bad faith: treacherously.

MAL a PROPOS (Fr.), ill-timed.

MAL DE MER (Fr.), sea-sickness.

MALENTENDU (Fr.), a misunderstanding.

MALGRe NOUS (Fr.), in spite of us.

MANDAMUS (L.), we command: a writ or command issued by a higher court to a lower.

MARIAGE DE CONVENANCE (Fr.), marriage from interest rather than love.

MASSILIA (L.), Marseilles.

MATERFAMILIAS (L.), the mother of a family.

MATERIA MEDICA (L.), medicines collectively: all substances used as remedies: the science of their properties and use.

MATeRIEL (Fr.), materials, esp. the baggage and munitions of an army.

MATINeE (Fr.), a morning recital or performance.

MATRE PULCHRa FILIA PULCHRIOR (L.), a daughter fairer than her fair mother.

MAUVAISE HONTE (Fr.), false modesty, bashfulness.

MAUVAIS SUJET (Fr.), a bad subject: a worthless fellow;--MAUVAIS TON (Fr.), bad style, bad form.

MAXIMA DEBETUR PUERO REVERENTIA (L.), the greatest reverence is due to the boy--i.e. to the innocence of his age.

MEa CULPa (Late L.), by my own fault.

MEA VIRTUTE ME INVOLVO (L.), I wrap myself in my virtue [as in a cloak].

MEDEN AGAN! (Gr.), [let there be] nothing in excess!


MEDIO TUTISSIMUS IBIS (L.), thou wilt go safest in the middle.

MEGA BIBLION, MEGA KAKON (Gr.), big book, great evil.

ME JUDICE (L.), I being judge, in my opinion.

MeLANGE (Fr.), a mixture: coffee with milk.

MeLeE (Fr.), a confused scuffle: a hot debate.

MEMENTO MORI (L.), remember that you must die.

MEMORABILIA (L.), things to be remembered.

MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO (L.), a sound mind in a sound body.

MENS SIBI CONSCIA RECTI (L.), a mind conscious of rectitude.

MEO PERICULO (L.), at my own risk.

MERUM SAL (L.), pure salt, genuine Attic wit.

MeSALLIANCE (Fr.), marriage with one of lower station.

MESQUIN, fem. MESQUINE (Fr.), mean;--MESQUINERIE, meanness.

MESSIEURS (Fr.), sirs, gentlemen.

MEUM ET TUUM (L.), mine and thine.

MIRABILE DICTU (L.), wonderful to tell.

MIRABILE VISU (L.), wonderful to see.

MIRABILIA (L.), wonders.

MISE EN SCeNE (Fr.), the get-up for the stage.

MODUS (L.), manner, mode.

MODUS OPERANDI (L.), plan of working: mode of operation;--MODUS VIVENDI, a way or mode of living: an arrangement or compromise by means of which persons or parties differing greatly are enabled to get on together for a time.

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