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WIVES, w[=i]vz, _pl._ of _wife_.

WIZARD, wiz'ard, _n._ one who practises witchcraft or magic: (_obs._) a wise man.--_adj._ with magical powers.--_adv._ WIZ'ARDLY, like a wizard.--_n._ WIZ'ARDRY, sorcery. [O. Fr. _guiscart_--Ice. _vizkr_ (for _vitskr_), from _vita_, to know.]

WIZEN, wiz'n, WIZENED, wiz'nd, _adj._ dried up: thin: shrivelled.--_v.i._ and _v.t._ to become dry, to make dry.--_adj._ WIZ'EN-FACED, having a thin, shrivelled face. [A.S. _wisnian_, to wither; cog. with Ice. _visinn_, wizened, _visna_, to wither.]


WO. Same as WOE.

WOAD, w[=o]d, _n._ a genus of cruciferous plants, whose few species are mostly natives of the countries around the Mediterranean--DYER'S WOAD yields a good and very permanent dye, but is now largely superseded by indigo.--_adj._ WOAD'ED, dyed blue with woad. [A.S. _wad_; Ger. _waid_; L.



WODEN, w[=o]'den, _n._ the Anglo-Saxon form of the Norse Odin.--_n._ W[=O]'DENISM, the worship of Woden.

WOE, WO, w[=o], _n._ grief: misery: a heavy calamity: a curse: an exclamation of grief.--_adj._ sad, wretched.--_adjs._ WOE'BEGONE, W[=O]'BEGONE, beset with woe (see BEGONE); WOE'FUL, W[=O]'FUL, WOE'SOME (_Scot._ WAE'SOME), sorrowful: bringing calamity: wretched.--_advs._ WOE'FULLY, W[=O]'FULLY.--_ns._ WOE'FULNESS, W[=O]'FULNESS.--_adjs._ WOE'-WEA'RIED, -WORN, wearied, worn, with woe.--WOE WORTH THE DAY (see WORTH).--IN WEAL AND WOE, in prosperity and adversity. [A.S. (interj.) _wa_; Ger. _weh_; L. _vae_, Gr. _ouai_. Cf. _Wail_.]


WOLD, w[=o]ld, _n._ an open tract of country. [A.S. _weald_, _wald_, a wood, perh. ultimately conn. with _wealdan_, to possess, wield.]

WOLF, woolf, _n._ the common name of certain species of the genus _Canis_--including the ravenous Common Wolf, the Abyssinian Wolf, the Antarctic Wolf, the Maned Wolf, and the Prairie Wolf or Coyote: anything very ravenous: a greedy and cunning person: (_obs._) a tuberculous excrescence: (_mus._) a harsh discord heard in the organ, &c.:--_pl._ WOLVES.--_v.i._ to hunt for wolves.--_v.t._ (_slang_) to devour ravenously.--_ns._ WOLF'-DOG, a dog of large breed kept to guard sheep, esp. against wolves; WOL'FER, one who hunts wolves; WOLF'-FISH, a fierce and voracious salt-water fish--called also _Sea-wolf_ and _Cat-fish_; WOLF'-HOUND (see BORZOI); WOL'FING, the hunting of wolves for their skins.--_adjs._ WOL'FISH, WOL'VISH, like a wolf either in form or quality: rapacious.--_adv._ WOL'FISHLY.--_ns._ WOLF'KIN, WOLF'LING, a young wolf; WOLF'S'-BANE, aconite; WOLF'S'-FOOT, -CLAW, the club-moss _Lycopodium_; WOLF'-SKIN, the skin or pelt of a wolf; WOLF'S'-PEACH, the tomato; WOLF'-SP[=I]'DER, the tarantula; WOLF'-TOOTH, a small supernumerary premolar in a horse.--CRY WOLF, to give a false alarm--from the story of the boy who cried 'Wolf' when there was none, and was not believed when there was one; HAVE A WOLF BY THE EARS, to be in a very difficult situation; HAVE A WOLF IN THE STOMACH, to be ravenously hungry; KEEP THE WOLF FROM THE DOOR, to keep out hunger; SEE A WOLF, to lose one's voice, in allusion to an old superstition. [A.S. _wulf_; Ger. _wolf_; L. _lupus_; Gr.


