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BARRANCA, BARRANCO (Sp.), the bed of a torrent.

BAS-BLEU (Fr.), a blue-stocking: a literary woman.

BASILICON (Gr.), lit. 'royal,' a title applied to various ointments of repute--also _basilicum_.

BASISTAN, BAZESTAN (Turk.), a market.

BASOCHE (Fr.), a tribunal for disputes between the clerks of the French parliament.

BASSO PROFONDO (It.), a deep bass voice, or a person possessing such.

BASTA! (It.), enough! no more!

BASTIDE (Fr.), a French country-house.

BASTO (Sp.), the ace of clubs in quadrille and ombre.

BaT (Fr.), a pack-saddle--only in composition, as in bathorse, batman, batmoney, &c.

BaTON FERRe (Fr.), a staff shod with iron, an alpenstock.

BATTANT, pl. BATTANS (Fr.), the leaf of a table or door.

BATTERIE DE CUISINE (Fr.), set of utensils for cooking.

BATTRE LA CAMPAGNE (Fr.), to scour the country, to beat about the bush.

BATTUTA (It.), beating [time].

BAVARDAGE (Fr.), idle talk.

BAYARD, a gentleman of perfect courage and spotless honour, from the Chevalier Bayard (1476-1524), _sans peur et sans reproche_.

BAYER AUX CORNEILLES (Fr.), to gape at the crows, to stare vacantly.

BEATae MEMORIae (L.), of blessed memory.

BEATI PACIFICI (L.), blessed are the peacemakers.

BEATUS ILLE QUI PROCUL NEGOTIIS ... PATERNA RURA BOBUS EXERCET SUIS (L.), happy he who, far removed from city cares, ... tills with his own oxen the fields that were his father's.

BEAU GARcON (Fr.), a handsome man.

BEAU JOUR (Fr.), fine day, good times.

BEAU SABREUR (Fr.), a dashing cavalry soldier.

BEAUTe DU DIABLE (Fr.), that overpowering beauty for the sake of which men fling everything away.

BEAUX YEUX (Fr.), fine eyes: a pretty woman.

BeCASSE (Fr.), a woodcock, an idiot.

BECCACCIA (It.), a woodcock.

BeCHAMEL (Fr.), a kind of sauce made with a little flour in cream.

BEEGAH, BEGAH, BEEGHA (Hind.), a Hindoo square measure, varying from 1/3 to 2/3 acre.

BEL AIR (Fr.), fine deportment.

BEL ESPRIT (Fr.), a fine genius: a person of wit or genius;--pl. BEAUX ESPRITS, men of wit: gay spirits.

BEL eTAGE (Fr.), the best story, the first floor.

BELLA GERANT ALII, TU, FELIX AUSTRIA, NUBE (L.), let others wage wars; do thou, lucky Austria, make marriages.

BELLA, HORRIDA BELLA! (L.), wars, horrid wars!

BELLAQUE MATRIBUS DETESTATA (L.), and wars abhorred by mothers.

BELLE AMIE (Fr.), a female friend, a mistress.

BELLE ASSEMBLeE (Fr.), a fashionable gathering.

BELLE-MeRE (Fr.), mother-in-law.

BELLE PASSION (Fr.), tender passion.

BELLE VUE (Fr.), fine prospect.

BELLUM INTERNECINUM (L.), a war of extermination.

BELLUM LETHALE (L.), deadly war.

BELLUM NEC TIMENDUM NEC PROVOCANDUM (L.), war is neither to be feared nor provoked.

BEL SANGUE (It.), gentle blood.

BELTa E FOLLIA VANNO SPESSO IN COMPAGNIA (It.), beauty and folly often go together.

BELUA MULTORUM CAPITUM (L.), monster with many heads--the irrational mob.

BENE DECESSIT (Late L.), he has left well--a leaving certificate given to a schoolboy, curate, &c.

BeNeFICIAIRE (Fr.), the person receiving a benefit.

BENEFICIUM ACCIPERE LIBERTATEM EST VENDERE (L.), to accept a favour is to sell one's liberty.

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