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SESTOLE, ses't[=o]l, _n._ (_mus_.) same as _Sextuplet_ (q.v.).--Also SES'TOLET.

SET, set, _v.t._ to make to sit: to place: to fix: to put in a condition for use, to make ready, to arrange, prepare, furnish, draw up: to render motionless: to determine beforehand: to obstruct: to plant, place so as to promote growth: to place a brooding fowl on a nest containing eggs: to fix in metal: to put and fix in its proper place, as a broken limb, &c.: to assign, as a price: to sharpen: to spread, as sails: to pitch, as a tune: to adapt music to: to frame, mount, or adorn with something fixed: to stud: to point, as a dog: to accompany part or the whole of the way: (_Scot._) to let to a tenant: to compose, put into type: (_prov._) to become, as a dress, &c.--_v.i._ to sink below the horizon: to decline: to become fixed: to congeal: to begin the growth of fruit: to have a certain direction in motion: to acquire a set or bend: to point out game: to apply (one's self):--_pr.p._ set'ting; _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ set.--_n._ SET'-BACK, a check to progress: an overflow.--_adj._ SET-BY' (_Scot._), proud, reserved.--_ns._ SET'-DOWN, a rebuke, snubbing; SET'-OFF, a claim set up against another: a counterbalance: an ornament; SET'-OUT, preparations: a display of dishes, dress, &c.: a company, clique; SET'-TO, a conflict in boxing, argument, &c.; SET'-UP, bearing of a person.--_adj._ hilarious, tipsy.--SET ABOUT, to begin; SET ABROACH, to tap and leave running: to give publicity to; SET AGAINST, to oppose; SET AGOING, to make begin to move; SET APART, to separate from the rest, to reserve: (_B._) to promote; SET ASIDE, to put away, to omit or reject; SET AT EASE, to quiet, content; SET AT NAUGHT (see NAUGHT); SET AT WORK, to put to a task; SET BEFORE, to put in front of one; SET BY, to put aside: (_B._) to value or esteem; SET BY THE COMPASS, to note the bearing by the compass; SET DOWN, to lay on the ground: to put down in writing: to fix in one's mind: to attribute, charge: to lay down authoritatively: to give a severe rebuke to; SET EYES ON, to see, fix one's eyes on; SET FORTH, to exhibit, display: to praise, recommend: to publish: (_B._) to set off to advantage: to set out on a journey; SET FORWARD (_B._), to further, promote; SET FREE, to release, put at liberty; SET IN, to put in the way: to begin; SET IN ORDER, to adjust or arrange; SET LITTLE, MUCH, &c., BY, to regard, esteem little, much, &c.; SET OFF, to adorn: to place against as an equivalent; SET ON (_B._), to attack; SET ON, or upon, to instigate: to employ: to fix upon: (_B._) to attack; SET ONE'S FACE, to turn one's self resolutely towards; SET ONE'S HAND TO, to sign; SET ONE'S SELF, to bend one's energies toward anything; SET ONE'S SELF AGAINST, to discountenance, oppose; SET ONE'S TEETH, to set one's teeth together, as in a strong resolution; SET ON FIRE, to apply fire; SET ON FOOT, to set agoing, to start; SET OUT, to mark off, to assign: (_Bacon_) to publish, to adorn: to equip, to furnish: to recommend: to prove: to start; SET OVER, to appoint as ruler over; SET SAIL (see SAIL); SET THE FASHION, to lead or establish the fashion; SET THE TEETH ON EDGE (see EDGE); SET TO, to affix: to apply one's self; SET UP, to erect, to exalt: to begin: to enable to begin: to place in view: (_print._) to put in type: to begin a new course: to make pretensions. [A.S. _settan_; cog.

with Ger. _setzen_, Ice. _setja_, Goth. _satjan_; _settan_ is the weak causative of _sittan_, to sit.]

SET, set, _adj._ fixed: firm: determined: regular: established: having reached the full growth: (_B._) seated.--_n._ a number of things similar or suited to each other, set or used together: a group of games played together: the full number of eggs set under a hen: the couples that take part in a square dance, also the movements in a country-dance or quadrille: a number of persons associated: direction, drift, tendency: act of setting: a young plant ready for setting out, a cutting, slip: the appearance of young oysters in a district in any season: a mine or set of mines on lease, a distance set off for excavation, a system of pumps in a mine (also SETT): a tool for dressing forged iron: any permanent change of shape or bias of mind: fit, way in which a dress hangs: the pattern of a tartan, &c.: bearing, carriage, build.--_n._ SET'-SQUARE, a triangular piece of wood having one of its angles a right angle, used in mechanical drawing.--SET FAIR, a barometric indication of steady, fair weather; SET PIECE, a piece of theatrical scenery with a supporting framework, as distinguished from a side-scene or drop-scene; SET SPEECH, a speech carefully premeditated.

