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CRESCIT EUNDO (L.), it grows as it goes.

CReVE-COEUR (Fr.), deep sorrow, heart-break.

CRIARD, fem. CRIARDE (Fr.), crying, discordant.

CRIMEN FALSI (L.), crime of perjury.

CRIMEN LaeSae MAJESTATIS (L.), high treason.

CROQUIS (Fr.), an outline or rough sketch.

CROUSTADE (Fr.), a kind of rissole with hard crust.

CRUX CRITICORUM (L.), a puzzle for the critics.

CUCULLUS NON FACIT MONACHUM (L.), the cowl does not make the monk.

CUI BONO? (L.), for whose benefit is it? who is the gainer?

CUILIBET IN ARTE SUa CREDENDUM EST (L.), every person is to be trusted in his own art.

CULPA LEVIS (L.), a slight fault.

CUM BONa VENIa (L.), with your kind indulgence.

CUM GRANO SALIS (L.), with a grain of salt--i.e. with some allowance.

CUM MULTIS ALIIS (L.), with many other things.

CUM NOTIS VARIORUM (L.), with the notes of various [critics].

CUM PRIVILEGIO (L.), with privilege.

CURIOSA FELICITAS (L.), nice felicity of expression that is the fruit of pains.

CURRENTE CALAMO (L.), with a running pen, with the pen of a ready writer.

CUSTOS ROTULORUM (L.), keeper of the rolls.

D'ACCORD (Fr.), agreed, in tune.

DA DEXTRAM MISERO (L.), give the right hand to one unhappy.

DA LOCUM MELIORIBUS (L.), give place to your betters.

DAME D'HONNEUR (Fr.), maid of honour.

DAMES DE LA HALLE (Fr.), market-women.

DAMNUM ABSQUE INJURIa (L.), loss without injury.

DARDANARIUS (L.), a speculator in grain.

DAS EWIG-WEIBLICHE (Ger.), the eternal feminine.

DAS HEISST, or simply D.H. (Ger.), that is.

DATA ET ACCEPTA (L.), expenditures and receipts.

DATE OBOLUM BELISARIO (L.), give a penny to Belisarius [the appeal ascribed to the great general when reduced to mendicancy].

DAVUS SUM, NON OEDIPUS (L.), I am only Davus, not Oedipus--a plain man, and no prophet.

DEBITO JUSTITIae (L.), by debt of justice.

DE BON AUGURE (Fr.), of good omen.

DE BONNE GRaCE (Fr.), with good grace: willingly.

DeCHeANCE (Fr.), forfeiture.

DE DIE IN DIEM (L.), from day to day.

DE FACTO (L.), from the fact: really: actual.

DeGAGe, fem. DeGAGeE (Fr.), easy and unconstrained.

DeGOuT (Fr.), distaste.

DE GUSTIBUS NON EST DISPUTANDUM (L.), there is no disputing about tastes.

DE HAUT EN BAS (Fr.), from top to bottom: contemptuously.

DEI GRATIa (L.), by the grace of God.

DE INTEGRO (L.), anew.

DeJEUNER (Fr.), in France, a late breakfast, a midday meal with meat and wine; in England, luncheon--more specifically, DeJEUNER a LA FOURCHETTE, a breakfast with meat.

DE JURE (L.), in law: by right: rightful.

DeLASSEMENT (Fr.), relaxation.

DE L'AUDACE, ENCORE DE L'AUDACE, ET TOUJOURS DE L'AUDACE (Fr.), to dare, still to dare, and ever to dare [Danton's famous phrase].

DELENDA EST CARTHAGO (L.), Carthage must be destroyed [a saying constantly repeated by Cato].

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