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-RIC, noun suffix, formerly an independent word denoting dominion, power, region, as bishop_ric_. [A.S. _rice_, power.]

-RIGHT, as up_right_, down_right_. [A.S. _riht_.]

-RY, noun suffix, originally with a collective meaning, as _chevalerie_, 'body of knights;' now expressing action or quality, as bigot_ry_, pedant_ry_, sorce_ry_; condition, as outlaw_ry_, slave_ry_; trade, as carpent_ry_, herald_ry_; the place of action or occupation, as laund_ry_, nurse_ry_; the result or product of action, as poet_ry_, tapest_ry_; forming collective nouns, as infant_ry_, yeoman_ry_. [Fr. _rie_ = _er_ + _ie_.]

-S, adverbial suffix, as need_s_, alway_s_, on_ce_, hen_ce_, then_ce_, whil_-s_-t, betwi_-x_-t. [A.S. _-es_, gen. suffix.]

-'S, is the present genitive suffix. [Short for A.S. _-es_--Aryan _-s_ or _sya_, orig. a demons. pron. The (') is prob. due to a false notion that this _-s_ was a relic of _his_.]

-S, -SE, verbal suffix, making transitive verbs from adjectives, as _cleanse_ (A.S. _cl['ae]nsian_), _rinse_ (Ice. _hreinsa_--_hreinn_, pure).

It also occurs in cla_s_p, gra_s_p, put for clap_-s_, grap_-s_.

-SHIP, -SCAPE, noun suffix, as friend_ship_, steward_ship_, wor_ship_, land_scape_ (earlier land_skip_, the Dut. land_schap_). [A.S. _scipe_, shape, form--_scapan_; cog. with Ger. _-schaft_.]

-SIS, action or state, as the_sis_. [Gr.]

-SOME, adj. suffix, full of, as glad_some_, bu_xom_ (orig. 'pliable,'

'good-natured,' A.S. _buhsum_, lissome, from _bugan_, to bow, bend). [A.S.

_-sum_, Ger. _-sam_; a by-form of _same_.]

-SON, son, as John_son_.

-SON, in ar_son_, rea_son_, trea_son_, the same as -tion (q.v.).

-ST. See -est, suffix of 2d sing.

-STER marks the agent, as malt_ster_, and in the personal names (orig.

trade-names) Ba_xter_, Brew_ster_, Web_ster_; often with depreciation, as game_ster_, pun_ster_. [A.S. _-estre_, a fem. suffix, which now keeps this sense only in spin_ster_.]

-STRESS, fem. suffix, as song_stress_. [From _-ster_, orig. fem. suffix, with the addition of L. _-ess_.]

-SY, state, as pleuri_sy_. [Same as _-sis_.]

-T. See -d.

-T, -TE, adj. and noun suffix, as conven_t_, fac_t_, chas_te_, tribu_te_.

[L. _-tus_, pa.p. suffix; cog. with _-d_, pa.p. suffix.]

-TEEN, ten to be added, as four_teen_. [A.S. _-tyne_. Cf. _-ty_, ten to be multiplied.]

-TER, noun suffix, as charac_ter_. [Gr. _-ter_, L. _-tor_, Sans. _-tri_; perh. conn. with _-ster_.]

-TER, -THER, as in af_ter_, hi_ther_. [A.S. _-der_, _-ther_, old comp.


-TH, order, as six_th_. [Becomes also _-d_; conn. with L. _-tus_, _-tius_, as in L. quar_tus_, fourth.]

-TH, suffix of 3d pers. sing. of verbs, now for the most part softened to _-s_. [A.S. from root _-ta_, which appears in L. _-t_, Gr. _-ti_, _-si_, _-tai_, _-to_.]

-TH, -T, noun suffix, as in streng_th_, heigh_t_; see under -d (pa.p.


-THER, denoting the agent, as fa_ther_, mo_ther_. [Cf. _-tor_.]

-THER. See -ter, -ther.

-TOR, the agent, as conduc_tor_. See -ther, and cf. _-or_, _-our_, _-er_.

-TOR-Y, -SOR-Y, noun suffix, denoting place, as dormi_tory_.

-TUDE forms abstract nouns, as grati_tude_. [L. _-tudo_.]

-TY, being or state of being, as digni_ty_; quality, as hones_ty_. [L.

_-tas_, _-tatem_; O. Fr. _-te_.]

-TY, ten to be multiplied, as six_ty_. [A.S. _-tig_; cog. with Ger. _-zig_.

Cf. _-teen_.]

-ULE, little, dim. [from L. _-ulus_, _-ula_, _-ulum_], as in glob_ule_, pust_ule_; also -CULE [L. _-culus_, _-cula_, _-culum_], as animal_cule_, or [through Fr.] -CLE, as arti_cle_. A different Latin suffix _-culum_, forming substantives from verbs, is represented in the form _-cle_ in several words adopted through French, as mira_cle_, ora_cle_, specta_cle_.

-UM, neuter term., as medi_um_. [L. _-um_, Gr. _-on_.]

-UNCLE, little, dim., as ped_uncle_. [L. _-un-cu-l_us, A.S. _-incle_; conn.

with _-en_ and _-cule_, diminutives.]

-URE, noun suffix, denoting act of, as capt_ure_; state of being, as verd_ure_.--In leis_ure_ and pleas_ure_, _-ir_ has been replaced by _-ure_, O. Fr. leis_ir_, plais_ir_. [L. _-ura_; Fr. _-ure_.]

-URNAL, belonging to, as di_urnal_. [L. _-urn_-us and _-al_; conn. with _-ern_ (in mod_ern_).]

-WARD, -WARDS, forming adjectives from substantives, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions, as east_ward_, home_ward_, home_wards_; down_ward_, for_ward_, in_ward_, to_ward_. [A.S. _-weard_, gen. _-weardes_, cog. with Ger. _-warts_; conn. with A.S. _weorthan_, to be, and L.

_versus_--_vert[)e]re_, to turn.]

-WAY, -WAYS, adv. suffix, sig. manner, direction, as al_way_, al_ways_, straight_way_. [Cf. _-wise_.]

-WISE, way, manner, as like_wise_, also righteous. [A.S. _-wise_, manner; Ger. _-wiss_.]

-WORTH, adj. suffix, as stal_worth_, stal_wart_. [A.S. _weor_, _wur_.]

-Y, adj. suffix, as spong_y_ [from L. _-iosus_]; as joll_y_ [Norm. Fr.

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