SETA, s[=e]'ta, _n._ a bristle, stiff hair, a prickle.--_adj._ S[=E]T[=A]'CEOUS, consisting of bristles: bristle-shaped.--_n._ SET[=A]'RIA, a genus of grasses with flat leaves and tail-like bristly spikes.--_adjs._ S[=E]TIF'EROUS; S[=E]'TIFORM, having the form of a bristle; S[=E]TIG'EROUS (tij'), bearing bristles; S[=E]TIP'AROUS, producing bristles; S[=E]TOSE', S[=E]'TOUS, bristly. [L. _seta_, a bristle.]

SETON, s[=e]'tn, _n._ (_surg._) an artificially produced _sinus_ or channel, through which some substance, as a skein of cotton or silk, or a long flat piece of india-rubber or gutta-percha, is passed so as to excite suppuration, and to keep the artificially formed openings patent: also the inserted material. [Fr. _seton_ (It. _setone_)--Low L. _seto_--L. _seta_, a bristle.]

SETTEE, se-t[=e]', _n._ a long seat with a back, esp. a sofa for two.

[Prob. a variant of _settle_ (3).]

SETTEE, se-t[=e]', _n._ a single-decked Mediterranean vessel with long prow and lateen sails. [Prob. It. _saettia_.]

SETTER, set'[.e]r, _n._ one who sets, as music to words: a dog which crouches when it scents the game: one who finds out the victims for thieves.--SETTER FORTH, one who proclaims or promotes anything; SETTER OFF, one who decorates; SETTER ON, an instigator; SETTER OUT, one who expounds; SETTER UP, one who establishes.

SETTER, set'[.e]r, _v.t._ (_prov._) to cut an ox's dewlap, and treat with a seton.--_ns._ SETT'ERING, the foregoing process; SETT'ER-WORT, the fetid hellebore.

SETTIMA, set'ti-ma, _n._ (_mus._) the interval of a seventh--(_obs._) SET'TIMO. [It.,--L. _septem_.]

SETTING, set'ing, _n._ act of setting: direction of a current of wind: the hardening of plaster: that which holds, as the mounting of a jewel: the mounting of a play, &c., for the stage: act of adapting to music.

SETTLE, set'l, _v.t._ to set or place in a fixed state: to fix: to establish in a situation or business: to render quiet, clear, &c.: to decide: to free from uncertainty: to quiet: to compose: to fix by gift or legal act: to adjust: to liquidate or pay: to colonise.--_v.i._ to become fixed or stationary: to fix one's residence or habits of life (often with _down_): to grow calm or clear: to sink by its own weight: to sink to the bottom: to cease from agitation.--_adj._ SETT'LED, fixed, firmly seated or decided: quiet, sober.--_ns._ SETT'LEDNESS; SETT'LEMENT, act of settling: state of being settled: payment: arrangement: a colony newly settled: a subsidence or sinking of a wall, &c.: a sum newly settled on a woman at her marriage; SETT'LER, one who settles: a colonist; SETT'LING, the act of making a settlement: the act of subsiding: the adjustment of differences: sediment: dregs; SETT'LING-DAY, a date fixed by the Stock Exchange for the completion of transactions--in consols, once a month; in all other stocks, twice a month, each settlement occupying three days (_contango-day_, _name-day_, and _pay-day_). [A.S. _setlan_, to fix--_setl_, a seat.]

SETTLE, set'l, _v.t._ to decide, conclude: to fix, appoint: regulate: to pay, balance: to restore to good order.--_v.i._ to adjust differences or accounts: to meet one's pecuniary obligations fully. [A.S. _sahtlian_, to reconcile, _saht_, reconciliation--_sacan_, to contend. Confused in both form and meaning with the preceding.]

SETTLE, set'l, _n._ a long high-backed bench for sitting on: (_B._) also, a platform lower than another part.--_n._ SETT'LE-BED, a bed which is folded or shut up so as to form a seat by day. [A.S. _setl_--_sittan_, to sit; Ger. _sessel_.]

SETULE, set'[=u]l, _n._ a setula or little bristle.--_adjs._ SET'[=U]LIFORM, SET'[=U]LOSE.

SETWALL, set'wawl, _n._ the common European valerian. [O. Fr.

_citoual_--Low L. _zedoaria_--Pers. _zadwar_.]

SETWORK, set'wurk, _n._ in plastering, two-coat work on lath: boat-building in which the strakes are placed edge to edge and secured by inside battens.

