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PUR-. See under Pour-.

RE-, RED-, REN- (L.), change of place or condition, as in _re_move, _re_union (an assemblage of things or persons formerly apart); hence, change of motion from one direction to the opposite='back,' 'again,'as _re_tract, _re_sound, _re_deem, _re_dolent. It appears as REN- in _ren_der, &c.; as R- in _r_ally, _r_ampart; as RA- in _ra_gout. In _re_build, _re_mind, &c. it has been prefixed to English words.

RETRO- (L.), back, backwards, as _retro_spect, _retro_grade.--Of Fr.

origin, _rere_ward, ar_rear_, &c.

S- for _Se-_, as in _s_ure; for _Dis-_, as in _s_pend; for _Ex-_, as in _s_ample; for _Sub-_, as in _s_ombre.

SE-, SED- (L.), without, as _se_cure; aside, as _se_duce, _se_cede, _sed_ition; appearing as S- in _s_ure, _s_ober.

SEMI- (L.), half, as _semi_circle. [L.; cog. with Gr. h[=e]mi.]

SINE- (L.), without, as _sine_cure.

SO-, as in _so_journ. See Sub-.

SO-, as in _so_ber. See Se-.

SOVR-, SOPR-. See Super-.

SU-, as in _su_spect. See Sub-.

SUB- (L.), by assimilation, before _c_, _f_, _g_, _m_, _p_, _r_, _s_--SUC-, SUF-, SUG-, SUM-, SUP-, SUR-, SUS-; under, from under, after, as _sub_ject, _sus_pect, _suc_ceed, _suf_fuse, _sug_gest, _sum_mon, _sup_port, _sur_prise, _sus_pend--also as S- in _s_ombre and SO- in _so_journ.--Of Fr.

origin, _suc_cour, _sum_mon; Eng. formations, _sub_let, _sub-_kingdom, _sub-_worker. [L. _sub_ (which in O. Fr. became _so-_).]

SUBTER- (L.), under, as _subter_fuge. [From _Sub-_, and compar. suffix -_ter_, meaning motion.]

SUC-, SUF-, SUG-, SUM-, SUP-. See Sub-.

SUPER- (L.), over, above, beyond, as _super_structure, _super_natural.--Of Fr. origin, _sur_face, _sur_feit, _sur_pass, _sur_prise;--Eng. compounds, _super_abundant, _super_cargo, _super_critical. [L.; cog. with Sans.

_upari_, Gr. _hyper_.]

SUPRA- (L.), over, above, as _supra_mundane. [Contr. of ablative fem. of _superus_, above, from _Super-_.]

SUR- (Fr.), over, as _sur_mount. [Fr., from L. _super_.]

SUR-, as in _sur_rogate. See Sub-.

SUS-, as in _sus_pend. See Sub-.

SYN-, SY-, SYL-, SYM- (Gr.), together, with, as _syn_tax, _sys_tem, _syl_lable, _sym_bol, _sym_metry. [Cog. with _Com-_.]

T-, in _t_wit, for _at_; in _t_awdry=_Saint Awdry_, the _t_ being the final letter of saint; in _t_autology, representing the Greek article _to_.

THOROUGH- (A.S.), through, as _thorough_fare. [A.S. _urh_, through.]

TO- (A.S.), in _to-_day, _to_gether, _to_ward, here-_to-_fore, is the prep.

_to_. [A.S. _to_.]

TO- (A.S.), asunder, as in _to-_brake. [A.S. _to-_; cf. Ger. _zer-_, Gr.


TRANS-, TRA-, TRAN-, TRES-, TRE- (L.), beyond, across, as _trans_port, _tra_verse, _tran_scend, _tres_pass, and _tre_ason (through French).

TRI- (L.), thrice, as in _tri_ple, _tre_ble.

TWI- (A.S.), double, as in _twi_light. [A.S. _twi-_, double, _twa_, two.]

U- (Gr.), no, not, as _U_topia. [Gr. _ou_, not.]

ULTRA- (L.), beyond, as _ultra_marine. The French form _outre_ appears in _out_rage and in _utter_ance. [From _ulter_ (stem of _ulterior_), _ul-_ being from root of L. _ille_.]

UM-, in _um_pire. See Non-.

UN- (A.S.), negative prefix, not, as _un_happy, _un_truth, _un_couth. [Cog.

with Gr. _an-_ and L. _in_- (negative).]

UN- (A.S.), verbal prefix, signifying the reversal of an action, as _un_lock, _un_bind, _un_do, _un_wind. [A.S. _on-_, _un-_; cf. Dut. _ont-_, Ger. _ent-_, Goth. _and-_. See A- (A.S.) (2).]

UN-, UNI- (L.), one, as _un_animous, _uni_form. [L. unus, one.]

UNDER- (A.S.), under, below, as _under_growth, _under_wood, _under_prop, _under_sell. [See _Under_ in Dict.]

UP- (A.S.), up, as _up_land, _up_start, _up_right, _up_hill, _up_braid, _up_set. [A.S. _up_, _upp_; Ger. _auf_.]

VE- (L.), apart from, as _ve_stibule. [L. _ue_, apart from; prob. allied to _bi-_ and _duo_, two.]

VIS-, VICE- (Fr.--L.), in place of, as _vis_count, _vice_roy. [Fr. _vis-_, from L. _vice_, instead of.]

WAN- (A.S.), wanting, as _wan_ton. [See _Wanton_ in Dict.]

WITH- (A.S.), against, back, as _with_stand, _with_draw; with, near, as within (this meaning is very rare as prefix). [A.S. _with_--_wither_. See _With_ in Dict.]

Y-. See under I-.

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