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MEDINA (Ar.), 'city;' as _Medina_, _Medina_-Sidonia.

MERE, MOOR (A.S.), 'a lake' or 'marsh;' as _Mer_sey, Black_more_.

MINSTER (A.S.), MuNSTER (Ger.), 'a monastic foundation;' as West_minster_, Neu_munster_.

MOR (Celt.), 'great;' Ben_more_ ('great mountain').

MOR (Celt.), 'the sea;' as _Mor_ay, Ar_mor_ica, _Mor_laix, Gla_mor_gan, _Mor_bihan.

MULL (Gael.), 'a headland;' as _Mull_ of Galloway.

NAGY (Hungarian), 'great;' as _Nagy_-Koros, _Nagy_-Karoly.

NANT (Celt.), 'a brook,' 'valley;' as _Nant_wich, _Nant_glyn.

NESS or NAZE (Scand.; see Dict.), 'a nose' or 'promontory;' as Caith_ness_, Sheer_ness_, Cape Gris_nez_; the _Naze_.

OCHTER. See Auchter.

Oe. See Ea.

OLD, ELD, ALT (Teut.), 'old;' as _Alt_horp, _Elt_on, _Elt_ham, _Ald_bury, _A_bury. [See _Old_ in Dict.]

PATAM (Sans.), 'a city;' Seringa_patam_, _Patna_.

PEAK, PIKE (Celt., conn. with Ger. _spitz_, Fr. _pic_ and _puy_) 'point;'

as the _Peak_, the _Pikes_ in Cumberland, _Spitz_bergen, _Pic_ du Midi, _Puy_ de Dome.

PEEL (Celt.), 'a stronghold;' as _Peel_ in Man, and numerous _peels_ on the Border of Scotland.

PEN. See Ben.

POLIS (Gr.), 'a city;' as Greno_ble_, Na_blous_, Na_ples_, Sebasto_pol_.

PONT (L.), 'a bridge;' as _Pont_efract, Negro_pont_.

POOR, PORE, PUR (Sans. _pura_), 'a town;' as Nag_pur_, Cawn_pore_, Singa_pore_.

PORT (L. _portus_), 'a harbour;' as _Port_patrick, South_port_.

RAS (Ar.), 'a cape;' as _Ras_-al-had.

RATH (Ir.), 'a round earthen fort;' as _Rath_more, _Rath_beg, _Rath_o, _Ratt_ray.

RHE, REA, RI, a root found in many languages, as L. _rivus_, a stream, Sans. _r[=i]na_, flowing, A.S. _rith_, a stream, Sp. and Port. _rio_, a river, meaning 'to flow;' as _Rh_ine, _Rh_one, _Rh_a, _Re___no, _Rye_, _Ray_, _Rhee_, _Wrey_, _Roe_, _Rae_; _Rio_ de Janeiro, _Rio_-Negro.

RIDGE, in Scotland RIGG (A.S. _hrycg_, Ger. _rucken_), 'a back;' as _Rei_gate, _Ruge_ley, Long_ridge_.

RIN (Celt.), 'a point of land;' _Rhinns_ of Galloway; Pen_rhyn_ in Wales, _Ring_send near Dublin.

ROS, ROSS (Celt.), 'a promontory;' Kin_ross_, _Ros_neath, _Rose_hearty, _Ross_dhu, _Ros_lin; in S. Ireland, a wood, as _Ros_common, _Ross_keen. The _-ros_ in Melrose is more probably the equivalent of Cornish _ros_, a moor; thus Melrose=the Celt. _maol-ros_, 'bare moor.'

SALZ (Ger.), 'salt;' as _Salz_burg.

SCALE (Scand.), 'a hut' (Scot. _shieling_; Ice. _skali_); Portin_scale_, and possibly _Shields_, Gala_shiels_, _Sel_kirk.

SCAR (Scand.), 'a cliff;' _Scar_borough, the _Skerries_.

SCHLOSS (Ger.), 'a castle;' as Marien_schloss_.

SERAI (Turk.), 'a palace;' as Bosna-_serai_ or _Serai_evo.

SET (A.S.), 'a seat,' 'a settlement;' Dor_set_, Somer_set_, Amble_side_, _Seid_litz.

SEX, 'Saxons;' as Es_sex_ ('East Saxons'), Sus_sex_ ('South Saxons').

SIERRA (Sp.--L. _serra_), 'a saw;' or from Ar. _sehrah_, 'an uncultivated tract.'

SLIEVH (Ir.; allied to L. _clivus_, a slope), 'a mountain;' as _Slievh_ Beg.

SOUTH, found in _Suf_folk, _Sus_sex, _South_ampton, _Suther_land, _Sut_ton, _Sud_bury, _Sud_ley.

STADT. See Stead.

STAN (Per.), 'a land;' Hindu_stan_. Afghani_stan_.

STAPLE (A.S.), 'a store;' Dun_stable_, Barn_staple_.

STEAD (A.S.), STADT (Ger.), 'a town;' as Hamp_stead_, Neu_stadt_, Ny_sted_.

STER (Scand. _stadhr_), 'a place;' as Ul_ster_.

STOC, STOKE, and STOW (A.S.), 'a stockaded place;' as Bri_stow_ or Bri_stol_, Tavi_stock_, _Stock_holm, _Stow_.

STONE (A.S.), STEIN (Ger.), 'a stone,' 'a rock;' as _Stan_ton, _Staines_, Eddy_stone_, _Stennis_, Franken_stein_.

STRATH (Gael.), 'a broad valley;' as _Strath_more, _Strath_blane, _Strath_earn.

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