WOLFFIAN, w[=oo]l'fi-an, _adj._ pertaining to, or associated with, the name of the German embryologist K. F. _Wolff_ (1733-94)--applied to the primordial renal organs in the embryo of the higher vertebrates, performing the function of kidneys till superseded by the true or permanent kidneys.

WOLFIAN, w[=oo]l'fi-an, _adj._ pertaining to the philosophy of Johann Christian von _Wolf_ (1679-1754). He systematised and popularised the philosophy of Leibnitz, and gave a strong impulse to that development of natural theology and rationalism which soon almost drove out revelation by rendering it unnecessary--also WOLFF'IAN.--_n._ WOLF'IANISM.

WOLFIAN, w[=oo]l'fi-an, _adj._ pertaining to, or associated with, the name of Friedrich August _Wolf_ (1759-1824), the most gifted classical scholar and first critic of his age--applied esp. to his theory that the _Odyssey_ and _Iliad_ are composed of numerous ballads by different minstrels, strung together in a kind of unity by subsequent editors.

WOLFRAM, wol'fram, _n._ a native compound of tungstate of iron and manganese. [Ger.]

WOLVERENE, WOLVERINE, wool-ve-r[=e]n', _n._ a name given to the American glutton or carcajou, from its rapacity. [Extension of _wolf_.]

WOMAN, woom'an, _n._ the female of man, an adult female of the human race: the female sex, women collectively: a female attendant:--_pl._ WOMEN (wim'en).--_v.t._ to cause to act like a woman, to unite to a woman (both Shak.): to call a person 'woman' abusively.--_n._ WOM'AN-BOD'Y (_Scot._), a woman, used disparagingly.--_adjs._ WOM'AN-BORN, born of woman; WOM'AN-BUILT, built by women.--_adv._ WOM'ANFULLY, like a woman.--_adj._ WOM'AN-GROWN, grown to womanhood.--_ns._ WOM'AN-H[=A]T'ER, a misogynist; WOM'ANHOOD, the state, character, or qualities of a woman.--_adj._ WOM'ANISH, having the qualities of a woman: feminine.--_adv._ WOM'ANISHLY.--_ns._ WOM'ANISHNESS; WOM'ANKIND, WOM'ENKIND, women taken together: the female sex.--_adj._ WOM'AN-LIKE, like a woman.--_n._ WOM'ANLINESS.--_adj._ WOM'ANLY, like or becoming a woman: feminine.--_adv._ in the manner of a woman.--_ns._ WOM'AN-POST (_Shak._), a female messenger; WOM'AN-QUELL'ER, a killer of women; WOM'AN-SUFF'RAGE, the exercise of the electoral franchise by women.--_adjs._ WOM'AN-TIRED (_Shak._), hen-pecked; WOM'AN-VEST'ED, wearing women's clothes.--WOMAN OF THE TOWN, a whore; WOMAN OF THE WORLD, a woman of fashion.--WOMEN'S RIGHTS, the movement of women towards personal and proprietary independence.--PLAY THE WOMAN, to give way to weakness. [A.S. _wimman_, _wifman_, a compound of _wif_, a woman, _man_, man.]

WOMB, w[=oo]m, _n._ the uterus, the organ in which the young of mammals are developed and kept till birth: (_Shak._) the stomach: the place where anything is produced: any deep cavity.--_v.t._ (_Shak._) to contain.--_adj._ WOMB'Y (_Shak._), capacious. [A.S. _wamb_; Ger. _wamme_, paunch.]

WOMBAT, wom'bat, _n._ an Australian marsupial mammal of the opossum family.

[Native name.]

WON, wun, _v.i._ to dwell: to abide: to be accustomed.--_n._ a dwelling: an abode.--_n._ WON'ING, dwelling. [A.S. _wunian_, Dut. _wonen_, Ger.

_wohnen_, to dwell.]

WON, wun, _pa.t._ and _pa.p._ of _win_.

