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AU ROYAUME DES AVEUGLES LES BORGNES SONT ROIS (Fr.), in the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed are kings.

AURUM FULMINANS (Late L.), an explosive precipitate of chloride of gold.

AURUM OMNES, VICTa JAM PIETATE, COLUNT (L.), all worship gold, piety being overthrown.

AURUM POTABILE (L.), potable gold.

AU SECOND (Fr.), on the second [floor].

AU SECRET (Fr.), in close custody or confinement.

AU SeRIEUX (Fr.), seriously.

AUSPEX, pl. AUSPICES (L.), an augur in ancient Rome;--auspicium, pl.

auspicia, an observation made by an augur.

AUSPICIUM MELIORIS aeVI (L.), augury of a better age.

AUSSIToT DIT, AUSSIToT FAIT (Fr.), no sooner said than done.

AUT AMAT AUT ODIT MULIER, NIHIL EST TERTIUM (L.), a woman either loves or she hates, there is no third course for her.

AUTANT D'HOMMES (or DE TeTES), AUTANT D'AVIS (Fr.), so many men, so many minds.

AUT CaeSAR AUT NULLUS (L.), either Caesar or nobody.

AUT INSANIT HOMO AUT VERSUS FACIT (L.), either the man is mad or he is making verses.

AUT INVENIAM VIAM AUT FACIAM (L.), I shall either find a way or make one.

AUT NON TENTARIS AUT PERFICE (L.), either do not attempt or else achieve.

AUTO (Sp.), an act: a drama: an auto-da-fe.

AUT PRODESSE VOLUNT AUT DELECTARE POETae (L.), poets seek either to profit or to please.

AUTREFOIS ACQUIT (law French), previously acquitted.

AUTREFOIS CONVICT (law French), previously convicted.

AUT RAGEM AUT FATUUM NASCI OPORTET (L.), it behoves one to be born either king or fool.

AUTRES TEMPS, AUTRES MOEURS (Fr.), other times, other manners.

AU TROISIeME (Fr.), on the third [floor].

AUT VINCERE AUT MORI (L.), either to conquer or to die.

AUX ABSENTS LES OS (Fr.), to the absent the bones.

AUX ARMES! (Fr.), to arms!

AUX GRANDS MAUX LES GRANDS REMeDES (Fr.), to desperate evils desperate remedies.

AUXILIUM AB ALTO (L.), help from on high.

AVANIA, AVARIA, AVENIA (It.), an extortionate Turkish impost.

AVANT-COUREUR (Fr.), a forerunner.

AVANT-GOuT (Fr.), a foretaste.

AVANT PROPOS (Fr.), preliminary matter: preface.

AVEC PERMISSION (Fr.), by consent.

AVE, IMPERATOR, MORITURI TE SALUTANT! (L.), hail, emperor, men doomed to die salute thee! [said by gladiators].

AVENIR (Fr.), future, prospects.

AVENTURIER, fem. AVENTURIeRE (Fr.), an adventurer or adventuress.

A VERBIS AD VERBERA (L.), from words to blows.

AVERNUS (L.), the infernal regions, any abyss--from Lake Avernus in Campania.

a VIEUX COMPTES NOUVELLES DISPUTES (Fr.), old accounts breed new disputes.

A VINCULO MATRIMONII (L.), from the bond of matrimony.

AVI NUMERANTUR AVORUM (L.), ancestors of ancestors are counted [to me].

AVISE LA FIN (Fr.), weigh well the end.

AVITO VIRET HONORE (L.), he flourishes upon ancestral honours.

AVOCAT CONSULTANT (Fr.), consulting lawyer, chamber counsel.

AVOIRA, AWARA, a South American palm, also its fruit.

AVOIR LA LANGUE DeLIeE (Fr.), to have the tongue unbound, to be glib of speech.

a VOLONTe (Fr.), at pleasure.

A VOSTRO BENEPLACITO (It.), at your pleasure, at your will.

a VOTRE SANTe (Fr.), to your health.

AVOUe (Fr.), attorney, solicitor.

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