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URITE, [=u]'r[=i]t, _n._ the sternite of an abdominal segment of an insect.

[Gr. _oura_, a tail.]

URMAN, ur'man, _n._ a large tract of swampy coniferous forest in Siberia.


URN, urn, _n._ a rounded or angular vase having a foot, a water vessel, an electoral vase, a tea-urn, &c.: a vessel in which the ashes of the dead were anciently deposited, hence the grave.--_v.t._ to enclose in an urn.--_adj._ URN'AL.--_n._ URN'FUL, as much as an urn will hold.--_adj._ URN'-SHAPED, having the shape of an urn. [L. _urna_, an urn--_ur[)e]re_, to burn.]

UROCARDIAC, [=u]-r[=o]-kar'di-ak, _adj._ pertaining to the posterior part of the cardiac division of the stomach of the crayfish and some other crustaceans.

UROCHORD, [=u]'r[=o]-kord, _n._ the caudal chord of an ascidian or tunicate.--_adjs._ UROCHOR'DAL, UROCHOR'D[=A]TE.

UROCHROA, [=u]-rok'r[=o]-a, _n._ a genus of humming-birds in Ecuador. [Gr.

_oura_, tail, _chroa_, colour.]

UROCISSA, [=u]-r[=o]-sis'a, _n._ a genus of Asiatic _Corvidae_, with very long tail. [Gr. _oura_, tail, _kissa_, magpie.]

UROCYON, [=u]-ros'i-on, _n._ a genus of canine quadrupeds, the type of which is the common gray fox of the United States. [Gr. _oura_, tail, _ky[=o]n_, dog.]

UROCYST, [=u]'r[=o]-sist, _n._ the urinary bladder.--_adj._ UROCYST'IC.

[Gr. _ouron_, urine, _kystis_, bladder.]

URODELE, [=u]'r[=o]-d[=e]l, _adj._ tailed, as an amphibian.--Also UROD[=E]'LAN, UROD[=E]'LIAN, UROD[=E]'LOUS. [Gr. _oura_, tail, _d[=e]los_, plain.]

UROGASTRIC, [=u]-r[=o]-gas'trik, _adj._ pertaining to the posterior pair of divisions of the gastric lobe of the dorsal surface of the carapace of a crab: pertaining to the urogaster (see under URINE). [Gr. _ouron_, urine, _gast[=e]r_, the stomach.]

UROHYAL, [=u]-r[=o]-h[=i]'al, _n._ the tail-piece of the composite hyoid bone.--_adj._ pertaining to this.

UROMERE, [=u]'r[=o]-m[=e]r, _n._ a caudal segment of an arthropod.--_adj._ UROMER'IC. [Gr. _oura_, tail, _meros_, part.]

UROPOD, [=u]'r[=o]-pod, _n._ any abdominal limb of an arthropod.--_adj._ UROP'ODAL. [Gr. _oura_, tail, _pous_, _podos_, foot.]

UROPYGIUM, [=u]-r[=o]-pij'i-um, _n._ the rump in birds.--_adj._ UROPYG'IAL.

[Gr. _orrhos_, rump, _pyg[=e]_, buttocks.]

UROPYLORIC, [=u]-r[=o]-p[=i]-lor'ik, _adj._ pertaining to the posterior part of the pyloric division of the stomach of the crayfish and some other crustaceans.

UROSACRAL, [=u]-r[=o]-s[=a]'kral, _adj._ pertaining to the sacrum and to the coccyx.--_n._ UROS[=A]'CRUM.

UROSOME, [=u]'r[=o]-s[=o]m, _n._ the terminal somatome of a vertebrate: the post-thoracic region of the body of an arthropod.--_n._ UROS[=O]'MITE, one of the somites of the urosome.--_adj._ UROSOMIT'IC. [Gr. _oura_, tail, _s[=o]ma_, body.]

UROSTEGE, [=u]'r[=o]-st[=e]j, _n._ one of the special scales on the under side of a snake's tail--also U'ROSTEGITE.--_adj._ U'ROST[=E]GAL. [Gr.

_oura_, tail, _steg[=e]_, a roof.]

UROSTEON, [=u]-ros't[=e]-on, _n._ a median posterior ossification of the sternum of some birds. [Gr. _oura_, tail, _osteon_, bone.]

UROSTERNITE, [=u]-r[=o]-ster'n[=i]t, _n._ the sternite of any somite of the urosome of an arthropod.

UROSTHENE, [=u]'r[=o]-sth[=e]n, _n._ an animal whose strength rests mainly in its tail.--_adj._ UROSTHEN'IC. [Gr. _oura_, tail, _sthenos_, strength.]

UROSTYLE, [=u]'r[=o]-st[=i]l, _n._ a prolongation backward of the last vertebra.--_adj._ UROSTY'LAR. [Gr. _oura_, tail, _stylos_, column.]

UROTOXIC, [=u]-ro-tok'sik, _adj._ pertaining to poisons eliminated in the urine. [Gr. _ouron_. urine, _toxikon_, poison.]

URRY, ur'i, _n._ a dark clay near a bed of coal. [Prob. Gael.

_uirlach_--_uir_, earth.]

URSINE, ur'sin, _adj._ of or resembling a bear: thickly clothed with bristles, as certain caterpillars.--_n._ a bear.--_n._ UR'SA, the name of two constellations, _Ursa-Major_ and _Ursa-Minor_, the Great and the Little Bear.--_adj._ UR'SIFORM, in appearance like a UR'SINae, the bears proper. [L.,--_ursus_, a bear.]