WONDER, wun'd[.e]r, _n._ the state of mind produced by something new, unexpected, or extraordinary: a strange thing: a prodigy: a sweet fried cake--also _Cruller_.--_v.i._ to feel wonder: to be amazed (with at): to speculate expectantly.--_p.adj._ WON'DERED (_Shak._), having performed, or able to perform, wonders.--_n._ WON'DERER.--_adj._ WON'DERFUL, full of wonder: exciting wonder: strange: (_B._) wonderfully.--_adv._ WON'DERFULLY.--_ns._ WON'DERFULNESS; WON'DERING.--_adv._ WON'DERINGLY, with wonder.--_ns._ WON'DERLAND, a land of wonders; WON'DERMENT, surprise.--_adjs._ WON'DEROUS (same as WONDROUS); WON'DER-STRUCK, -STRICK'EN, struck with wonder or astonishment.--_ns._ WON'DER-WORK, a prodigy, miracle: thaumaturgy; WON'DER-WORK'ER; WON'DER-WORK'ING.--_adjs._ WON'DER-WOUND'ED (_Shak._), wonder-stricken; WON'DROUS, such as may excite wonder: strange.--_adv._ WON'DROUSLY.--_ns._ WON'DROUSNESS.--BIRD OF WONDER, the phoenix; NINE DAYS' WONDER, something that astonishes everybody for the moment; SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD (see SEVEN). [A.S. _wundor_; Ger. _wunder_, Ice. _undr_.]

WONGA-WONGA, wong'ga-wong'ga, _n._ the large Australian white-faced pigeon--a table delicacy.

WONT, wunt, _adj._ used or accustomed.--_n._ habit.--_v.i._ to be accustomed.--_adj._ WON'TED, accustomed: usual.--_n._ WON'TEDNESS.--_adj._ WONT'LESS (_Spens._), unaccustomed. [Orig. pa.p. of _won_, to dwell--A.S.

_wunian_; Ger. _wohnen_.]

WON'T, w[=o]nt, will not. [Contr. of M. E. _wol not_.]

WOO, w[=oo], _v.t._ to ask in order to marriage: to court: to solicit eagerly, to seek.--_v.i._ to court or make love: to ask.--_ns._ WOO'ER; WOO'ING. [A.S. _wogian_, to woo--_wog_, _woh_, bent.]

