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XANTHOMELANOUS, zan-th[=o]-mel'a-nus, _adj._ applied to a type of men with black hair and yellow or olive skins. [Gr. _xanthos_, yellow, _melas_, _-anos_, black.]

XANTHOPHYLL, zan'th[=o]-fil, _n._ any one of certain yellow pigments contained in leaves.

XANTHOPSY, zan'thop-si, _n._ a kind of colour-blindness in which everything looks yellowish.

XANTHOSIS, zan-th[=o]'sis, _n._ the formation of a yellowish pigment in the areolar or muscular tissue, discolouring the skin--esp. in cancerous tumours.

XANTHOUS, zan'thus, _adj._ yellow. [Gr. _xanthos_, yellow.]

XANTHOXYLUM, zan-thok'si-lum, _n._ a genus of the _Rutaceae_, comprising over one hundred species, of which many are found in Brazil and the West Indies--the Prickly Ash or Toothache-tree. [Formed from Gr. _xanthos_, yellow, _xylon_, wood.]

XANTHURA, zan-th[=u]'ra, _n._ a genus of American jays, with yellow tail.

[Gr. _xanthos_, yellow, _oura_, tail.]

XANTIPPE, zan-tip'e, _n._ a scold, shrew. [Wife of Socrates.]

XEBEC, z[=e]'bek, _n._ a small three-masted vessel much used by the former corsairs of Algiers. [Sp.,--Turk. _sumbak[=i]_.]

XEMA, z[=e]'ma, _n._ the genus of fork-tailed gulls.

XENARTHRAL, zen-arth'ral, _adj._ peculiarly jointed, as dorso-lumbar vertebrae. [Gr. _xenos_, strange, _arthron_, a joint.]

XENIAL, z[=e]'ni-al, _adj._ of or belonging to hospitality. [Gr. _xenos_, a guest.]

XENIUM, z[=e]'ni-um, _n._ a present made to a guest, stranger, or ambassador. [Gr.]

XENODOCHY, z[=e]-nod'[=o]-ki, _n._ reception of strangers.--_n._ XENODOCH[=E]'UM, a building for the reception of strangers: an inn in modern Greece.

XENOGAMY, zen-og'a-mi, _n._ (_bot._) cross-fertilisation. [Gr. _xenos_, strange, _gamos_, marriage.]

XENOGENESIS, zen-[=o]-jen'e-sis, _n._ the generation of something altogether and permanently unlike the parent.--_adj._ XENOGENET'IC. [Gr.

_xenos_, a stranger, _genesis_, birth.]

XENOMANIA, zen-[=o]-m[=a]'ni-a, _n._ an inordinate attachment to things foreign. [Gr. _xenos_, foreign, _mania_, madness.]

XENOMENIA, zen-[=o]-m[=e]'n[=i]-a, _n._ vicarious or supplementary menstruation. [Gr. _xenos_, strange, _m[=e]niaia_, menses.]

XENOMORPHIC, zen-[=o]-mor'fik, _adj._ not having its own proper form, but an irregular shape impressed by adjacent minerals. [Gr. _xenos_, strange, _morph[=e]_, form.]

XENOPS, z[=e]'nops, _n._ a genus of South American tree-creepers, with short turned-up bills. [Gr. _xenos_, strange, _[=o]ps_, face.]

XENURUS, z[=e]-n[=u]'rus, _n._ a genus of armadillos.--_adj._ XEN[=U]'RINE.

[Gr. _xenos_, strange, _oura_, tail.]

XERANSIS, z[=e]-ran'sis, _n._ siccation.--Also XER[=O]'SIS.

XERANTIC, z[=e]-ran'tik, _adj._ drying up, exsiccant.

XERASIA, z[=e]-r[=a]'si-a, _n._ a morbid dryness of the hair.--Also XER[=O]'SIS. [Gr. _x[=e]ros_, dry.]

XERODERMA, z[=e]-r[=o]-der'ma, _n._ a morbid state of dryness of the skin due to diminished secretion of the sebaceous glands.

XERODES, z[=e]-r[=o]'d[=e]s, _n._ any tumour attended with dryness.

XEROMYRUM, z[=e]-rom'i-rum, _n._ a dry ointment.

XEROPHAGY, z[=e]-rof'a-ji, _n._ the habit of living on dry food. [Gr.

_x[=e]ros_, dry, _phagein_, to eat.]

XEROPHILOUS, z[=e]-rof'i-lus, _adj._ (_bot._) loving dryness.

XEROPHTHALMIA, z[=e]-rof-thal'mi-a, _n._ a dry form of conjunctivis.

XEROSTOMIA, z[=e]-r[=o]-st[=o]'mi-a, _n._ abnormal dryness of the mouth.

XEROTES, z[=e]'r[=o]-t[=e]z, _n._ a dry habit of body.--_adj._ XEROT'IC.

XEROTRIBIA, z[=e]-r[=o]-trib'i-a, _n._ dry friction.--Also XEROTRIP'SIS.

XIPHOID, zif'oid, _adj._ resembling the sword-fish.

XOANON, z[=o]'a-non, _n._ a primitive statue, fallen from heaven, originally of wood, later overlaid with ivory and gold. [Gr.]

X-RAYS. See under X.

XYLANTHRAX, z[=i]-lan'thraks, _n._ wood-coal.

XYLEM, z[=i]'lem, _n._ the woody part of vegetable tissue--opposed to the _phloem_, or bast part.

XYLOBALSAMUM, z[=i]-l[=o]-bal'sa-mum, _n._ the dried twigs of the balm-of-Gilead tree.

XYLOCARP, z[=i]'l[=o]-karp, _n._ a hard and woody fruit.--_adj._ XYLOCAR'POUS.

XYLOGRAPHY, zi-log'ra-fi, _n._ the art of engraving on wood.--_ns._ XYL'OGRAPH, an impression or print from a wood block: an impression of the grain of wood for surface decoration; XYLOG'RAPHER.--_adjs._ XYLOGRAPH'IC, -AL. [Gr. _xylon_, wood, _graphein_, to write.]

XYLOID, z[=i]'loid, _adj._ woody, ligneous.

XYLOIDINE, z[=i]-loi'din, _n._ an explosive like gun-cotton, prepared by the action of strong nitric acid on starch or woody fibre. [Gr. _xylon_, wood, _eidos_, form, appearance.]

XYLOL, z[=i]'lol, _n._ any of the metameric dimethyl benzenes. [Gr.

_xylon_, wood, L. _oleum_, oil.]

XYLONITE, z[=i]'-l[=o]-n[=i]t, _n._ a kind of celluloid (q.v.). [Gr.

_xylon_, wood.]

XYLOPHAGAN, z[=i]-lof'a-gan, _n._ one of the XYLOPH'AGA, a genus of boring bivalves.

XYLOPHAGOUS, z[=i]-lof'a-gus, _adj._ wood-eating.

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