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AVOYER (Fr.), formerly the chief magistrate in some Swiss cantons.

A VUESTRA SALUD! (Sp.), to your health!

AVVOCATO, AVVOCADO (It.), an advocate, barrister;--AVVOCATO DEL DIABOLO (see _advocatus diaboli_).

AVVOGADORE (It.), an official criminal prosecutor in Venice.

AXIOMA MEDIUM (L.), a generalisation from experience.

AYMEZ LOYAULTe (O. Fr.), love loyalty.

AYUNTAMIENTO (Sp.), municipal council.

BACALLAO (Sp.), cod-fish.

BACCAH (Ir.), a cripple.

BACCHIUS (L.--Gr.), a metrical foot consisting of two long syllables preceded or followed by a short syllable.

BACCHUS (L.--Gr.), the god of wine.

BADAUD (Fr.), a lounger, a simpleton.

BADMASH, BUDMASH (Hind.), a rascal.

BAEL, BEL (Anglo-Ind.), the Bengal quince, also its fruit.

BAGASSE, BAGASS (Fr.), refuse products of sugar manufacture.

BAGNE (Fr.), a bagnio.

BAHAR, BHAR (Ar.), a measure for heavy weight in India, &c., varying from two cwt. upwards.

BAHI (Gipsy), fortune.

BAHUT (Fr.), a trunk, chest.

BAILLI (Fr.), a magistrate;--BAILLIAGE, the jurisdiction of such.

BAIN-MARIE (Fr.), a flat vessel containing boiling water.

BAJOCCHO, pl. BAJOCCHI (It.), copper coin worth d.

BAJRA, BAJRI (Hind.), a kind of Indian millet.

BAKAL, BAKHAL (Ar.), a storekeeper.

BALACHONG, BLACHONG (Malay), a condiment of prawns, shrimps, &c., fermented, salted, and spiced.

BALADIeRE (Fr.), a ballad singer.

BALADIN, BALADINE (Fr.), a public dancer: a mountebank.

BALAGAN (Tartar), a booth of branches, &c.

BALA-KHANAH (Pers.), an upper room.

BALALAIKA (Russ.), a popular musical instrument.

BALLET D'ACTION (Fr.), a ballet combining action with dancing;--BALLET DIVERTISSEMENT, a ballet entertainment.

BALLIADERA, BALLIADERE, the same as _Bayadere_ (q.v. in Dict.).

BALLON D'ESSAI (Fr.), an experimental balloon sent up: a 'feeler' of any kind.

BALNEUM (L.), bath;--BALNEUM MARIae, the same as _bain-marie_ above.

BAL PARe (Fr.), a dress ball.

BALZORINE, BALZERINE (Fr.), a light stuff of wool and cotton mixed.

BANALITe; (Fr.), triviality.

BANCO REGIS (L.), on the king's bench.

BANDALERO (Sp.), a robber.

BANDERILLA (Sp.), a dart with which the BANDERILLERO annoys the bull in a bull-fight.

BANDY (Telegu), a carriage, cart.

BANGY, BANGHY (Hind.), a shoulder-yoke with its suspended load.

BANQUETTE (Fr.), the front bench of a diligence.

BaNSULI (Hind.), a flute.

BARATARIA, the island government committed to Sancho Panza in _Don Quixote_.

BARATHRUM (L.--Gr.), an abyss: an insatiable extortioner.

BARBa TENUS SAPIENTES (L.), sages as far as the beard--i.e. with an appearance of wisdom only.

BARCA (It.), a boat, barge;--BARCA-LONGA, a large Spanish fishing-boat.

BARCELONA (Sp.), a coloured neckerchief.

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