WOOD, wood, _n._ the solid part of trees: trees cut or sawed: timber: a collection of growing trees: the cask or barrel, as distinguished from the bottle: (_print._) a woodblock.--_v.t._ to supply with wood.--_ns._ WOOD'-AC'ID, wood-vinegar, impure acetic acid from wood-distillation; WOOD'-ANEM'ONE, the wind-flower, a little woodland plant, blooming in early spring, with a single white flower purplish outside; WOOD'-ANT, a large forest-dwelling ant: a white ant infesting the wood of old WOOD'-ASH'ES, ashes obtained by burning wood or plants--the source of many potassium salts.--_ns._ WOOD'BINE, WOOD'BIND, the honeysuckle, applied also to other climbers, such as some kinds of ivy, the Virginia-creeper, &c.; WOOD'-BIRD, a bird that lives in the woods; WOOD'BLOCK, a die cut in relief on wood and ready to furnish ink impressions: a woodcut.--_adjs._ WOOD'-B[=O]'RING; WOOD'-BORN, born in the woods.--_ns._ WOOD'-CAR'VING, the process of carving in wood; WOOD'CHAT, a bird which, notwithstanding its name, is not a species of Chat, but of Shrike; WOOD'CHUCK, the green woodpecker; WOOD'-COAL, coal like wood in texture: charcoal: lignite or brown coal; WOOD'COCK, a genus of birds allied to the snipes, but of a more bulky body, and with shorter and stronger legs; WOOD'COCK'S-HEAD, a tobacco-pipe; WOOD'CRAFT, skill in the chase or anything pertaining to forests, forestry generally; WOOD'CUT, an engraving cut on wood: an impression from it; WOOD'-CUT'TER, one who cuts wood: a wood-engraver; WOOD'-CUT'TING, the act or employment of cutting wood: wood-engraving.--_adjs._ WOOD'ED, supplied with wood: covered with wood; WOOD'EN, made of wood: hard: dull, insensible: heavy, stupid: clumsy, without grace or spirit--of literary style, &c.--_ns._ WOOD'-ENGR[=A]'VER; WOOD'-ENGR[=A]VING, the art of engraving designs on wood, differing from copper and steel plate engraving by having the parts intended to print on the paper in relief: an engraving on or taken from wood; WOOD'EN-HEAD, a blockhead, stupid person.--_adj._ WOOD'EN-HEAD'ED, stupid.--_n._ WOOD'EN-HEAD'EDNESS.--_adv._ WOOD'ENLY.--_ns._ WOODENNESS, wooden quality: want of spirit or expression, clumsiness; WOOD'-[=E]'VIL, red-water: severe constipation in cattle, often occurring after eating freely of hedge-cuttings or shoots of trees; WOOD'-F[=I]'BRE, fibre derived from wood; WOOD'-FRET'TER, a wood-borer or wood-eater; WOOD'-GOD, a deity of the woods; WOOD'-GROUSE, the capercailzie; WOOD'-HOLE, a place where wood is stored; WOOD'-HON'EY, wild honey; WOOD'-HORSE, a saw-horse; WOOD'-HOUSE, a house or shed in which wood for fuel is deposited; WOOD'-[=I]'BIS (see TANTALUS); WOOD'INESS, the state or quality of being woody; WOOD'LAND, land covered with wood; WOOD'LANDER, an inhabitant of the woods; WOOD'LARK, a species of lark, found in or near woods, singing chiefly on the wing; WOOD'-LAY'ER, a young oak, &c., laid down in a hedge.--_adj._ WOOD'LESS, without wood.--_ns._ WOOD'LESSNESS; WOOD'-LOUSE, any terrestrial isopod of the family _Oniscidae_--the Scotch _slater_, common under stones, &c.: a termite or white ant: any one of the pseudo-neuropterous family _Psocidae_, found in the woodwork of houses; WOOD'MAN, a man who cuts down trees: a forest officer: a huntsman; WOOD'-MITE, a beetle-mite; WOOD'-NAPH'THA, the mixture of light hydrocarbons distilled from wood (see PYROXYLIC); WOOD'-NIGHT'SHADE, bitter-sweet, or woody nightshade; WOOD'-NOTE (_Milt._), a wild musical note, like that of a song-bird; WOOD'-NYMPH, a nymph or goddess of the woods; WOOD'-OFF'ERING (_B._), wood burned on the altar; WOOD'-[=O]'PAL, silicified wood; WOOD'-OWL, the European brown owl; WOOD'-P[=A]'PER, paper prepared from wood; WOOD'PECKER, one of a family (_Picidae_) of birds in the order _Picariae_, remarkable for the structural modification of the skull in adaptation to its use as an axe, and for the long flexible tongue, which is used for extracting insects from holes and crevices of trees; WOOD'-PIG'EON, the cushat or ringdove; WOOD'-PULP, wood-fibre reduced to a pulp, used in making paper; WOOD'-REEVE, the overseer of a wood; WOOD'RUFF, a genus of rubiaceous plants with whorled leaves and a funnel-shaped corolla--_Sweet Woodruff_ has a creeping root-stock sending up erect stems, and small white flowers; when dried it has a very agreeable fragrance like vernal-grass--(_obs._) WOOD'-ROOF; WOOD'-SAGE, the wood germander; WOOD'-SAND'PIPER, a common European tattler, allied to the redshank; WOOD'-SCREW, a screw for fastening pieces of wood or wood and metal; WOOD'SHED, a shed for storing firewood; WOOD'-SHOOK, the pekan, fisher, or Pennant's marten--also _Black-cat_ and _Black-fox_; WOOD'-SKIN, a Guiana Indian's canoe, made of the bark of the purple heart-tree; WOODS'MAN, a woodman; WOOD'-SOOT, soot from burnt wood; WOOD'-SORR'EL, a plant of the genus Oxalis; WOOD'-SPIR'IT (same as PYROXYLIC SPIRIT); WOOD'-SPITE, the green woodpecker or yaffle; WOOD'-STAMP, a stamp made of wood, as for stamping fabrics in colours; WOOD'-STONE, petrified wood; WOOD'-SWALL'OW, an Australian name for any of the fly-catching _Artamidae_, also called _Swallow-shrike_--the resemblance to shrikes being considerably closer than to swallows either in appearance or habits.--_adj._ WOOD'SY, pertaining to, or characteristic of, woods.--_ns._ WOOD'-TAR, tar obtained from the dry distillation of wood; WOOD'THRUSH, a singing-thrush common in the woods of the eastern United States, reddish-brown above, olive on the rump, white spotted with black on breast; WOOD'-TICK, any tick of the family _Ixonidae_: a small insect which makes a ticking sound in the woodwork of a house, the death-watch; WOOD'-TIN, a nodular variety of cassiterite, or tin-stone; WOOD'-VIN'EGAR (see WOOD-ACID); WOOD'WALE, a woodpecker, esp. the green woodpecker, _Yaffle_ or _Rainbird_; WOOD'-WARB'LER, the yellow willow-warbler or woodwren: an American warbler, esp. of the beautiful genus _Dendroeca_; WOOD'WARD, an officer to guard the woods; WOOD'WORK, a part of any structure made of wood; WOOD'WORM, a worm or larva infesting wood; WOOD'WREN, the willow-warbler or willow-wren (_Phylloscopus trochilus_): the true wood-warbler or yellow willow-wren (_Phylloscopus sibilatrix_)--neither being properly wrens.--_adj._ WOOD'Y, abounding with woods: pertaining to woods: consisting of wood.--_n._ WOOD'Y-NIGHT'SHADE (see WOOD-NIGHTSHADE).--WOODEN HORSE, or _Timber-mare_ (see HORSE); WOODEN LEG, an artificial leg made of wood; WOODEN SPOON, a spoon of wood presented to the person who stands lowest for the year in the mathematical tripos list at Cambridge; WOODEN TYPE, large type cut in wood.--COMMISSIONERS OF WOODS AND FORESTS, a department of government having charge of the Crown woods and forests. [A.S. _wudu_; cog. with Ice.

