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CHRISTOPHER (Gr.), bearing Christ.--Dims. KESTER, KIT, CHRIS.--L.

_Christophorus_, Fr. _Christophe_, It. _Cristoforo_, Sp. _Cristoval_, Ger.


CICELY, a form of _Cecilia_ (q.v.).

CLARA (L.), bright.--Dim. CLARE.--Fr. _Claire_, It. _Chiara_, Sp. _Clara_.

CLARENCE (L.), illustrious.

CLARIBEL (L.), brightly fair.

CLARICE, CLARISSA, derivatives from _Clara_.


CLAUDIA, fem. of _Claudius_.

CLEMENT (L.), mild, merciful.--L. _Clemens_, It. and Sp. _Clemente_, Fr.

_Clement_, Ger. _Clemens_.--Fem. and dim. forms are CLEMENTINA, CLEMENTINE.

CONRAD (Teut.), bold in counsel, resolute.--L. _Conradus_, Fr. _Conrade_, It. _Conrado_, _Corrado_, Ger. _Konrad_.

CONSTANCE, a fem. form of _Constant_.--Dim. CONNIE.--L. _Constantia_, Fr.

_Constance_, It. _Costanza_.

CONSTANT (L.), firm, faithful.--L. _Constans_, _Constantius_, It.

_Costante_, _Costanzo_, Sp. _Constancio_, Ger. _Constanz_.

CONSTANTINE (L.), firm.--L. _Constantinus_, It. _Costantino_, Sp.

_Constantino_, Ger. _Constantin_.

CORA, CORINNA (Gr.), maiden.--Fr. _Corinne_.

CORDELIA (L.), warm-hearted.--Fr. _Cordelie_.

CORNELIUS, prob. related to L. _cornu_, a horn.--Fr. _Cornelius_ (fem.

_Cornelie_), It. and Sp. _Cornelio_.--Fem. CORNELIA.

CRISPIN, CRISPIAN, CRISPUS (L.), curly-haired.--L. _Crispinus_, _Crispianus_, Fr. _Crispin_, _Crepin_, It. _Crispino_, _Crispo_, Ger.


CUTHBERT (A.S.), well-known splendour.

CYNTHIA (Gr.), of or from Mount Cynthus.

CYPRIAN (Gr.), of Cyprus.--L. _Cyprianus_.

CYRIL (Gr.), lordly.--L. _Cyrillus_, Fr. _Cyrille_, Sp. _Cirilo_, Ger.


CYRUS (Pers.), the sun.

DANIEL (Heb.), God is judge.--Dims. DAN, DANNY.

DARIUS (Pers.), preserver.

DAVID (Heb.), beloved.--Dims. DAVY, DAVE.--Fr. _David_, It. _Davide_, _Davidde_, Ger. _David_.--Fem. DAVIDA, VIDA.

DEBORAH (Heb.), a bee.

DELIA (Gr.), of Delos.

DEMETRIUS (Gr.), belonging to Demeter or Ceres.--Fr. _Demetrius_, It.


DENIS, DENNIS, DENYS, a French form of _Dionysius_.

DERRICK, a corruption of _Theodoric_.

DIANA (L.), goddess.--Dims. DI, DIE.

DINAH (Heb.), judged.

DIONYSIUS (Gr.), belonging to Dionysos or Bacchus.--Fr. _Denys_, _Denis_, It. _Dionigio_, _Dionigi_, _Dionisio_, Ger. _Dionysius_, _Dionys_.

DOMINIC (L.), Sunday child.--L. _Dominicus_, Fr. _Dominique_, It.

_Domenico_, Sp. _Domingo_.

DONALD (Celt.), proud chief.

DORA, a dim. of _Dorothea_ (q.v.).

DORCAS (Gr.), a gazelle.

DOROTHEA, DOROTHY (Gr.), the gift of God.--Dims. DOL, DOLLY.--Fr.

_Dorothee_, _Dorette_, It. and Sp. _Dorotea_.

DOUGAL (Celt.), black stranger.

DRUSILLA (L.), strong.

DUNCAN (Celt.), brown chief.

EBENEZER (Heb.), the stone of help.

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