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AREB (Hind. _arb_), a sum of 10 crore, or 100,000,000.

ARGALA (Hind. _harg[=i]l[=a]_), the Indian adjutant-bird or gigantic crane.

ARGENT COMPTANT (Fr.), ready money.

ARGUMENTI CAUSa (L.), for the sake of argument.

ARGUMENTUM AB INCONVENIENTI (L.), argument from the inconvenient.

ARGUMENTUM AD CRUMENAM (L.), argument to the purse.

ARGUMENTUM AD REM (L.), argument to the purpose.

ARGUMENTUM BACULINUM (L.), the argument of the stick, club-law--the ultimate appeal.

ARISTIDES (Gr.), an embodiment of justice, from the figure in ancient Greek history.

ARISTIPPUS (Gr.), an embodiment of self-indulgence, from the founder of the Cyrenaic school of philosophy.

ARISTON MEN HYDOR (Gr.), nothing like water.

ARISTON METRON (Gr.), the middle course is the best: the golden mean.

ARRECTIS AURIBUS (L.), with ears pricked up.

ARRIeRE-GARDE (Fr.), rear-guard.

ARRIeRE PENSeE (Fr.), a mental reservation.

ARS EST CELARE ARTEM (L.), true art is to conceal art.

ARS LONGA, VITA BREVIS (L.), art is long, life short.

ARTIUM BACCALAUREUS (L.), Bachelor of Arts.


A SALTI (It.), by fits and starts.

ASBESTOS GEL[=O]S (Gr.), inextinguishable laughter.

ASHERAH, the sacred tree erected beside Canaanite altars, wrongly translated in the A.V. as 'grove.' See _Grove_ in Dict.

ASHTAROTH (pl.), ASHTORETH (pl.), ASTARTE, the chief Canaanite goddess, female counterpart to Baal, corresponding to the Assyrian _Ishtar_.

ASINUS AD LYRAM (L.), an ass at the lyre, one ignorant of music.

ASKESIS, ASCESIS (Late L.--Gr.); training: the monastic life, asceticism.

ASMODEUS, ASMODAY, an evil spirit of Semitic mythology, whose functions are seen in Le Sage's story, _Le Diable Boiteux_.

ASPASIA, a gifted Athenian courtesan, mistress of Pericles--any charming and accomplished woman of easy morals.

ASSEZ BIEN (Fr.), pretty well.

ASSIETTE (Fr.), plate, course of meat.


ASSORA (Ar. _al-s[=u]ra_), a chapter or section of the Koran.

ASTATKI (Turk.), refuse petroleum.

ASTOLFO, ASTOLPHO, the name of one of Charlemagne's paladins.

ASTRA CASTRA, NUMEN LUMEN (L.), the stars my camp, God my lamp.

ASTRaeA, the goddess of justice in Greek mythology who lived on earth during the Golden Age, but fled from man's impiety.

ATABEK, an ancient Turkish title of honour.

ATALANTA, a fleet-footed Arcadian maiden who raced her suitors--defeated by Hippomedon by means of the stratagem of letting fall three golden apples.

ATALANTIS, ATLANTIS. See under _Atlantean_ in Dict.

ATALAYA (Sp.--Ar.), a watch-tower.

ATARAXIA (Gr.), the indifference to circumstances aimed at by the Stoic.

a TaTONS (Fr.), groping.

ATHANASIUS CONTRA MUNDUM (L.), Athanasius against the world: one resolute man facing universal opposition.

ATH[=E]N[=E], ATH[=E]NA, the Greek goddess of wisdom, the Roman Minerva.

ATHET[=E]SIS (Gr.), rejection of words, &c., as spurious.

ATMAIDAN (Turk.), a hippodrome.

a TORT ET a TRAVERS (Fr.), at random.

a TOUTE FORCE (Fr.), by all means, absolutely.

a TOUT HASARD (Fr.), at all hazards.

a TOUT PRIX (Fr.), at any price.

ATRA CURA (L.), black care.

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