SEVEN, sev'n, _adj._ and _n._ six and one.--_adj._ SEV'EN-FOLD, folded seven times: multiplied seven times.--_n._ SEV'EN-NIGHT, seven days and nights: a week, the time from one day of the week to the same again--also contr. SENNIGHT (sen'n[=i]t).--_adj._ SEV'ENTH, last of seven, next after the sixth.--_n._ one of seven equal parts.--_adv._ SEV'ENTHLY.--SEVEN CARDINAL, CHIEF, or PRINCIPAL VIRTUES (see CARDINAL); SEVEN CHAMPIONS OF CHRISTENDOM, St George for England, St Andrew for Scotland, St Patrick for Ireland, St David for Wales, St Denis for France, St James for Spain, St Anthony for Italy; SEVEN DEADLY SINS, pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth; SEVEN DOLOURS OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY (see DOLOUR); SEVEN FREE ARTS (see ARTS); SEVEN GIFTS OF THE HOLY GHOST, wisdom, understanding, counsel, ghostly strength or fortitude, knowledge, godliness, and the fear of the Lord; SEVEN SAGES, or wise men, Solon of Athens, Thales of Miletus, Pittacus of Mitylene, Bias of Priene in Caria, Chilon of Sparta, Cleobulus tyrant of Lindus in Rhodes, and Periander tyrant of Corinth; SEVEN SLEEPERS, seven Christian youths at Ephesus who took refuge in a cave about 250 A.D. in the persecution of Decius, were walled up by their pursuers, fell into a deep sleep, and only awoke in 447 under Theodosius II.; SEVEN STARS, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn: the constellation Ursa Major: the Pleiades; SEVEN WISE MASTERS, the most common title given to a famous medieval collection of stories grouped round a central story of the birth, education, and trials of a young prince. Accused like Joseph, he is sentenced to death, but each one of the seven viziers gains a day, out of the fated seven during which the prince may not open his mouth, by two tales against women. At the end of the seventh day the prince is free to speak, and quickly clears his character; SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD, the Pyramids of Egypt, the Hanging (i.e. terraced) Gardens of Babylon, the Temple of Diana at Ephesus, the Statue of Jupiter at Athens by Phidias, the Mausoleum, erected by Artemisia at Halicarnassus, the Colossus at Rhodes, and the Pharos of Alexandria; SEVEN YEARS' WAR (1756-63), the third and severest struggle for the possession of Silesia between Frederick the Great and the Empress Maria Theresa, together with the allies on both sides; it gave Silesia to Frederick, and to England the mastery of North America and India. [A.S.

_seofon_; Dut. _zeven_, Ger. _sieben_, Goth. _sibun_, Gr. _hepta_, L.


SEVENTEEN, sev'n-t[=e]n, _adj._ and _n._ seven and ten.--_adj._ and _n._ SEV'ENTEENTH, the seventh after the tenth. [A.S. _seofontiene_--_seofon_, _tien_, ten.]

SEVENTY, sev'n-ti, _adj._ and _n._ seven times ten.--_adj._ SEV'ENTIETH, last of seventy: the ordinal of 70.--_n._ a seventieth part.--THE SEVENTY, the Jewish sanhedrim: the disciples sent out in Luke x.: the authors of the Septuagint--often LXX. [A.S. _seofontig_--_seofon_, seven; Dut. _zeventig_, Ger. _siebenzig_.]

SEVER, sev'[.e]r, _v.t._ to separate with violence: to cut apart: to divide: (_B._) to keep distinct.--_v.i._ to make a separation, to act independently: to be rent asunder.--_adj._ SEV'ERABLE.--_n._ SEV'ERANCE, act of severing: separation. [Fr. _sevrer_, to wean--L. _separ[=a]re_, to separate.]

SEVERAL, sev'[.e]r-al, _adj._ distinct: particular: different: various: consisting of a number: sundry.--_n._ a woman's loose outer garment, capable of being worn as a shawl, or in other forms.--_adv._ SEV'ERALLY.--_n._ SEV'ERALTY, sole tenancy of property. [O. Fr.,--L.

_separ[=a]re_, to separate.]

SEVERE, s[=e]-v[=e]r', _adj._ serious: grave: austere: strict: not mild: strictly adhering to rule: free from florid ornamentation, simple: sharp: distressing: inclement: searching: difficult to be endured.--_adv._ S[=E]V[=E]RE'LY.--_ns._ S[=E]V[=E]RE'NESS; S[=E]VER'ITY, quality of being severe: gravity: harshness: exactness: inclemency. [Fr. _severe_--L.


SeVRES, s[=a]'vr, _n._ Sevres porcelain.

SEW, s[=o], _v.t._ to join or fasten together with a needle and thread.--_v.i._ to practise sewing.--_ns._ SEW'ER; SEW'ING; SEW'ING-COTT'ON, cotton thread for sewing; SEW'ING-MACHINE', a machine for sewing and stitching upon cloth, leather, &c., operated by any power.--SEW UP ONE'S STOCKING, to put one to silence.--BE SEWED, or SEWED UP, to be stranded, of a ship: (_coll._) to be brought to a stand-still, to be ruined: to be tipsy. [A.S. _siwian_, _seowian_; Old High Ger. _siwan_, Goth. _siujan_.]

