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eCLAIRCISSEMENT (Fr.), an explanation.

eCOLE (Fr.), school;--eCOLE DE DROIT, law school;--eCOLE DE MeDECINE, school of medicine;--eCOLE MILITAIRE, military school;--eCOLE POLYTECHNIQUE, polytechnic school.

E CONTRA (Late L.), contrariwise, conversely.

E CONTRARIO (Late L.), on the contrary.

E CONVERSO (Late L.), conversely, by logical conversion.

eCRASe (Fr.), crushed;--eCRASER, to crush;--eCRASEZ L'INFaME! crush the abominable [superstition] out of existence! [motto of Voltaire--against the Roman Catholic Church of his time].

eCREVISSE (Fr.), crayfish.

eCRIN (Fr.), casket, jewel-case.

eCRU (Fr.), unbleached, raw.

EDAX RERUM (L.), devourer of [all] things.

EDITION DE LUXE (Fr.), a splendid and expensive edition of a book.

EDITIO PRINCEPS (L.), original edition [especially of a work till then only known in MS.].

eGALITe (Fr.), equality.

eGAREMENT (Fr.), confusion, bewilderment.

EGERIA, the nymph who instructed the ancient Roman king Numa Pompilius, hence any woman who gives a man his inspiration.

EGESTA (Late L.), excrements, faeces.

EGO ET REX MEUS (L.), I and my king [Cardinal Wolsey].

EHEU FUGACES ... LABUNTUR ANNI! (L.), alas! the fleeting years slip away.

EILE MIT WEILE (Ger.), speed with heed, make haste leisurely. Cf. _festina lente_.

EIN MAL, KEIN MAL (Ger.), just once counts nothing.

EISEN UND BLUT (Ger.), iron and blood--a famous phrase of Bismarck's.

EJUSDEM GENERIS (L.), of the same kind.

EK PARERGOU (Gr.), as a by-work.

eLAN (Fr.), dash, eagerness to advance.

eLeGANT, fem. eLeGANTE (Fr.), a person of fashion.

eLeVE (Fr.), pupil.

eLITE (Fr.), choice, pick.

EMBARRAS DE (DU) CHOIX (Fr.), embarrassment in choice, a perplexing number of objects from which to choose.

EMBARRAS DE(S) RICHESSES (Fr.), a perplexing amount of wealth or abundance of any kind.

eMEUTE (Fr.), a riot;--eMEUTIER, a rioter.

eMIGRe, fem. eMIGReE (Fr.), an emigrant, esp. one of those royalists who fled from France during the great Revolution.

EMIR-EL-HAJJ (Ar.), chief of the great caravan of pilgrims to Mecca.

EMPRESSe, fem. EMPRESSeE (Fr.), eager to show goodwill or civility;--EMPRESSEMENT, warmth of manner, cordiality.

EN AMI (Fr.), as a friend.

EN ARRIeRE (Fr.), behind, in the rear.

EN ATTENDANT (Fr.), in the meantime, while waiting for.

EN AVANT! (Fr.), forward!

EN BADINANT (Fr.), roguishly, with badinage.

EN BARBETTE (Fr.), on a breastwork or platform for ordnance which is fired over a parapet and not through embrasures--also of a ship's guns fired over the bulwarks and not through ports.

EN BEAU (Fr.), as fair or handsome, in flattering style.

EN CABALLO (Sp.), on horseback.

EN CAVALIER (Fr.), in a cavalier manner.

EN CHEMISE [DE NUIT] (Fr.), in night-dress.

ENCOMIENDA (Sp.), a commandery;--ENCOMENDERO, its commander.

EN CROUPE (Fr.), on the crupper, on a pillion.

EN CUERPO (Sp.), in close-fitting dress; sometimes erroneously for 'stark naked,' the Spanish for which is _en cueros_.

EN DeSHABILLe (Fr.), in undress, in careless costume.

EN EFFET (Fr.), in effect.

EN eVIDENCE (Fr.), conspicuously, conspicuous, before the public view.

EN FAMILLE (Fr.), amongst the family, as at a family gathering, at home.

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