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A PARIBUS (L.), from equals.

A PARTE ANTE (L.), on the side before--opp. to _a parte post_, on the side after.

a PAS DE GeANT (Fr.), with a giant's stride.

a PERTE DE VUE (Fr.), till beyond one's view.

a PEU PReS (Fr.), nearly.

aPFEL-STRUDEL (Ger.), a wafery paste made of flour, butter, and warm water, covered with buttered bread-crumbs, raisins, sugar, allspice, and apples, and rolled up.

A PIACeRE (It.), at pleasure.

a PIED (Fr.), on foot.

a PIEDS JOINTS (Fr.), with feet joined.

a PLAISIR (Fr.), at pleasure.

a POINT (Fr.), to a point: exactly right.

APOLLINARIS, an alkaline mineral water containing carbonate of soda, derived from the Apollinaris Spring in the valley of the Ahr, in the Rhine province.

APOLLO, the Greek sun-god, a representative of youthful manly beauty.

APOLOGIA (Gr.), an apologetic writing.

APOPHYGE, APOPHYGIS (Gr.), the curving out of the top or bottom of a column from the capital or base.

APOPHYSIS, pl. APOPHYSES, a process of a bone.

APOPRO[=E]GMENA (Gr.), things rejected--opp. to _proegmena_, things preferred.

aPORIA (Gr.), in rhetoric, a professed doubt of what to say or to choose.

APORRH[=E]TA (Gr.), esoteric doctrines.

a PORTeE (Fr.), within reach or range.

A POSSE AD ESSE (L.), from the possible to the actual.

APOSTOLICON (Gr.), apostles' ointment, a sovereign salve.

APPALTO (It.), farm: monopoly.

APPARTEMENT (Fr.), a set of rooms in a house for an individual or a family.

APPEL AU PEUPLE (Fr.), a plebiscite.

APPEL NOMINAL (Fr.), call of the names--call of the House.

APPUI (Fr.), prop, support.

APReS (Fr.), after;--APReS COUP, too late.

APReS MOI LE DeLUGE (Fr.), after me the deluge: then the deluge may come when it likes.

A PRIMA VISTA (It.), at first sight.

a PROPOS DE BOTTES (Fr.), apropos of boots--i.e. without real relevancy.

a PROPOS DE RIEN (Fr.), apropos of nothing.

AQUA (L.), water;--AQUA CaeLESTIS, a sovereign cordial;--AQUA FONTANA, spring water.

a QUATRE (Fr.), of or between four: four together.

a QUATRE ePINGLES (Fr.), lit. 'with four pins,' with the most careful neatness.

a QUATRE MAINS (Fr.), for four hands.

A QUATR' OCCHI (It.), lit. 'to four eyes,' face to face, tete-a-tete.

AQUA VITae (L.), water of life.

AQUILA NON CAPIT MUSCAS (L.), an eagle does not catch flies.

a QUOI BON? (Fr.), what's the good of it?

a RAVIR (Fr.), in ravishing style.

ARBITER ELEGANTIARUM (L.), a judge in matters of taste.

ARBITRIUM (L.), power of decision.

ARCADES AMBO (L.), Arcadians both, both alike.

ARCANA CaeLESTIA (L.), celestial mysteries.

ARCANA IMPERII (L.), state secrets.

ARC DE TRIOMPHE (Fr.), triumphal arch.

ARC-EN-CIEL (Fr.), rainbow.

ARCHaeUS (Late L. from Gr.), a personification by Paracelsus of animal and vegetable life.

ARDENTIA VERBA (L.), words that burn, glowing language.

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