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DIEU DeFEND LE DROIT (Fr.), God defends the right.

DIEU ET MON DROIT (Fr.), God and my right.

DIEU VOUS GARDE! (Fr.), God guard you!

DIGITO MONSTRARI (L.), to be pointed out with the finger: to be famous.

DI GRADO IN GRADO (It.), by degrees.

DI MAJORUM GENTIUM (L.), the divinities of superior rank--i.e. the twelve greater gods of classical mythology.

DI PENATES (L.), household gods.

DIS ALITER VISUM (L.), the gods have adjudged otherwise.

DI SALTO (It.), at a leap.

DISJECTA MEMBRA (L.), the scattered members.

DISTINGUe, fem. DISTINGUeE (Fr.), distinguished: striking.

DISTRAIT, fem. DISTRAITE (Fr.), absent-minded.

DIT (Fr.), called.

DIVERTISSEMENT (Fr.), amusement: sport.

DIVIDE ET IMPERA (L.), divide [your opponents], and so rule them.

DIVISIM (L.), separately.

DOCENDO DISCITUR (L.), one learns in teaching.

DOLCE FAR NIENTE (It.), sweet doing-nothing: pleasant idleness.

DOLI CAPAX (L.), capable of committing a wrong--opp. of _doli incapax_.

DOMINE, DIRIGE NOS! (L.), Lord, direct us!--the motto of London.

DOMINUS ILLUMINATIO MEA (L.), the Lord is my enlightening.

DOMUS ET PLACENS UXOR (L.), a home and a pleasing wife.

DONNA e MOBILE (It.), woman is changeable.

DONNERWETTER! (Ger.), thunderstorms! [as an ejaculation].

DORER LA PILULE (Fr.), to gild the pill.

DORMITAT HOMERUS (L.), Homer nods.

DOS MOI POU ST[=O] KAI T[=E]N G[=E]N KIN[=E]S[=O] (Gr.), give me where to stand, and I will move the earth [attributed to Archimedes].

DOUBLE ENTENTE (Fr.), double meaning, equivocal sense.

DO UT DES (L.), I give that you may give.

DRAMATIS PERSONae (L.), characters of a drama.

DROIT AU TRAVAIL (Fr.), right to labour.

DROIT DES GENS (Fr.), international law.

DRoLE (Fr.), a rogue, a knave.

DULCE EST DESIPERE IN LOCO (L.), it is pleasant to play the fool on occasion.

DULCE ET DECORUM EST PRO PATRIa MORI (L.), it is sweet and glorious to die for one's country.

DULCE, 'DOMUM!' (L.), sweet strain, 'Homeward!' from a Winchester school song sung before holidays.

DUM SPIRO, SPERO (L.), while I breathe, I hope.

DUM VIVIMUS, VIVAMUS (L.), while we live, let us live.

D'UN SEUL JET (Fr.), at one effort.

DURANTE BENE PLACITO (Late L.), during good pleasure.

DURANTE VITA (Late L.), during life.

DUX FEMINA FACTI (L.), a woman was leader of the deed.

EAU BeNITE (Fr.), holy water.

EAU SUCReE (Fr.), sugared water.

eBAUCHE (Fr.), a sketch, drawing in outline.

eBOULEMENT (Fr.), a landslip.

ECCE! (L.), behold!

ECCE SIGNUM! (L.), behold the sign or the proof!

ECCO! (It.), here is! there! look there!

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