URSON, ur'sun, _n._ a rodent nearly allied to the porcupine, and often called the Canada Porcupine.

URSULINE, ur's[=u]-lin, _adj._ of or pertaining to _St Ursula_, esp.

pertaining to the female teaching order founded by St Angela Merici of Brescia in 1537.

URTICA, ur'ti-ka, _n._ the genus of nettles, order _Urticaceae_.--_adjs._ URTIC[=A]'CEOUS, relating to nettles; UR'TICAL, pertaining to the nettles.--_n._ URTIC[=A]'RIA, nettle-rash, hives.--_adjs._ URTIC[=A]'RIAL, URTIC[=A]'RIOUS.--_v.t._ UR'TICATE, to sting, as with nettles.--_n._ URTIC[=A]'TION. [L. _urtica_, a nettle.]

URUBU, [=oo]'r[=oo]-b[=oo], _n._ an American vulture. [Braz.]

URUS, [=u]'rus, _n._ the Latin name of the wild ox, which in the time of Julius Caesar was abundant in European forests--the _Aurochs_ of the Germans, and the ancestor of the European domesticated cattle. [L.]

URVA, ur'va, _n._ the ichneumon of northern India.

URVED, urvd, _adj._ (_her._) turned upward.--Also UR'VANT.

US, us, _pron._ the objective case of _we_.--_adv._ US'WARD, toward us.


USAGE, [=u]'z[=a]j, _n._ act or mode of using: treatment: practice: custom.--_ns._ U'SAGER, one of the non-jurors who maintained 'the usages'--mixed chalices, oblation in prayer of consecration, and prayer for the dead. [Fr.,--Low L.,--L. _usus_.]

USE, [=u]z, _v.t._ to put to some purpose: to avail one's self of: to habituate: to treat or behave toward.--_v.i._ to be accustomed.--_adj._ U'SABLE, that may be used.--_ns._ U'SABLENESS; U'SEE, one for whose use a suit is brought in another's name; U'SER.--USE ONE'S SELF (_Shak._), to behave; USE UP, to consume, to exhaust, to tire out. [Fr. _user_--L. _uti_, _usus_, to use.]

USE, [=u]s, _n._ act of using or putting to a purpose: convenience: employment: need: advantage: practice: common occurrence: a distinctive form of public worship or service peculiar to a church, diocese, &c.: custom: interest for money.--_n._ US'ANCE (_obs._), use, usage, employment: (_Shak._) usury, interest for money: the time allowed by usage for the payment of a bill of exchange.--_adj._ USE'FUL, full of use or advantage: able to do good: serviceable.--_adv._ USE'FULLY.--_n._ USE'FULNESS.--_adj._ USE'LESS, having no use: answering no good purpose or the end proposed.--_adv._ USE'LESSLY.--_n._ USE' US'ES, a form of equitable ownership peculiar to English law by which one person enjoys the profits of lands, &c., the legal title to which is vested in another in trust.--USE AND WONT, the customary practice.--HAVE NO USE FOR (_U.S._), to have no liking for; IN USE, in employment or practice; MADE USE OF, to use, to employ; OF NO USE, useless; OF USE, useful; OUT OF USE, not used or employed. [L. _usus_--_uti_.]

USHER, ush'[.e]r, _n._ one who meets people at the door of a hall, &c., and conducts them to seats, an officer whose business it is to introduce strangers or to walk before a person of rank: an under-teacher or assistant.--_v.t._ to introduce: to forerun.--_ns._ USH'ERANCE; USH'ERDOM, USH'ERSHIP.--_adjs._ USH[=E]'RIAN; USH'ERLESS. [O. Fr. _ussier_ (Fr.

_huissier_)--L. _ostiarius_, a door-keeper--_ostium_, a door.]

USITATE, [=u]'zi-t[=a]t, _adj._ according to custom.--_adj._ USIT[=A]'TIVE, expressing usual action.

USQUEBAUGH, us'kw[=e]-baw, _n._ whisky. [Ir. and Gael. _uisgebeatha_, _uisge_, water, _beatha_, life.]

USTILAGO, us-ti-l[=a]'g[=o], _n._ a genus of parasitic fungi, causing _smut_.--_adj._ USTILAGIN'EOUS.

USTION, us'ti-on, _n._ the act of burning, cauterisation by burning.--_adjs._ UST[=O]'RIOUS, burning; US'TULATE, coloured by burning.--_n._ USTUL[=A]'TION, burning.

USUAL, [=u]'zh[=u]-al, _adj._ in use: occurring in ordinary use: common.--_adv._ U'SUALLY.--_n._ U'SUALNESS. [L. _usualis_.]

USUCAPTION, [=u]-z[=u]-kap'shun, _n._ (_law_) the acquisition of property in anything by possession and enjoyment for a certain term of years.--_n._ USUC[=A]'PIENT, one who has acquired rights by usucaption.--_v.t._ U'SUCAPT, to acquire so.--_adj._ USUCAPT'IBLE. [L. _usus_, use, _cap[)e]re_, _captum_, to take.]

USUFRUCT, [=u]'z[=u]-frukt; _n._ the use and profit, but not the property, of a thing: liferent.--_v.t._ to hold in usufruct.--_adj._ USUFRUC'TUARY.--_n._ one who holds property for use by usufruct. [L.

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