_vidhr_, wood; akin to Ir. _fiodh_, timber.]

WOOD, wood, _adj._ (_Shak._) mad, furious.--_n._ WOOD'NESS. [A.S. _wod_; Ice. _odhr_, Goth. _wods_, frantic, Ger. _wuth_, madness.]

WOODBURYTYPE, wood'ber-i-t[=i]p, _n._ a method of photograph printing in which a sensitised gelatine film, developed under a negative to an extra relief, is impressed on soft metal by hydraulic pressure. This in turn can be printed by special ink in a press, and as it gives all the gradations of tint, it may be said to be a perfect photo-mechanical printing process.

[Named from the inventor.]

WOODCHUCK, wood'chuk, _n._ the marmot. [Corr. from an Amer. Ind. name.]

WOODIE, wood'i, _n._ (_Scot._) the gallows. [A form of _widdy_, _withy_,]

WOOF, woof, _n._ same as _Weft_ (q.v.).--_adj._ WOOF'Y, dense. [A.S.

_owef_, _aweb_--_awefan_, to weave--_a-_, prefix, _wefan_, to weave.]

WOOINGLY, w[=oo]'ing-li, _adv._ in a wooing or persuasive manner. [_Woo_.]

WOOL, wool, _n._ the soft, curly hair of sheep and other animals: short, thick hair: any light, fleecy substance resembling wool.--_n._ WOOL'BALL, a ball of wool, such as is sometimes found in a sheep's stomach.--_adj._ WOOL'-BEAR'ING, bearing or yielding wool.--_ns._ WOOL'-CARD'ING, the process of separating the fibres of wool preparatory to spinning; WOOL'-COMB'ER, one whose occupation is to comb wool in order to disentangle and straighten out the fibres; WOOL'-COMB'ING; WOOL'-DR[=I]'VER, one who buys up wool for a market.--_adj._ WOOL'-DYED, dyed before spinning or weaving.--_ns._ WOOL'FAT, lanolin; WOOL'FELL, the skin with the wool still on it; WOOL'-GATH'ERING, indulgence of idle fancies.--_adj._ dreamy: listless.--_n._ WOOL'-GROW'ER, one who raises sheep for the production of wool.--_adj._ WOOL'LEN, made of, or pertaining to, wool: clad in wool, rustic.--_n._ cloth made of wool.--_ns._ WOOL'LEN-CORD, a ribbed stuff, the face all of wool; WOOL'LEN-DR[=A]'PER, one who deals in woollen goods; WOOL'LINESS.--_adjs._ WOOL'LY, consisting of, or like, wool: clothed with wool; WOOL'LY-HAIRED, -HEAD'ED, having the hair like wool.--_ns._ WOOL'LY-PAS'TINUM, a kind of red orpiment; WOOL'MAN, a dealer in wool; WOOL'-MILL, a building for the spinning of wool and the weaving of woollen cloth; WOOL'PACK, the package in which wool was formerly done up for sale: a bundle weighing 240 lb.: cirro-cumulus cloud; WOOL'-PACK'ER; WOOL'-PICK'ER, a machine for cleaning wool; WOOL'SACK, the seat of the Lord Chancellor in the House of Lords, being a large square sack of wool covered with scarlet; WOOL'SEY, a material made of cotton and WOOL'-SHEARS, shears used in shearing sheep.--_ns._ WOOL'-SORT'ER, one who sorts wool according to quality, &c.; WOOL'-ST[=A]'PLE, the fibre or pile of wool; WOOL'-ST[=A]'PLER, a wool-factor: a wool-sorter.--_adv._ WOOL'WARD (_Shak._), in wool, as a penance.--_ns._ WOOL'-WIND'ER, one who bundles wool for packing; WOOL'WORK, needlework imitative of tapestry.--WOOL-SORTERS' DISEASE (see ANTHRAX).--ANGORA WOOL, the wool of the Angora goat; BERLIN-WOOL, a kind of fine-dyed wool used for worsted work. [A.S. _wull_; Goth. _wulla_, Ger. _wolle_, L. _villus_.]

