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XYLOPHILOUS, z[=i]-lof'i-lus, _adj._ fond of wood, living upon wood.

XYLOPHONE, z[=i]'l[=o]-f[=o]n, _n._ a musical instrument consisting of a graduated series of wooden bars, which are rested on straw, and are struck by wooden hammers. [Gr. _xylon_, wood, _ph[=o]n[=e]_, a voice.]

XYLOPIA, z[=i]-l[=o]'p[=i]-a, _n._ a genus of plants, natives of the tropics, chiefly in America. [Gr. _xylon_, wood, _pikros_, bitter.]

XYLOPYROGRAPHY, z[=i]-l[=o]-p[=i]-rog'ra-fi, _n._ poker-painting.

XYST, zist, _n._ a covered portico used by athletes for their exercises.--Also XYST'OS, XYST'US.

XYSTER, zis't[.e]r, _n._ a surgeon's instrument for scraping bones.

Y the twenty-fifth letter of our alphabet.--Y=150; [=Y]=150,000.--_ns._ Y'-LEVEL, an engineers' spirit-level, so called because of the telescope formerly resting on 'Y's,' capable of being rotated at will--now substituted by the 'dumpy-level'--also _Wye-level_; Y'-MOTH, the gamma, a destructive noctuid moth, with a silvery Y-shaped mark on the upper wings; Y'-TRACK, a short track laid at right angles to a railway-line, connected with it by two switches resembling a Y, used instead of a turn-table for reversing engines.

YACCA, yak'a, _n._ a kind of evergreen in the West Indies.

YACHT, yot, _n._ a sailing or steam vessel, elegantly fitted up for pleasure-trips or racing, or as a vessel of state.--_v.i._ to sail in a yacht.--_adj._ YACHT'-BUILT, built on the model of a yacht.--_ns._ YACHT'-CLUB, a club of yachtsmen; YACHT'ER, one engaged in sailing a yacht; YACHT'ING, sailing in a yacht; YACHTS'MAN, one who keeps or sails a yacht; YACHTS'MANSHIP, the art of sailing a yacht. [Dut. _jagt_ (formerly _jacht_), from _jagen_, to chase=Old High Ger. _jag[=o]n_, Ger. _jagen_, to hunt.]

YAFF, yaf, _v.i._ (_Scot._) to bark like a snarling dog.

YAFFINGALE, yaf'ing-g[=a]l, _n._ (_Tenn._) the green woodpecker. [From Prov. Eng. _yaffle_ (and under the influence of _nightingale_), from the sound.]

YAGER, y[=a]'g[.e]r, _n._ formerly one of various bodies of light infantry in German armies, largely recruited from foresters, now one of various corps of infantry or cavalry, generally riflemen.--Also Ja'GER. [Ger.

_jager_, a huntsman.]

YAGGER, yag'[.e]r, _n._ (_Scot._) a peddler, a stroller. [Dut. _jager_, a huntsman--_jagen_, to hunt.]

YAHOO, ya-h[=oo]', _n._ a name given by Swift in _Gulliver's Travels_ to a class of animals which have the forms of men but the understanding and passions of the lowest brutes: a despicable character.

YAHVEH, ya-v[=a]'=_Jehovah_.--_n._ YAH'VIST=_Jehovist_.

YAK, yak, _n._ a species of ox found in Tibet, and domesticated there, covered all over with a thick coat of long silky hair, that of the lower parts hanging down almost to the ground. [Tibetan.]

YAKUT, ya-k[=oo]t', _n._ a member of a mixed Turkish race in Siberia, in the Lena district.

YALD, YAULD, yald, _adj._ (_Scot._) active, supple.

YAM, yam, _n._ a large root like the potato growing in tropical countries.

[Port. _inhame_.]

YAMA, yam'a, _n._ in Hindu mythology, the first mortal progenitor of the human race. [Sans.]

YAMADOU, yam'a-d[=oo], _n._ an oil from the yellow-nutmeg.

YAMMER, yam'[.e]r, _v.i._ to lament, wail: to whine.--_n._ YAMM'ERING.

[A.S. _geomerian_--_geomor_, sad.]

YAMUN, ya'mun, _n._ the office and residence of a mandarin. [Chin.]

