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MARG. Margin, Marginal.

MARG., MRGT. Margaret.

MARQ. Marquis.

MAS., MASC. Masculine.

MASS. Massachusetts.

MATH. Mathematics.

MATT. Matthew.

M.B. Mark of the Beast, as in 'M.B. waistcoat.'

M.B., _Medicinae Baccalaureus_=Bachelor of Medicine.

M.B., _Musicae Baccalaureus_=Bachelor of Music.

M.C. Member of Congress; Master of Ceremonies; Member of Council.

M.C.C. Member of the County Council; Marylebone Cricket Club.

M.C.P. Member of the College of Preceptors.

M.C.S. Madras Civil Service.

MD. Maryland.

M.D., _Medicinae Doctor_=Doctor of Medicine.

MDLLE., MLLE., _Mademoiselle_ (Fr.). Miss.

MDM. Madam.

M.E. Most Excellent; Methodist Episcopal; Middle English; Mining Engineer.

ME. Maine.

M.E.C. Member of the Executive Council.

MED. Medical, Medicine; Mediaeval.

MEM. Memorandum; _Memento_=Remember.

MESSRS, _Messieurs_ (Fr.). Sirs, Gentlemen.

MET., METAPH. Metaphysics.

METAL., METALL. Metallurgy.

METEOR. Meteorology.

MFD. Manufactured;--MFRS., Manufacturers.

M.F.H. Master of Foxhounds.

M. FT., _mistura fiat_=Let a mixture be made.

MGR. Monseigneur.

M.H.G. Middle High German.

M.H.R. Member of the House of Representatives.

M.I.C.E. or M.INST.C.E. Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers.

MIC. Micah.

MICH. Michigan.

MIN. Mineralogy.

MINN. Minnesota.

MIS. Missouri.

MISC. Miscellaneous, Miscellany.

MIL., MILIT. Military.

MISS., MIS. Mississippi.

M.L.A. Member of Legislative Assembly.

M.L.C. Member of Legislative Council.

MLLE. Mademoiselle.

M.M. (Their) Majesties; Martyrs.

MME., _Madame_ (Fr.). Madam:--_pl._ MMES.

M.N.S. Member of the Numismatical Society.

MO. Missouri.

MO. Month.

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