WOOLD, w[=oo]ld, _v.t._ to wind about.--_adj._ WOOL'DED.--_ns._ WOOL'DER, a stick used in woolding a mast or yard, or a pin in a rope-maker's top; WOOL'DING.

WOOM, w[=oo]m, _n._ beaver fur.

WOOMERA, w[=oo]m'[.e]r-a, _n._ a stick for spear-throwing (Austral.).

WOON, w[=oo]n, _n._ a governor of a province. [Burmese.]

WOON, w[=oo]n, _v.i._ (_Spens._). Same as WON (1).

WOORALI, woo'ra-li, _n._ a S. American poison for arrows.--Also WOO'RARA, WOU'RALI, same as _Curari_ (q.v.).

WOOTZ, woots, _n._ steel made by fusing iron with carbonaceous matter.

[Perh. the Canarese _ukku_, steel.]

WOP, wop, _v.t._ See WHOP.

WORD, wurd, _n._ an oral or written sign expressing an idea or notion: talk, discourse: signal or sign: message: promise: declaration: a pass-word, a watch-word, a war-cry: the Holy Scripture, or a part of it: (_pl._) verbal contention.--_v.t._ to express in words: (_Shak._) to flatter.--_v.i._ to speak, talk.--_ns._ WORD'-BLIND'NESS, loss of ability to read; WORD'-BOOK, a book with a collection of words: a vocabulary.--_adj._ WORD'-BOUND, unable to find expression in words.--_n._ WORD'-BUILD'ING, the formation or composition of words.--_adj._ WOR'DED, expressed in words.--_adv._ WOR'DILY.--_ns._ WOR'DINESS; WOR'DING, act, manner, or style of expressing in words.--_adj._ WOR'DISH (_obs._), verbose.--_n._ WOR'DISHNESS.--_adj._ WORD'LESS (_Shak._), without words, silent.--_ns._ WORD'-MEM'ORY, the power of recalling words to the mind; WORD'-PAINT'ER, one who describes vividly; WORD'-PAINT'ING, the act of describing anything clearly and fully by words only; WORD'-PIC'TURE, a description in words which presents an object to the mind as if in a picture.--_adj._ WOR'DY, full of words: using or containing many words.--WORD FOR WORD, literally, verbatim.--BREAK ONE'S WORD, to fail to fulfil a promise; BY WORD OF MOUTH, orally; GOOD WORD, favourable mention, praise; HARD WORDS, angry, hot words; HAVE A WORD WITH, to have some conversation with; HAVE WORDS WITH, to quarrel, dispute with; IN A WORD, IN ONE WORD, in short, to sum up; IN WORD, in speech only, in profession only; PASS ONE'S WORD, to make a promise; THE WORD, the Scripture: (_theol._) the second person in the Trinity, the Logos. [A.S. _word_; Goth. _waurd_, Ice.

_orth_, Ger. _wort_; also conn. with L. _verbum_, a word, Gr. _eirein_, to speak.]

WORDSWORTHIAN, wurds-wur'thi-an, _adj._ pertaining to the style of the sovereign poet of nature, William _Wordsworth_ (1770-1850).--_n._ an admirer of WORDSWORTH.

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