YANK, yangk, _v.t._ to carry, move with a jerk (with out, over).--_n._ (_Scot._) a blow, buffet.--_n._ YANK'ER (_Scot._), a rap: a big lie.--_adj._ YANK'ING (_Scot._), active: (_U.S._) pulling, jerking.--_n._ YANK'IE (_Scot._), a scold: an impudent woman. [Scand., Sw. prov. _jakka_, to rove about, Ice. _jaga_, to move about.]

YANKEE, yang'k[=e], _n._ a citizen of the New England States in America: an inhabitant of the United States--also YANK (_coll._).--_ns._ YANK'EEDOM, the country inhabited by Yankees: Yankees generally; YANK'EE-DOO'DLE, a Yankee, from a popular air--also _adj._--_adj._ YANK'EEFIED.--_n._ YANK'EEISM, Yankee characteristics. [Perh. a corr. of _English_, or of Fr.

_Anglais_, by the North American Indians.]

YAP, yap, _v.i._ (_prov._) to yelp, bark constantly.--_n._ a yelp: a cur.--_n._ YAP'STER, a dog.

YAPOK, YAPOCK, yap'ok, _n._ the S. Amer. water-opossum. [From the river _Oyapok_, in French Guiana.]

YAPON, ya'pon, _n._ a bushy evergreen shrub of the holly family, native to the S.E. coasts of the U.S., its leaves yielding the medicinal 'black drink' of the Indians.--Also YAU'PON, YU'PON. [Most prob. Amer. Ind.]

YAPP, yap, _n._ a kind of limp leather binding in which the cover overlaps the edge of the book.

YARD, yard, _n._ an English measure of 3 feet or 36 inches: a long beam on a mast for spreading square sails: the penis.--_ns._ YARD'-ARM, either half of a ship's yard (right or left) from the centre to the end; YARD'STICK, a stick 3 feet long, any standard of measurement--also YARD'WAND. [A.S.

_gyrd_, _gierd_, a rod, measure; Dut. _garde_, Ger. _gerte_; further conn.

with Goth. _gazds_, a stick, L. _hasta_, a spear.]

YARD, yard, _n._ an enclosed place, esp. near a building, as 'prison-yard,'

or where any special work is carried on, as 'brick-yard,' 'wood-yard,'

'dock-yard,' 'navy-yard:' a garden.--_v.t._ to enclose in a yard.--_ns._ YARD'AGE, the use of a yard, or the charge made for such: the cutting of coal at so much per yard; YARD'-LAND, the amount of land held by a tenant in villeinage, in older English usage, varying from 15 to 40 acres; YARD'MAN, the person having special charge of a farm-yard: one employed in a railway-yard in making up trains, &c.; YARD'-MAS'TER, one who has the special oversight of a railway-yard. [A.S. _geard_, hedge, enclosure; Ger.

_garten_; conn. with L. _hortus_, Gr. _chortos_.]

YARE, y[=a]r, _adj._ ready: dexterous: quick: easily handled, manageable.--_adv._ YARE'LY (_Shak._), promptly: dexterously: skilfully.

[A.S. _gearu_, _gearo_, ready, prompt; Dut. _gaar_, dressed, Ger. _gar_, wholly.]

YARN, yarn, _n._ spun thread: one of the threads of a rope: a sailor's story (spun out to some length), a story generally.--_v.i._ to tell stories. [A.S. _gearn_, thread; Ice. and Ger. _garn_.]

YARPHA, yar'fa, _n._ peaty soil in Shetland.

YARR, yar, _n._ (_prov._) the corn spurry.

YARRISH, yar'ish, _adj._ (_prov._) having a rough, dry taste.

YARROW, yar'[=o], _n._ the plant milfoil. [A.S. _gearuwe_; Ger. _garbe_.]

YASHMAK, yash'mak, _n._ the double veil worn by Moslem women in public, the eyes only being uncovered. [Ar.]

YASHT, yasht, _n._ in the Zend-Avesta, one of a collection of hymns and prayers.

YATAGHAN, yat'a-gan, _n._ a long Turkish dagger, without guard, usually curved. [Turk.]

YATE, y[=a]t, _n._ (_Spens._) a gate.

YAUD, yad, _n._ Scotch form of _jade_.

YAUP, yap, _n._ (_prov._) the blue titmouse.

YAUP, yap, _v.i._ (_Scot._) to be hungry.--_adj._ hungry.

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