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IND. Indiana.

I.N.D. Same as I.D.N. (q.v.).

IND., INDIC. Indicative.

INDECL. Indeclinable.

INDEF. Indefinite.

IND. TER. Indian Territory.

INF., _infra_=Below; Infantry; Infinitive.

INFRA DIG., _infra dignitatem_=Beneath one's dignity.

INIT., _initio_=In the beginning.

IN LIM., _in limine_=On the threshold, at the outset.

IN LOC., _in loco_=In its place;--IN LOC. CIT., _in loco citato_ =In the place cited.

IN PR., _in principio_=In the beginning.

I.N.R.I., J_esus Nazarenus Rex Judaeorum_=Jesus of Nazareth< King of the Jews.

INST. Instant--the present month; Institute.

INST. ACT. Institute of Actuaries.

INST.C.E. Institute of Civil Engineers.

INT. Interest; Interior; Interpreter.

INTERROG. Interrogation, Interrogatively.

IN TRANS., _in transitu_=On the passage.

INTRO., INTROD. Introduction.

INV., _invenit_=He designed it; Inventor, Invented; Invoice.

I.O.F. Independent Order of Foresters.

I.O.G.T. Independent Order of Good Templars.

I.O.U. I owe you.

I.P.D., _in praesentia Dominorum_=In presence of the Lords (of Session).

I.Q., _idem quod_=The same as.

I.R.B. Irish Republican Brotherhood.

IS., ISA. Isaiah.

IS., ISAB. Isabella.

I.S.C. Indian Staff Corps.

IT. Italian.

I.T. Idaho Territory; Indian Territory.

JAN. January.

JAS. James.

J.C., _Juris Consultus_=Jurisconsult; Jesus Christ; Justice Clerk.

JER. Jeremiah.

J.H.S. The same as I.H.S. (q.v.).

JNO. John.

JO. Joel.

JOS. Josiah; Joseph.

JOSH. Joshua.

JOUR. Journal.

J.P. Justice of the Peace.

JR., JUN., JUNR. Junior.

J.U.D., _Juris Utriusque Doctor_=Doctor both of Canon and of Civil Law.

JUD., JUDG. Judges.

JUL. July.

JUNC. Junction.

JURISP. Jurisprudence.

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