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a TRAVERS (Fr.), across, through.

ATREUS, son of Pelops, who served up the flesh of Thyestes' children to their father.

ATROPOS, one of the Fates of Greek mythology, who cut the destined thread of life.

AT SPES NON FRACTA (L.), but hope is not yet crushed.

ATTAP, ATAP, palm-fronds used for thatch by the Javanese.

ATTAR-GUL (Ar.,--Pers.), essence of roses.

ATTELAGE (Fr.), team.

ATTENTAT (Fr.), attempt.

ATTIRAIL (Fr.), apparatus.

AU BOUT DE SON LATIN (Fr.), at the end of his Latin, at the end of his knowledge, at his wits' end.

AU CINQUIeME (Fr.), on the fifth [story], in the attics.

AU CONTRAIRE (Fr.), on the contrary.

AU COURANT (Fr.), fully acquainted with matters.

AUCTOR PRETIOSA FACIT (L.), the giver adds value to the gift.

AUDACE (Fr.), daring.

AUDACES FORTUNA JUVAT (L.), fortune favours the daring.

AUDACTER ET SINCERE (L.), boldly and sincerely.

AUDAX ET CAUTUS (L.), bold and cautious.

AU DeSESPOIR (Fr.), in despair.

AUDI ALTERAM PARTEM (L.), hear the other side.

AUDIENCIA (Sp.), court of justice.

AUDIENZA (It.), audience.

AUDITA QUERELA (L.), the suit having been heard--name of a writ.

AUDITQUE VOCATUS APOLLO (L.), and Apollo listens when invoked.

AU FAIT (Fr.), well acquainted with a matter: expert.

AUFGESCHOBEN IST NICHT AUFGEHOBEN (Ger.), put off is not given up.

AU FOND (Fr.), at the bottom.

AUF WIEDERSEHEN! (Ger.), till we meet again, good-bye!

AU GRAND SeRIEUX (Fr.), in all seriousness.

AU GRATIN (Fr.), after the style of _gratin_, i.e. brown--fish cooked in this way being covered with bread-crumbs and browned in an oven, &c.

AUJOURD'HUI ROI, DEMAIN RIEN (Fr.), to-day king, to-morrow nothing.

AU JOUR LE JOUR (Fr.), from day to day, from hand to mouth.

AU LEVANT (Fr.), towards the east.

AU MIEUX (Fr.), on the best of terms.

AUMoNIeRE (Fr.), a purse carried at the girdle.

AU NATUREL (Fr.), in the natural state: cooked plainly.

AU PIED DE LA LETTRE (Fr.), close to the letter, quite literally.

AU PIS ALLER (Fr.), at the worst.

AU PLAISIR DE VOUS REVOIR (Fr.), till I have the pleasure of seeing you again.

AU POIDS DE L'OR (Fr.), at the weight of gold, very dear.

AU PREMIER (Fr.), on the first [floor].

AU QUATRIeME (Fr.), on the fourth [floor].

AURA POPULARIS (L.), the breeze of popular favour.

AUREA MEDIOCRITAS (L.), the golden or happy mean.

AU RESTE (Fr.), as for the rest.

AUREUS [NUMMUS] (L.), golden [coin]--the standard gold coin of ancient Rome, equal to 100 sesterces, worth about 1, 1s.: a weight of 1 drachms.

AU REVOIR (Fr.), adieu until we meet again.

AURIBUS TENEO LUPUM (L.), I am holding a wolf by the ears.

AURIGA (L.), a charioteer.

AURI SACRA FAMES (L.), accursed hunger for gold.

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