SEW, s[=u], _v.t._ (_Spens._) to follow, to solicit. [_Sue_.]

SEWEL, s[=u]'el, _n._ a scarecrow.--Also SHEW'EL. [Prob. related to _shy_.]

SEWER, s[=u]'[.e]r, _n._ an officer who set down and removed the dishes at a feast. [O. Fr. _asseour_--_asseoir_, to set down--L. _ad_, to, _sed[=e]re_, to sit. Skeat makes it from M. E. _sewen_, to set meat, _sew_, pottage--A.S. _seaw_, juice.]

SEWER, s[=u]'[.e]r, _n._ an underground passage for draining off water and filth.--_ns._ SEW'AGE, refuse carried off by sewers; SEW'ERAGE, the whole sewers of a city: drainage by sewers; SEW'ER-GAS, the contaminated air of sewers.--OPEN SEWER, a sewer of which the channel is exposed to the air.

[O. Fr. _seuwiere_, a canal--L. _ex_, out, _aqua_, water.]

SEX, seks, _n._ the distinction between male and female: the characteristics by which an animal or plant is male or female, gender: the female sex, women generally, usually with the definite article.--_adj._ SEX'LESS, having no sex.--_n._ SEX'LESSNESS.--_adj._ SEX'[=U]AL, pertaining to sex: distinguished or founded on the sex: relating to the distinct organs of the sexes.--_v.t._ SEX'[=U]ALISE, to distinguish as sexed.--_ns._ SEX'[=U]ALIST, one who classifies plants according to the differences of the sexes; SEX[=U]AL'ITY, state or quality of being sexual.--_adv._ SEX'[=U]ALLY.--SEXUAL AFFINITY, the instinctive attraction of one sex for another; SEXUAL ORGANS, the organs of generation; SEXUAL SELECTION, that province of natural selection in which sex comes into play. [Fr. _sexe_--L.

_sexus_--_sec[=a]re_, to cut.]

SEXAGENARIAN, sek-sa-je-n[=a]'ri-an, _n._ a person sixty years old.--_adj._ SEXAG'ENARY, designating the number sixty.--_n._ a sexagenarian: something containing sixty.--_ns._ SEX'AGENE, an arc or angle of 60; SEXAGES'IMA, the second Sunday before Lent (see SEPTUAGESIMA).--_adj._ SEXAGES'IMAL, pertaining to the number sixty: proceeding by sixties.--_adv._ SEXAGES'IMALLY. [L. _sexagenarius_--_sexaginta_, sixty.]

SEXANGLE, sek'sang-gl, _n._ a figure with six angles, a hexagon.--_adjs._ SEX'ANGLED, SEXANG'ULAR.--_adv._ SEXANG'ULARLY.

SEXCENTENARY, sek-sen'te-n[=a]-ri, _n._ that which consists of 600: a 600th anniversary.--Also _adj._

SEXDIGITATE, seks-dij'i-t[=a]t, _adj._ having six fingers or toes.--_n._ SEXDIG'ITIST.

SEXENNIAL, seks-en'yal, _adj._ lasting six years: happening once in six years--also SEXTENN'IAL.--_adv._ SEXENN'IALLY. [L. _sex_, six, _annus_, a year.]

SEXFID, seks'fid, _adj._ (_bot._) six-cleft.

SEXFOIL, seks'foil, _n._ a plant or flower with six leaves.

SEXISYLLABIC, sek-si-si-lab'ik, _adj._ having six syllables.--_n._ SEX'ISYLLABLE, a word of six syllables.

SEXIVALENT, sek-siv'a-lent, _adj._ (_chem._) having an equivalent of six.

[L. _sex_, six, _valens_--_val[=e]re_, to have strength.]

SEXLOCULAR, seks-lok'[=u]-lar, _adj._ six-celled.

SEXPARTITE, seks'par-t[=i]t, _adj._ divided into six parts. [L. _sex_, six, _partitus_, divided.]

SEXT, SEXTE, sekst, _n._ (_eccles._) the office of the sixth hour, originally said at midday: (_mus._) the interval of a sixth.--_adj._ SEX'TAN, recurring every sixth day. [L. _sextus_, sixth--_sex_, six.]

SEXTAIN, seks't[=a]n, _n._ a stanza of six lines.

SEXTANS, seks'tanz, _n._ an ancient Roman bronze coin, worth one-sixth of the as.--_adjs._ SEX'TANTAL; SEX'TIC, of the sixth degree. [L.,--_sex_, six.]


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