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(Basis) Pot. Acet. [Drachm]v } (Adjuvant) Tinct. Digitalis [Drachm]j } Inscription.

(Corrective) Syr. Aurantii [Ounce]j } (Vehicle) Dec. Scopar. ad [Ounce]viij } Misce, fiat mist. Subscription.

Cpt. Cochl. mag. ii. 4ta. q.q. hora ex paul. aquae Signature.



Potassii Acetatis drachmas quinque.

Tincturae Digitalis drachmam unam.

Syrupi Aurantii unciam unam.

Decoctum Scoparii ad uncias octo.

Misce, fiat mistura.

Capiat cochlearia duo magna quarta quaque hora ex paululo aquae.


Take thou (the dispenser).

Five drachms of acetate of potassium.

One drachm of the tincture of digitalis.

One ounce of syrup of orange-peel.

Decoction of broom up to eight ounces.

Mix, let a mixture be made.

Let him (the patient) take two large spoonfuls at each fourth hour, out of (in) a little water.


aa. Ana of each.

Ad. Adde add.

Ad lib. Ad libitum to the desired amount.

Ad us. Ad usum according to custom.

aeq. aequales equal.

Aq. Aqua water.

Aq. bull. Aqua bulliens boiling water.

Aq. dest. Aqua destillata distilled water.

Bib. Bibe drink.

Bis ind. Bis indies twice a day.

Bis in 7 d. Bis in septem diebus twice a week.

C. Cum with.

Cap. Capiat let him take.

C. m. Cras mane to-morrow morning.

C. m. s. Cras mane sumendus to be taken to-morrow morning.

C. n. Cras nocte to-morrow night.

Cochl. Cochleare spoonful.

Cochl. ampl. Cochleare amplum a table-spoonful.

Cochl. infant. Cochleare infantis a tea-spoonful.

Cochl. mag. Cochleare magnum a table-spoonful.

Cochl. mod. Cochleare modicum a dessert-spoonful.

Cochl. parv. Cochleare parvum a tea-spoonful.

Contin. Continuetur let it be continued.

Cpt. Capiat let him take.

Cuj. Cujus of which.

C. v. Cras vespere to-morrow evening.

Cyath. Cyathus a glassful.

Cyath. vinos. Cyathus vinosus a wine-glassful.

D. Dosis a dose.

d. Da give.

D. d. in d. De die in diem from day to day.

Det. Detur let it be given.

Dieb. alt. Diebus alternis on alternate days.

Dim. Dimidius one-half.

Div. Divide divide.

D. in p. ae. Divide in partes aequales divide into equal parts.

Exhib. Exhibiatur let it be given.

F. or ft. Fiat let it be made.

F. h. Fiat haustus make a draught.

F. m. Fiat mistura make a mixture.

F. pil. Fiat pilula make a pill.

Gutt. Gutta or guttae drop or drops.

Habt. Habeat let him have.

Hor. intermed. Horis intermediis at intermediate hours.

H. s. Hora somni at bedtime.

Ind. Indies daily.

Lat. dol. Lateri dolenti to the painful side.

Mit. Mitte send.

Mod. praescript. Modo praescripto in the manner directed.

O. m. Omni mane every morning.

Omn. bih. Omni bihora every two hours.

Omn. hor. Omni hora every hour.

O. n. Omni nocte every night.

P. or pt. Perstetur continue.

Part. aeq. Partes aequales equal parts.

P. r. n. Pro re nata when required.

Q. l. Quantum libet as much as is requisite.

Q. s. Quantum sufficit a sufficient quantity.

Q. v. Quantum volueris at will.

[Recipe] Recipe take.

Rep. Repetatur let it be repeated.

Sing. Singulorum of each.

Sum. Sumat or sumendum let him take or let it be taken.

T. d. Ter in die three times a day.


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