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AMOMUM (L.,--Gr.), an aromatic plant, once loosely used, now applied to a genus of _Zingiberaceae_.

a MON AVIS (Fr.), in my opinion.

AMORINO (It.), a cupid.

AMOROSA, pl. AMOROSI, fem. of AMOROSO (It.), a mistress.

AMOR PATRIae (L.), love of country.

AMOR SCELERATUS HABENDI (L.), the accursed love of possessing.

AMORTISSEMENT (Fr.), amortisation. See _Amortise_ in Dict.

AMOR VINCIT OMNIA (L.), love conquers all things.

AMPHIGOURI (Fr.), any nonsensical rigmarole.

AMPOULe, fem. AMPOULeE (Fr.), bombastic.

AMTMAN, AMPTMAN, also AMMAN (Eng.,--Ger.), a district magistrate, a civil officer in charge of an _amt_, a steward or bailiff.

ANA, written [=a][=a], [=a] (Low L.,--Gr.), used in recipes to mean throughout, in equal quantity or proportion (of each ingredient); hence sometimes as noun, 'an equal quantity' or 'number.'

ANAK, pl. ANAKIM (Heb.), a race of giants.

ANANK[=E] (Gr.), necessity.

ANATHEMA SIT, let him be accursed (1 Cor. xvi. 22).

A NATURA REI (L.), from the nature of the case.

ANAX (Gr.), a prince.

'ANCH' IO SON PITTORE' (It.), 'I, too, am a painter' [said by Correggio with pride on looking at Raphael's picture of St Cecilia].

ANCIEN ReGIME (Fr.), the old order of things [esp. before the French Revolution];--ANCIENNE NOBLESSE, the nobility of the foregoing.

ANCILE, pl. ANCILIA (L.), the shield which fell from heaven in the reign of Numa Pompilius, on the safety of which the prosperity of Rome depended.

ANGEKOK, an Eskimo conjurer.

ANGLICe (L.), in English.

ANGUIS IN HERBA (L.), snake in the grass.

ANICUT, ANNICUT, a Tamil name for a dam or weir across a river.

ANIMAL BIPES (L.), the two-footed animal, man;--ANIMAL IMPLUME, featherless;--ANIMAL RATIONALE, rational;--ANIMAL RISIBILE, able to laugh.

ANIMA MUNDI (L.), the soul of the world--a Platonic conception.

ANIMO ET FIDE (L.), by courage and faith.

ANIMULA VAGULA (L.), little soul flitting away--beginning of a poem ascribed to the dying Hadrian, translated or paraphrased by Prior, Pope, Byron, and Dean Merivale.

ANNO aeTATIS SUae (L.), in the year of his [or her] age.

ANNO CHRISTI (L.), in the year of Christ.

ANNO DOMINI (L.), in the year of our Lord.

ANNO MUNDI (L.), in the year of the world.

ANNO SALUTIS (L.), in the year of redemption.

ANNO URBIS CONDITae (L.), in the year the city [Rome] was built (753 B.C.).

ANNUS MIRABILIS (L.), year of wonders.

ANONYMA (Gr.), a showy woman of light fame whom one is not supposed to know.

ANTAR, the hero of an Arabian romance based on the exploits of Antara ben Shadd[=a]d;--'ANTER[=I] (pl. 'AN[=A]TIRA), a reciter of romances in Egypt.

ANTE AGAMEMNONA. See _vixere fortes_.

ANTE BELLUM (L.), before the war.

ANTE LUCEM (L.), before light.

ANTE MERIDIEM (L.), before noon.

ANTEROS (Gr.), a deity capable of resisting Eros or love.

ANTIBARBARUS (Late L.), a name applied to a collection of words and locutions to be avoided in the classical usage of a language.

ANTICHTHON (Gr.), a counter-earth, placed by Pythagoreans on the opposite side of the sun--its inhabitants the ANTICHTHONES, hence antipodeans generally.

ANTICYRA (Gr.), a town of Phocis in ancient Greece, abounding in hellebore, reported a cure for insanity--hence _naviget Anticyram_=let him sail to Anticyra (i.e. he is mad).

ANTIPASTO (It.), a whet before a meal.

ANTIQUARIUM (L.), a collection of antiquities.

ANZANO, pl. ANZANI (It.), an elder, magistrate.

a OUTRANCE (Fr.), to excess, furiously, with a vengeance, to the bitter end: rapturously, to the echo [of applause]: furious, desperate.

APAGE, SATANA, get thee behind me, Satan (Matt. iv. 10).

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